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Chapter 813: Drumming Up Support

The venerable analyzed the costs and benefits, making Sheng Fei quite excited.

Just thinking about taking the seat of First Elder at the ravine and ruling over everyone left him greatly tempted.

The two of them planned for a long time throughout the night.

When the venerable was about to leave, Sheng Fei tried his best to get him to stay.

He wanted a strategist like the venerable to work for him.

After leaving Sheng Fei’s place, a confidant asked the venerable since he was confused: “Sir, Sheng Fei is only a junior, so why did you have to waste so much effort on him”

Although Sheng Fei had some reputation among the younger generation, he was truly nothing to someone like the Cloud Soaring Venerable.

“Although he might not be anyone important, an insignificant pawn in the grand scheme of things, he will serve as a spark just fine.” The venerable chuckled.

His confidant still appeared to be puzzled to the chagrin of the venerable: “Fool, the ravine and Li Qiye are enemies, so if a war breaks out here, will the ravine sit still and do nothing How could they swallow this anger without killing Li Qiye Plus, we can bring the Dragonfowl tribe into the mix by using Sheng Fei, and the same goes for Mei Aonan! If Li Qiye and Mei Aonan fight, then who will reap the most benefits Of course it will be our Young Noble! Without Mei Aonan and Li Qiye, who else can compete with our Young Noble”

The confidant woke from his stupor and praised: “Sir, this is an incredibly crafty plan stemming from your peerless wisdom.

This lowly one is lost in admiration!”

The venerable dismissively said: “This overarching move was planned by Young Noble.

I am simply implementing it.”

After sending the venerable away, the eager Sheng Fei immediately went to meet the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master who had yet to leave the Ox-Herder Country.

The two were surprised to see Sheng Fei calling for them.

After the three gathered, Sheng Fei looked at the two and went straight to the point in a serious tone: “Gentlemen, I need your support.”

The two couldn’t help but look at each other.

Eventually, the Tombskull Master spoke: “Your Majesty is too polite.

What do you need of us As long as it is within our capabilities, we will definitely support you.”

Although Sheng Fei was far from being comparable to the Golden Crow Prince and they had no need to please him considering their status, they would still give him some face.

Sheng Fei spoke with a deep voice: “I need you two gentlemen to lend me a hand in order to hold down Li Qiye.”

This was met with some hesitation by these two.

Prior to this when they didn’t know who Li Qiye was, they would have agreed without any qualms.

However, it was now different.

Li Qiye was a notorious brute who dared to do just about anything.

Who would want to provoke such a murderer It was the same as poking a beehive. 1

“About this…” The Tombskull Master pondered for a moment before speaking: “Your Majesty Sheng Fei, I’m afraid this won’t be easy.”

They naturally didn’t want to be cannon fodder for someone else.

If it was the Golden Crow Prince, then they would show their absolute support, but it was not the same case with Sheng Fei!

“I know that in your minds, you are laughing at me for not knowing my own abilities.” Sheng Fei was ready for this reaction.

After being guided by the venerable, he already came up with a solution.

He lightly said: “Yes, I truly don’t know my own limits.

Moreover, I am not my first brother and have no way to make you two work for me.”

“Your Majesty, that isn’t the case…” The Sacred Demon Leader shook his head.

Although they didn’t want to help him, they also didn’t want to offend him.

Sheng Fei slightly motioned with his hand: “There is no need to explain to me, I am well aware of who I am.

However, I have one question for you two.

Hypothetically speaking, even if you two wish to cling to my first brother, is it really possible In the southern region, lineages with ties to my brother are innumerable! In terms of power and friendship, will he give you two any benefits after he comes into power”

These words were quite sharp and caused the two leaders’ hearts to become dejected.

Although they were unhappy, they had to admit that Sheng Fei was right.

Among the fifteen strongest sects and countries in the southern region, it was difficult for their sects to even enter the top ten! Under the sovereignty of the ravine, these powers all wanted to form good relations with it, so its future heir, the Golden Crow Prince, was always a target for flattery.

And it was too true that even if the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect tried their best, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to garner his attention.

“But what if you two become allies with a future elder of the ravine A real alliance forged of iron.” Sheng Fei declared.

He must obtain the support of these two sects in accordance with the venerable’s plan.

The leader and the sect mater contemplated for a moment.

They had friends in the ravine as well as characters of the elder level as their backing.

Although Sheng Fei had a high chance of becoming an elder in the future, there were many elders in the ravine.

Only an elder with true influence would actually be useful.

“I know what you two are thinking.” Sheng Fei stressed: “Correct, if I become an elder, I might just be one without great influence.” He chuckled at this point and raised his voice: “But if I take down Li Qiye! How great of a merit would that be”

This was worth thinking over for the two leaders.

Everyone knew about Fierce Li Qiye and his feud with the ravine.

If Sheng Fei managed to take down someone who dared to fight against the Alchemy Kingdom, then it would absolutely be an outstanding contribution!

“I think it is clear that as long as I capture Li Qiye, no one can compare to me in terms of prestige and contribution outside of my first brother.” Sheng Fei coldly said: “With this being the case, who else would take the seat of First Elder besides me in the future At that time, I’m sure you two will know of the backing behind me.”

Sheng Fei’s ambition surged after being tempted by the venerable.

Although he was not comparable to his first brother, he could still try for the First Elder’s position in the future!

The leaders naturally understood this logic.

However, they had to first capture Li Qiye for this hypothetical situation to work.

“Li Qiye is not to be trifled with.” The Tombskull Master was not too interested in this suggestion.

“I know that Li Qiye shouldn’t be easily provoked.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have pretended to be so pitiful earlier.” Sheng Fei was full of confidence as he drily said: “Gentlemen, I didn’t invite you two here on a whim!”

This attitude from Sheng Fei made the leaders feel strange; it was as if he had become a different person.

“What was Li Qiye’s biggest card when he attacked the Alchemy Kingdom” Sheng Fei said in an awe-inspiring manner: “The Phoenix! But I’m sure you two already know that his Phoenix has flown away.

Without the Phoenix, Li Qiye has nothing left!”

Sheng Fei stared at the Tombskull Master and threw out a rhetorical question: “Even though people say that Li Qiye knows how to summon undead, can anyone actually compare to the Tombskull Sect in this regard”

“Li Qiye’s dao of alchemy is no joke.

He also has many treasures that are quite hard to deal with.” The Sacred Demon Leader replied.

Sheng Fei responded: “I know! But you two shouldn’t look down on my ace! I have the support of the Radiant-Sea Sect! They have been searching everywhere for Li Qiye to take revenge.

Right now, Li Qiye is within our territory, so the Radiant-Sea Sect is willing to work with us!”

This slightly dazed the two.

They didn’t expect Sheng Fei to have a backing as powerful as the Radiant-Sea Sect.

“I’m sure you two are still doubtful.” Sheng Fei continued: “Don’t worry, I will let you meet a big character from the sect.”

The two glanced at each other once more.

Eventually, the Sacred Demon Leader asked: “What is the stance of the ravine’s elders”

They hoped to hear the opinion from the ravine.

In their opinion, if the ravine took action, then everything would be much easier.

“What do you think” Sheng Fei spoke deeply: “For what reason am I here For what reason am I working with the Radiant-Sea Sect Is it not clear by now My master and grandmaster are supporting me as the vanguard so that I can have the first meritorious opportunity! I believe I don’t need to say more.”

Sheng Fei was merely bluffing.

He still hadn’t received an answer from the ravine.

However, he must use this chance to draw these two sects into his camp.

The two shuddered after hearing this.

They knew that among the younger generation, Sheng Fei was indeed worthy of the ravine’s investment.

If his master and grandmaster were purposely giving Sheng Fei a chance to contribute, then everything would be different.

With this merit, his seat as the future number two would be fortified! Thus, it could be just as he had said earlier.

He could truly become the First Elder and have tangible influence!

“Gentlemen, the Radiant-Sea Sect is not the only one I have reached out to.

I also have the support of the Dragonfowl tribe and Imperial Edge Mei Aonan!” Sheng Fei spoke solemnly.

“Even Mei Aonan is willing to help Your Majesty” The leader shuddered after hearing this.

Sheng Fei continued: “If you two don’t believe me, then just wait until the people from the Dragonfowl tribe are here.

You two surely must know that there is an invincible character from this tribe working under Mei Aonan.

Mei Aonan will be ordering experts from this tribe to be the vanguard.”

The two of them thought that if all of this were true, then it seemed that the ravine was indeed interested in nurturing Sheng Fei.

“What is Your Majesty’s plan” Eventually, the Sacred Demon Leader relented.

“We shall…” After obtaining their agreement, the happy Sheng Fei revealed his plan.


I modified one line here.

“A brute like Li Qiye who would dare to massacre the Xian Clan and fight the Alchemy Kingdom”.

It is something I’m thinking about doing more often when it is repeated materials.

This particular lines had been mentioned quite a few times in the last 10 chapters or so.

I want to stay true to the raw but at the same time, I also want to improve the script when applicable and within reasons.

In a true editing process for publishing, many lines would be removed.

Do note that I remove lines very sparingly; only when I can’t put it in another way.

Compared to the rigidity and adherence to the raws of early ED chapters, I believe the recent ones are a better experience for English readers. 


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