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Chapter 755: Engulfing Serpent, Lightning Fly

Cao Guoyao was astounded after seeing the Divine Scorpion King.

He was skilled in insect mastery so how could he not recognize it He just didn’t expect for Li Qiye to have one.

Earlier, he assumed that Li Qiye was unprepared.

But now, after seeing the scorpion coming from Li Qiye’s courtyard, he immediately realized that he had underestimated Li Qiye.

“Return…” He shouted out a command to the Moonplucking Arach.

It was very precious and he didn’t want it to die.

In fact, after seeing the scorpion, the spider wanted to escape right away.

The scorpion was its nemesis, so it instinctively wanted to flee.

However, after being trained by Cao Guoyao, it didn’t dare to do so without his command!

It turned and fled out of its webs.

However, the scorpion was much faster than it.

With the sound of wind being split, the scorpion pierced through the webs that blocked its path and instantly caught up to the spider.

The spider was horrified and ran towards Cao Guoyao.

It spewed out even more spider webs, but the scorpion was known as its bane for a reason; no matter how many webs it spewed out, it couldn’t delay the scorpion.

In an instant, the scorpion caught up and raised its tail.

With a glint, its tail shot out needles and impaled the spider’s body.

“Boom!” After being struck, the gigantic body of the spider immediately fell down and rolled fairly far before coming to a halt.

When it stopped, its body had already gone stiff, struck dead.

Although the spider and its webs were mighty, it was not poisonous and met its bane.

The poisonous needles of the scorpion were especially fatal to it.

Death was assured the moment it got hit!

“He also knows how to control insects…” Even the spectating cultivators became speechless.

Many of them realized that the rumors of his pill refinement skill had already been proven.

Now, it seems that he could also control wood and insects — just how unfathomable was this Perhaps his fortune on the dao of alchemy was no weaker than the four prodigies!

The crowd became anxious at Li Qiye’s accomplishments.

If they could obtain that secret law, then the future potential of their sects would be unlimited.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “What a shame for a Moonplucking Arach.

It was a good poisonous creature, but it was too confident.

Getting close to me was simply courting death.”

Cao Guoyao’s expression was quite unsightly at this moment.

He snorted after realizing that he had fallen into Li Qiye’s trap.

The wretch only retreated in order to kill his spider.

If Li Qiye called out his scorpion from the beginning, then perhaps there was a chance for his spider to escape.

After knowing that Li Qiye was more skilled at insect mastery, Cao Guoyao became very alarmed.

But now, he had to keep going since he was already riding the tiger.

It didn’t matter whether Li Qiye was strong or not, he had to brace himself and fight.

“Okay, I have seen your insect.” Li Qiye smiled and went back to his courtyard before stating: “Now, it is your turn to meet mine.”

Having said that, Li Qiye stomped on the ground as an alchemy law appeared.

With a splash, the water inside the pond suddenly overflowed as if this little pond had become a giant lake.

“Aooo!” A ferocious beast rushed out of the pond at this moment.

It was very large, taking up miles of space in an instant.

It soared in the sky towards Cao Guoyao.

This was a creature that looked like a snake but was not a snake.

It had four legs, a crocodile’s head, and a serpent’s body — quite fierce looking.

“Engulfing Sea Serpent!” The previous Alchemy Saint was aghast after seeing this monster.

He was the first to retreat, immediately followed by many others.

“Splashh—” However, to the surprise of many, the huge monster did not use its body to attack Cao Guoyao.

Instead, it spewed out a huge amount of water.

This beam of water immediately crashed down to drown his mansion.

“Be careful…” Cao Guoyao’s expression changed after seeing this oncoming torrent.

He also took out a treasure box to release another poisonous creature.

“Ahh—” However, Cao Guoyao was a bit too slow.

The moment the torrential waves came crashing down, some of the disciples were hit and immediately began to scream.

They fell to the ground as if they had been poisoned.

After a twitching for a brief moment, they instantly died.

The Engulfing Sea Serpent was not poisonous, but the water it spewed out was quite bizarre.

It could swiftly rush into the body of any living being and engulf their true fate to the point of drowning them!

With a small buzzing sound, Cao Guoyao released a very ugly looking toad.

It opened its mouth to swallow the huge waves of water from the serpent.

It became a battle between the serpent crazily spewing out more water while the ugly toad devoured it.

They quickly reached a stalemate as neither had the upper hand.

An alchemist that knew the toad’s origin emotionally stated: “Cao Guoyao deserves his fame regarding insect mastery.

To be able to keep a ferocious and difficult-to-tame creature like the Sea Belly Toad around — truly amazing.”

“Ooo—” Li Qiye made a strange hum, and a similar hum resonated.

An insect then flew out from a jar inside the courtyard.

This insect was extremely fast and quickly flew to Cao Guoyao’s mansion.

Many people couldn’t even see it clearly.

Cao Guoyao was startled by this insect and shouted loudly: “Not good, retreat! It’s a Lightning Fly!”

But it was too late.

This insect instantly shot down a beam of lightning, striking the Sea Belly Toad.

The toad fell to the ground with its belly facing upward and emitted a green smoke.

It immediately died after being hit by this beam of lightning.

When people finally saw the creature, they found that it was a fly around the size of a fist.

Dazzling light flashed inside its belly as if it contained a huge amount of lightning.

Lightning Fly — its name alone indicated its ability.

It could send down bolts of lightning.

Moreover, its flying speed was fast to the point of horrifying others.

“Splash!” Without the toad, the ferocious torrents from the serpent were on the verge of drowning Cao Guoyao’s mansion once more.

“Ahh—” Suddenly, screams filled the air.

The disciples closest to the water were the first to suffer; they all fell to the ground.

The other experts hastily retreated.

However, misfortune does not come all at once.

Although experts could withstand the serpent’s water for a moment, crackling thunder came about as lightning descended, causing a burning smell to permeate the air.

One could easily imagine the mansion drowned by water as the Lightning Fly unleashed its barrage.

There was nowhere for the State of Cao’s disciples to hide.

In an instant, many of them died miserably to either of these elements.

After seeing the deaths of so many disciples, Cao Guoyao crazily shouted: “Li Qiye, you leave me with no choice!” At this moment, his fury was untethered and he didn’t care for anything else.

He wouldn’t even mind killing Li Qiye!

“Die!” Cao Guoyao madly commanded the four steeldemons by his side! At this point, he was ready to massacre everything!

The four steeldemons took action.

They were terrifying monstrosities! One could only see four flashing rays that intertwined like lightning.

Even the Lightning Fly couldn’t escape with its great speed!

The moment the rays disappeared, both the Engulfing Sea Serpent and the Lightning Fly were killed by the four demons.

They were too powerful, so the two beasts didn’t even have the chance to strike back. 1

“Divine Steeldemons, these four monsters are finally taking action.” Many people fearfully quivered before such a scene.

“Rumor has it that these things will not give up until they see blood.” Even a Heavenly King trembled at this sight.

“Li Qiye, don’t blame me when you courted death!” The livid Cao Guoyao was in pain from losing so many disciples.

Some were the elites of his country!

He ground his teeth and coldly uttered: “Hand over the alchemy manual right now, or else you wouldn’t be able to escape even if you had three heads and six hands!”

Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind at all.

He smiled and slowly said: “Is that so Go ahead and show off all of your abilities!”

“Forward! Slay him!” Cao Guoyao let out a deafening cry and commanded the demons.

These divine demons were extremely powerful and frightening.

Ever since Cao Guoyao tamed them, they had yet to leave his side.

However, he was furious this time and would rather kill Li Qiye even if it meant not obtaining the alchemy manual! He would never let go of this vengeance!

“Divine Steeldemons, not bad.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes while looking at the four steeldemons.


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