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Chapter 821: Great Armies Surrounding The Tie Residence

Thunderous rumbles echoed as a great army trampled the sky.

Auspicious beasts and chariots along with pavilions were flying at great speeds.

Many people who saw this were quickly alarmed.

In just one day, this army that consisted of troops from the Tombskull Sect, the Sacred Demon Tribe, and the Feather Country entered Ox-Herder.

The cultivators here were very nervous from this scene as there were no great sects in the country.

The most powerful was the imperial family, but the family did not react to this sudden development.

Ox King Su Mingchen had even declared his seclusive meditation two days prior.

Luckily, this army of experts was not coming for a particular sect.

Rather, their destination was the Heavenly Flame County.

Everyone knew that there were no sects or clans in this county.

If one had to be pointed out, then it would be the Tie Clan.

However, that was all in the past because the Tie Clan was only a mortal family now.

Many were perplexed.

Why would this coalition army enter the Heavenly Flame County The other top sects in the southern region paid attention to this mobilization as well.

They sent their experts out right away to the Heavenly Flame County in order to figure out the story.

By this time, the county had become a ghost town.

The Ox King had sent the civilians in the county away two days ago in order to avoid the innocent getting caught in the crossfire.

“Not good, not good at all!” The frightened turtle rushed into the mansion and shouted: “Great immortal, not good, not good, the army is here!”

Li Qiye was not surprised at all after hearing this.

He looked at the aghast turtle and smiled: “It’s only one army, there is no need to be scared.”

“That’s right, this army is nothing.

This handsome one is here; I shall meet god, slay god, meet devil, slay devil.” The four-eyed basilisk began to brag.

“But these are all top sects! The Sacred Demon Tribe, the Tombskull Sect, and the Feather Country all sent people and have completely surrounded us.” The pale-faced turtle felt his throat drying up as he spoke.

“Bah, all of them are nothing before my Basilisk Tribe.

They’re only a bunch of kids.” The basilisk continued smugly: “Boss, send me out.

I will take care of all of them in a few moves.”

Li Qiye leered at him: “Okay, stop boasting.

Sheng Fei’s armies are here, and they surely came prepared.” Having said that, he casually flipped his palm and removed the rope around the basilisk’s body.

In actuality, this rope wasn’t able to trap him at all, it was only for show.

“You can do one thing.

Stay here and watch over Tie Lan.

If anything happens to her… you should already know the consequences.” Li Qiye commanded.

“Boss, don’t worry and leave it to me.

When this handsome one is here, who would dare to rush forward I will turn them into stone right away!” With a heroic air, the basilisk repeatedly pounded his chest like a drum.

However, Tie Lan didn’t want to accept Li Qiye’s kindness and coldly said: “I don’t need anyone to protect me.”

Li Qiye was not about to argue with her.

He waved his hand and sealed her, then he put her in a corner before telling the basilisk: “Watch her well.”

“Be at ease, Boss.” The basilisk sat down on a chair with a cool pose as if he could fight an entire army alone.

He did look a bit admirable.

“Great immortal, this lowly one, this lowly one will also stay here to help Young Noble Basilisk protect Miss Tie Lan.” The head of the cowardly turtle was halfway in its shell.

He was frightened to death and didn’t dare to come out.

“Forget it, you think you can protect her” The basilisk looked at him and said: “When the enemy comes, maybe you will be the first to escape.”

The turtle in the shell whispered: “No, no way.” He wasn’t sure of his own words.

Perhaps he really was going to run away.

Li Qiye chuckled and casually said: “Then you can stay here.”

“Li Qiye, come out!” A loud cry came from outside like thunder.

It left the ruins trembling, causing the turtle to shiver fearfully.

“It is time for bloodshed.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly strolled outside with an indescribable carefreeness.

It simply didn’t look like he was going to single-handedly face an army.

The ruins at this moment were completely surrounded by the three main powers and ten other sects.

Layers upon layers of troops prevented anyone from going in or out.

Sheng Fei really outdid himself this time.

He didn’t only convince the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect, he also persuaded many other nearby powers as well.

Who knew what he promised to make them spend so much effort like this.

Many cultivators watched on the sidelines after seeing this grand army.

The scouts were not only here for fun, they were mainly here to find out more information.

In the beginning, these cultivators were surprised and confused about the reason.

However, when they saw Li Qiye appearing before everyone, they became quite shocked.

“Supreme Fierce Li Qiye!” Those who had seen Li Qiye’s portrait or had been to the Alchemy Kingdom before were astonished and gasped.

They now knew why the Sacred Demon Tribe’s group had to make such a bold maneuver.

Supreme Fierce Li Qiye was a name famous throughout the entire Stone Medicine World.

Who didn’t know about his lawlessness that dared to shake even the Alchemy Kingdom

“I believe that I have stated that the Tie Clan is under my protection.” Li Qiye stood on top of a broken pavilion and calmly looked at the army.

His eyes then fell on the Tombskull sect’s master.

The atmosphere was exceptionally tense.

These group not only brought their experts but also the majority of their elders; even reclusive high elders could be found within the crowd.

It was apparent that they were ready to rumble.

“Li Qiye, it is not that we refuse to show you consideration, but you were way out of line!” The Tombskull Master coldly uttered: “Moreover, we are not here for the Tie Clan, we demand an answer from you.

You need to give an appropriate answer to the southern region and the Beast Realm!”

Li Qiye stood there and leisurely responded: “Whoa, you’re making it sound so serious.

Give the Beast Realm an answer I wonder what kind of serious business this is, do tell.”

“Hmph, Li Qiye, don’t stand there and act the fool.” The Sacred Demon Leader snorted.

The Tombskull Master declared: “Li Qiye, you stole our Corpse Monarch and killed our disciples.

Not only that, you even paraded their heads on walls, what a cruel person you are!”

Countless eyes were fixated on Li Qiye, especially the Tombskull disciples.

They saw the heads of their elder and brothers hanging above the gates and grew furious; they all had a great desire to kill Li Qiye.

The onlookers that gathered nearby also looked at Li Qiye.

Those who didn’t know the true story all felt that Li Qiye was indeed outrageous.

First causing trouble at the Alchemy Realm only to then boldly repeat his actions at the Beast Realm; he actually dared to steal a Corpse Monarch from the Tombskull Sect as well as kill its disciples.

However, the smarter ones knew that this was not so simple.

All of these sects maneuvering in such a short amount of time seemed too much of a coincidence.

“He is indeed the fiercest, to be able to set off a bloody storm no matter where he goes.” One person murmured.

Li Qiye smiled in response to the Tombskull Master in a leisurely manner: “I have never seen this Corpse Monarch you all are mentioning.

Plus, is it that easy to steal this thing groomed by your sect As for the dead disciples, this has nothing to do with me.

Their own skeletons went crazy and killed their masters.”

“Li Qiye, don’t try to defend yourself.” The Tombskull Master shouted: “Who in this world does not know that you are versed in the art of summoning! After coming to the southern Beast Realm, you immediately coveted our eternal corpses, so you stole one of them.

Since you were spotted by our disciples, you killed them to keep it a secret!”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter before replying: “You think too highly of your sect.

I would never bother to look at your trash corpses.”

“Outrageous bastard!” A high elder from the Tombskull Sect was enraged.

All of its disciples were glaring at Li Qiye.

Such words were quite humiliating.

Sheng Fei stepped forward and spoke at this time: “Brother Li, I have always respected the strong.

You are renowned in this world, so I admire you as well.

If you are willing, then I can act as the mediator.

You just need to return the Corpse Monarch to the Tombskull Sect and apologize.

I trust that they will forgive you.”

Sheng Fei appeared to be a kind person at this time.

Who knew that he was the one who instigated this mess in the first place


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