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Chapter 841: Venerable Basilisk

Li Qiye smiled in response and teasingly gestured with his hands: “Sorry, but you are a step too late.

I have already dealt with that basilisk; I plucked his feathers and am ready to cook him.

As a basilisk yourself, do you think it is better to boil or fry your kind If you are interested, I can throw you a leg since I have always been hospitable.” He chuckled sardonically afterward.

The venerable’s expression quickly changed after hearing this.

She grew furious as the hair on her head, no, the feathers on her head flared up.

Her enraged voice rang out: “You want to die!”

With that, she immediately lunged straight at Li Qiye.

“Take this arrow!” Jian Wushuang shot out an astonishingly fast arrow to stop the venerable.

The venerable snorted and unleashed a ray of light from one eye.

Her glare immediately petrified the arrow.

Meanwhile, the other eye shot out another ray towards Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang’s bow lit up and shot out a “Forward” arrow that turned into myriad realms for protection.

The venerable’s glare fell on these realms and began to petrify them as well, resulting in a strange sound.

“Watch this!” Long Jingxian also rushed forward after seeing just how powerful the venerable’s glare was.

She immediately unleashed her wide array of emperor’s laws.

Her left hand used a technique from Immortal Emperor Qing He and her right a technique from Immortal Emperor Yu Shou. 1

The venerable slightly shifted her gaze and shot out another ray.

With a buzzing sound, it instantly petrified the two emperor laws from Long Jingxian.

“Hmph.” Jian Wushuang snorted.

She instantly appeared in a different location after her myriad realms were petrified and shot out a “Formation” arrow.

In the blink of an eye, a rain of arrows engulfed the sky and Venerable Basilisk.

“Know your own strength!” The venerable’s expression darkened in the face of the joint attack from the two girls.

Her eyes became dazzling and, with a buzz, a blinding brilliance quickly petrified both Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian.

Compared to the four-eyed basilisk, her petrification was faster and far more overwhelming.

In terms of speed, Jian Wushuang was definitely not weaker than anyone else, but she couldn’t dodge the glare from the venerable.

At this time, the venerable headed towards Li Qiye with a cold glint in her eyes.

Li Qiye only stood there without moving.

He smiled leisurely: “Not bad to be able to cultivate your tribe’s innate art to this level.

When your eyes reach grand completion, it will be possible for you to fight against Godkings.”

The venerable glared at him and coldly uttered: “A life for a life.

I’ll let you go comfortably if you end yourself, or else I’ll show you a fate worse than death!”

“Crash!” However, the layer of stone that covered Long Jingxian’s body shattered, followed by the one that covered Jian Wushuang’s body.

Long Jingxian emitted a frightening imperial aura while the Nine Words True Bow in Jian Wushuang’s hand became blindingly radiant.

Although they were petrified, Long Jingxian had cultivated numerous emperor laws so they protected her.

The petrification process was not absolute.

On the other hand, Jian Wushuang had the bow’s blessing giving the same result.

“Hmph, what’s the big deal, I also know how to petrify others!” Long Jingxian copied the venerable’s pose.

Her eyes also turned bright in just a moment.

At the same time, the true bow lit up as well.

The last five words turned into a mantra, “descend and arrange yourselves in front of me”.

This mantra arrow completely sealed the venerable.

If the three words “Soldiers and Fighters” had ultimate power, then the last five words had supreme speed.

The venerable grew serious and faced the attacks from both of the girls without daring to underestimate them.

Her eyes became radiant once more.

The two sides were about to collide.

Even if the venerable was more powerful that she currently was, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to block their combined attack.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t say anything and only smilingly watched at the side, waiting for the ultimate blow.

He hoped that Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian would work together since their combination would be able to slay gods and devils!

“Sis, I’m fine.” Right when the battle reached its climax, the hiding four-eyed basilisk peeked out with his head like a bandit.

The atmosphere was tense as both sides were ready to attack, but the appearance of the four-eyed basilisk immediately cooled the situation.

“How boring…” Long Jingxian ranted and could only withdraw her blinding gaze.

She actually wanted to give this new trick a shot.

Jian Wushuang, on the other hand, didn’t say anything.

She only put away her bow while showing her usual cold demeanor.

Venerable Basilisk leered at the four-eyed basilisk.

The young basilisk had an awkward expression and laughed mirthlessly a couple of times.

He unwillingly came out from his hiding spot and went to please his sister with a cheerful demeanor: “Sis, it has only been a couple of days, but you are becoming more and more beautiful.

Do I have a new brother-in-law now”

The venerable continued to glare at him, causing his scalp to tingle.

In the end, he gave up and drooped his shoulders: “Okay, Sis, I only came out to play for a couple of days, there’s no need to be like this.”

The venerable loudly shouted: “Scram back home for me!”

The basilisk immediately protested after hearing this: “Sis, you are being too overbearing.

You can go around the world, so why can’t I go out for a few days”

“Because you still haven’t trained your innate art to thirty percent of its potential yet!” The venerable responded: “Scram back home and train.

Don’t think about coming out until you are finished!”

“Sis, your words are not right.

Training is a type of cultivation, so imprisoning me at home won’t necessarily yield any results.” The basilisk pouted.

“No more crap, go home immediately.” The venerable ignored his complaints and coldly issued an order.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her little brother, it was just that a four-eyed basilisk was different.

He was born with four eyes so his talents were peerless; he could completely surpass her in the future.

She placed high hopes on him.

However, this little brother only goofed around with little regard for self-improvement.

Because of this, she was very strict towards him.

“Sis, if you keep being so strict like this, watch out or you won’t be able to marry anyone.

It will be very troublesome if you have to stay back at the tribe even as an old lady.” The unwilling basilisk pouted again.

The venerable’s expression sank after hearing this.

She immediately grabbed him by the neck and exploded: “You little brat, you got a lot more courageous, huh!”

“Sis, Sis, I was only joking, joking.” The basilisk howled after being grabbed by the neck.

The venerable snorted then threw him outside.

Once he landed, he coughed dryly and said in a serious tone: “Sis, I am not out here to play, I’m following an order from the ancestors.”

The venerable didn’t believe him and questioned him dryly: “What order How come I haven’t heard of this”

The basilisk quickly stood up and whispered a few words to the venerable.

The venerable couldn’t help but glance at Li Qiye, then she stared at the basilisk with a hint of doubt in her eyes: “Are you telling the truth”

“Sis, why would I lie to you” The basilisk swore with a solemn demeanor: “If I am lying, then you can ground me for a hundred years, no, five hundred years.”

“Well, I’ll believe you for now.

After this is over, go back immediately.” The venerable glared at him for a bit before scowling.

“Yes, yes, there’s no need for you to tell me, I’ll go back by myself.” The basilisk cheerfully smiled after obtaining his sister’s permission.

The venerable ignored the basilisk and continued to look at Li Qiye for a long time before speaking: “Because of my brother, I’ll tell you some news.

Ye Qingcheng wants your head!”

“This is nothing surprising.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Besides, those who want my head in present day are innumerable.

One more person doesn’t matter.”

“Hmph, you’re quite confident.” The venerable coldly stated: “I’ll kindly remind you that Ye Qingcheng isn’t as easy to mess with as you think.

I’ll let you know something else as well, he went to the Divine Valley!”

“The Divine Valley” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed after hearing this.

The basilisk jumped from shock and exclaimed: “He must be insane if he went to meet those old geezers! Is he not afraid of getting burned while playing with fire”

“You underestimate Ye Qingcheng too much!” The venerable drily said: “He wouldn’t go there without complete certainty.

Our Young Noble Mei believes that he has managed to convince the valley!”

The Young Noble Mei mentioned by the venerable was Mei Aonan; she was working under Mei Aonan at the moment.

“Damn, this Ye Qingcheng guy is quite a badass.” The basilisk had a certain understanding of the Divine Valley.

He took a deep breath and muttered: “He actually dares to move those old geezers with one foot in the grave — quite domineering.

Many experts would tremble before even entering, let alone be courageous enough to persuade them!”

“Thank you for the message.” Li Qiye chuckled in a carefree manner.

“I can point you on the right path.” The venerable coldly said: “Cooperate with our Young Noble Mei.

Our Young Noble definitely has the ability to fight Ye Qingcheng! If you work with us, then both of us will benefit.”

“I appreciate your goodwill.” Li Qiye gently shook his head with a smile: “However, I still have confidence in myself.

It doesn’t matter if Ye Qingcheng or the Divine Valley dares to come, I’ll slaughter them all the same.”

The venerable only snorted at this response and didn’t add anything else.

She turned around to leave.

Long Jingxian smiled naughtily and told the departing venerable: “Ey, I’ll tell you some good news.

My father is currently cultivating at the Flower Crossing Peak.”

The venerable turned stiff after hearing this.

The words clearly shocked her motionless, but she quickly left right afterward.


Qing He = Green/Pure River; Yu Shou = Beastmaster.


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