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Chapter 823: Ancient Treeking

In just a second, many elders from the three sects started to work together, even sacrificing their longevity blood.

With an explosion, gigantic trees grew out of the ground and blocked out the sky!

These trees gave birth to gigantic treants that instantly locked the space around Jian Wushuang, trapping her inside.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” These gigantic trees could destroy the world with one stomp.

Their combined effort simply shattered this entire space.

“Sacred Tree Formation…” One master recognized the origin of this formation.

Another Heavenly King added: “This simple formation is so domineering.

They can use it after offering longevity blood.

Plus, they are siphoning the worldly energy so that these huge trees could turn into gigantic treants!”

This was the ultimate formation of the Sacred Demon Tribe.

It relied on worldly energy to create gigantic treants to kill their enemies.

“Pluff!” A divine arrow broke through the sky as the Nine Words True Bow turned radiant.

Jian Wushuang shot out the word “Soldier”.

This arrow was as majestic as a mountain; its immense might was unstoppable!

The next moment, she shot out several dozen more.

What kind of treasure was this bow It was the greatest bow across all the eons.

The giant treants were instantly annihilated the moment these “Soldier” arrows hit, causing countless splinters to fly everywhere.

However, the trees gave birth to even more treants as if they were endless in number.

“Die!” Jian Wushuang cried out and another flurry of “Soldier” arrows came from the sky.

They instantly annihilated all the treants as well as half of the gigantic trees in the formation.

However, these destroyed trees quickly grew back and continued to seal this space.

The opposing side was quite furious.

They initially wanted to use this formation to deal with Li Qiye, so they didn’t expect to attack Jian Wushuang with it instead.

“Break!” Jian Wushuang turned angry after not being able to kill the endless waves of trees.

She cried out once more as her bow’s radiance grew blinding.

The string was pulled all the way back as the word “Fighter” emerged.

This word “Fighter” immediately siphoned all the power in the surroundings.

The next moment, the worldly power from the entire Ox-Herder Country and half of the southern region were sucked into this single word and arrow.

This mantra required the string to be pulled to its limit.

Just this one arrow alone had supreme power and could be considered an attack born from the heaven and earth!

“Boom!” With a deafening blast, this “Fighter” arrow rushed out and annihilated all things in its path.

The Sacred Tree Formation couldn’t withstand the boundless power of the world and collapsed instantly.

This great formation turned into nothingness under the supreme force of this one arrow!

“Worthy of being the Jian Clan’s golden daughter, this is a showing of invincible archery.” A master from afar emotionally exclaimed after seeing Jian Wushuang’s domination.

Very few cultivators trained in the bow.

Even those who did enjoyed little success.

However, Jian Wushuang showed everyone here what matchless archery was today.

Li Qiye was standing in the sky; none the skeletons could move due to his restraint.

He purposely didn’t attack at all since he wanted to train Jian Wushuang in battle.

Her archery was truly flawless, but her time with the Nine Words True Bow was still quite short.

She needed time in battle to truly become one with the bow.

Only when she truly grasped all of the bow’s mysticisms would she be able to surpass her forefather, Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian, in the future.

At this time, the Sacred Demon Leader, the Tombskull Master, and Sheng Fei were furious to the point of wanting to vomit blood.

Their secret card was destroyed just like that by Jian Wushuang.

“Anything else Bring it.” With the bow in her hand, Heavenly Kings were already nothing in her eyes.

Her sharp gaze swept over Heavenly Kings like the leader and master with disdain!

In fact, prior to this, she was already prepared to combat Virtuous Paragons.

However, her strength previously relied on her imperial weapon while now was a different story.

After obtaining the Nine Words True Bow, her skill in archery rose by several levels!

She trained really hard in archery but she never had a powerful and suitable bow that belonged to her.

But now with this bow, she felt that there was a real future waiting ahead!

“This little girl from the Jian Clan is too arrogant.” An imposing and ancient voice appeared.

An old man came out from the Sacred Demon Tribe’s army.

There were many branches and leaves growing from his body.

“Ancient Treeking!” An expert from the southern region recognized this old man’s identity and startlingly exclaimed: “This is one of the few Virtuous Paragons in the Sacred Demon Tribe!”

“Only an Early Era Paragon.” Jian Wushuang laughed proudly in the face of the paragon: “A legendary master might be able to do something! Hmph, but an Early Era Paragon Simply courting death!”

It should be clear by this what Jian Wushuang’s attitude was, without need for further description.

Her arrogant demeanor left everyone speechless.

However, they had to admit that she was indeed qualified to act in such a manner.

In the end, an imperial descendant would have advantages unavailable to others.

A few great powers’ ancestors would be wary of imperial descendants who weren’t paragons yet.

What else could they do Who was to blame for these descendants immediately cultivating emperor laws from the start and possessing imperial weapons! These weren’t things normal great powers could have.

Virtuous Paragons were called Early Era Paragons before walking on their own dao.

These were the most common and weakest existences among paragons.

“An imperial descendant with such arrogant words.

Very well, how about if you add this old woman into the mix then” Another cold voice appeared.

A quivering old woman stepped out of the Tombskull camp.

Her steps were very unstable and it seemed like she would stumble at any moment.

This old woman was very ordinary looking.

However, when she lifted her head, her eyes lit up, causing everyone’s hearts to shiver.

Her eyes resembled those of a poisonous serpent — capable of devouring this world.

“Black-striped Ancestor!” A spectating expert recognized this old woman and grew restless.

She was the ancestor of the Feather Country.

More importantly, she was a Rising Era Paragon.

She was originally a black-striped snake that became enlightened in the dao and eventually became an ancestor.

The appearance of two paragons took everyone by surprise.

Even the most idiotic person here would understand that the alliance came prepared for war and not a peaceful resolution.

“The alliance is truly going all out.

They even invited a few of their ancestors…” Someone murmured.

Although the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect were great powers, they were only ordinary first-rate sects; they were far weaker than imperial lineages.

An existence like the Alchemy Kingdom had countless Virtuous Paragons sealed underground while these great powers only had one or two ancestors of this level.

But now, they invited their ancestors as well.

One could easily imagine how much this battle meant to them.

“Only ordinary paragons, can’t reach the apex.” Jian Wushuang still smiled freely before the Black-striped Ancestor.

Her prideful demeanor knew no fear.

She was indeed capable enough to back it up.

The moment she took out her imperial weapon, this type of paragon wouldn’t be able to do anything to her!

Ordinary Virtuous Paragons were split into five levels: Early Era Paragon, Rising Era Paragon, Peaceful Era Paragon, Prosperous Era Paragon, and Golden Era Paragon.

“Miss Jian is quite audacious.” The Black-striped Ancestor sneered: “Although the Jian Clan is powerful, but little girl, you are still very naive and do not know the immensity of the heaven and earth.”

Jian Wushuang glanced over at the Ancient Treeking and the Black-striped Ancestor then declared: “It is not up to you to tell me how immense the heaven and earth are.

If you are not convinced, then come at the same time.

Today, I want to slay paragons!”

It didn’t matter that she was about to fight two paragons by herself, Jian Wushuang was still as aggressive and prideful as ever.

Many spectators in the distance gasped after hearing this.

One had to comment: “So overbearing! Among the younger generation, only Mei Aonan and Ye Qingcheng can fight against paragons one on one, can she also do it”

However, one versus two was simply just too much.

If she didn’t come from the Jian Clan, everyone would think that she didn’t know her own limits.

“Good, good.

I heard the dao of archery left by Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian is unmatched in this world.

It looks like I’ll have the pleasure of witnessing it firsthand.” The Ancient Treeking was laughing from anger.

It was extremely humiliating to have a junior wanting to take them on alone.

“I shall also test the supreme emperor law of an imperial lineage today.” The Black-striped Ancestor sneered.

In just a moment, the two of them surrounded Jian Wushuang.

Despite the double-teaming, they didn’t dare to underestimate her at all.

There was a big gap between their own merit laws and emperor laws.

Moreover, they were secretly wary of Jian Wushuang’s imperial weapon.

If it came out, then paragons like them would have a hard time dealing with it.

They were only ordinary paragons after all and not legendary masters or eternal existences.

They had no way of fighting imperial weapons.


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