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Chapter 749: Breaking The Crystal Physique

“Pop!” In this instant, no one could sense the one second reversal.

The sound of ceramic shattering could be heard as time seemed to stop for one second.

Although this was not what truly happened, everyone had this illusion.

Once this illusion ended, the many people present returned from their absent-minded state and saw the young noble being blown away.

By the time they could see Li Qiye again, he was already clutching the young noble by the neck and had sealed him!

Suddenly, the world turned silent as everyone’s wide-open eyes ogled them.

Their mouths were gaping as if they all wanted to cry out, but no sound came out! No one among the astounded crowd could believe their own eyes!

Li Qiye was able to break the crystal physique! No one could accept this because no one in this world should be able to break the crystal physique! Not even an Immortal Emperor was able to, yet Li Qiye had done so.

No one would believe such a tale.

“This, this can’t be real.” A person lost faith in his eyes and couldn’t help but pinch himself ruthlessly.

Once the pain came, they finally believed that this was neither an illusion nor a dream, this was reality.

The impossible had happened in front of everyone.

“How, how can this be!” To many of them, even witnessing the event personally was not enough to convince them as it was simply too difficult to imagine.

Even the madam and Yuan Caihe who were praying for a miracle couldn’t believe when it truly occurred.

“This is too… scary…” Tie Yi paled at such a sight.

He thought about many things in this split second and shivered fearfully.

The crystal physique that was notorious for being unbreakable across the eons had been shattered.

Even Young Noble Pei Yu who was sealed by Li Qiye and grasped by the neck couldn’t believe that this was actually happening.

He gasped and uttered: “There… there is no way…”

For the young noble, he would rather believe in dying pitifully at the hands of Li Qiye.

His crystal physique being shattered was even more shocking than his own death.

To him and the sea sect, the crystal physique must be indestructible.

This was their eternal legend and supreme honor!

But now, the physique had been shattered by Li Qiye.

This was akin to their supreme honor being trampled under Li Qiye’s foot.

Such a blow to a descendant like Young Noble Pei Yu was even more agonizing than being killed.

He couldn’t handle such suffering!

Li Qiye smirked at the paled young noble and said: “Nothing is impossible, all shall eventually come to an end.”

“No, no, this is impossible.

You can’t break the crystal physique! This can’t be true!” The young noble would rather die than have his sect’s legend be shattered.

This end was too cruel for him!

“Unfortunately for you, I have broken your Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “As long as I keep at it, I can definitely find the method to crack it!”

In fact, ever since Immortal Emperor Jing Yu created this physique, Li Qiye — as the Dark Crow — had paid attention to it.

In an old era, the Dark Crow had also obtained this secret physique art of the Crystallized Sea Sect.

At that time, he had pondered how to break it and tried out numerous approaches.

He utilized the most supreme secret laws of both the deity and imperial levels to break the physique.

He went as far as to let Immortal Emperors research this art in hopes of finding a solution.

However, no matter what they came up with, it was still too difficult.

It wasn’t until later on when Li Qiye stumbled upon a very accidental opportunity that he figured out a way to break this physique.

When one used the Soaring Immortal Physique to surround a crystal physique user at maximum speed, they would be able to surpass time itself.

In this split second, the surrounding space would be reversed due to the momentum.

In this split second of time reversal, the crystal physique would undergo a change back to its past state.

The moment of this shift was when the physique was most vulnerable!

Later on, Li Qiye expanded on this particular solution.

One would use the soaring physique to shift the crystal physique back to its weakest state while another would use the Void Imperfection Physique to penetrate its defense!

The idea appeared to be very easy, but it was practically impossible.

Even if an expert trained in the Soaring Immortal Physique and another trained in the Void Imperfection Physique, the two would not be able to cooperate as the void user wouldn’t be able to grasp the split second of time reversal!

The only possible solution was for one person to cultivate both the Soaring Immortal Physique and the Void Imperfect Physique! However, anyone with common sense would know that a single cultivator could only have one physique.

It was impossible for one to have two physiques!

However, what was impossible for others had been accomplished by Li Qiye.

Today, he once again recreated this miracle and broke the legend!

Ever since the beginning when he saw Pei Yu’s crystal physique, he was already tempted and wanted to personally give it a shot.

After the first attempt, he was certain that the young noble cultivated a complete Heaven’s Will Secret Law.

This was something he wanted, resulting in the inception of this bet.

The young noble was certain of victory and that he would be able to utterly defeat Li Qiye.

He didn’t expect to be defeated.

Their sect’s legend had been shattered on this day!

The entire scene was silent at this moment as everyone stared in a daze.

After a while, they finally began to accept this impossible notion as the truth.

“You, you, you know demonic arts… evil arts!” Eventually, the young noble couldn’t help but exclaim: “You used an evil art to break my Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!”

Even at this time, he couldn’t accept the reality of the destroyed legend.

In fact, many spectators were silent at this time and wanted to know the answer.

Just what method or secret law did Li Qiye use to break the crystal physique Their curiosity was ravaging their minds.

“Whatever you say.” Li Qiye smirked and said: “It’s not important, the important thing is that you have lost.

According to our agreement, you have to hand over the incantation law for the crystal physique!”

“Kill me.” The young noble laughed pitifully.

He was covered in blood, but these wounds were insignificant to him.

Nothing was heavier than the pain in his heart.

He cried and said: “I will pay with my life! There is no merit law, you can have my life instead!”

He was lost in despair.

He was already unable to bear the physique’s defeat, so he would rather die than to let Li Qiye have their crystal physique.

Even if Li Qiye tore him into pieces, it would be a better end for him than handing over the physique law.

For the young noble, this physique law was the most supreme art of their sect; it wasn’t allowed to be given away to just anyone.

As the descendant, he had a responsibility to protect the physique.

Even if he died miserably and could never enter the reincarnation cycle, he still wouldn’t hand the physique law over.

Li Qiye leered at the young noble and said: “It seems that you have no intention of handing it over.”

The young noble smiled pitifully and responded: “That’s right, no physique law, only my life! You can do as you please, but I will never surrender the crystal physique!”

Countless people held their breaths while watching this scene.

Who wouldn’t be moved by the crystal physique To deny it would be spewing out lies.

So now, many were hoping that he would hand over the physique law.

If this physique law were to be leaked, then other sects and lineages would have a chance to obtain it as well.

“You must act in accordance to our bet.” Li Qiye grinned and said: “If you won’t hand it over, then I won’t be so polite anymore.

Don’t blame me for being ruthless since you are the one to violate the bet.”

“Kill me if you dare!” The young noble shouted austerely: “Don’t even dream about the crystal physique!” He only wished for death at this moment.

Death was not something to be afraid of, it was more like sweet relief!

“I am someone who never needs to dream for something.” Li Qiye revealed a smile and said: “You had agreed, so now, the crystal physique belongs to me! I am a man of my word.”

Having said that, universal laws appeared on Li Qiye’s palm.

They locked the area around Young Noble Pei Yu’s forehead.

His mind was opened along with his sea of memories at this time.

“Clank!” Li Qiye’s mind also opened and shot out a ray of light.

It instantly suppressed a particular law inside the young noble’s sea of memories, the law that was related to the crystal physique.

“No…” The young noble realized what Li Qiye wanted to do and couldn’t help but scream.

Li Qiye was trying to take the crystal physique law from his memories!

However, the outcome was not up to him to decide.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye’s hand turned into a supreme law that clasped the law inside the young noble’s sea of memories at lightning speed.

He wanted to forcefully obtain it from the young noble’s memories.

“Boom!” The moment Li Qiye grabbed the crystal physique law, a forbidden seal emerged.

In this split moment, not only did the countless universal laws of the crystal physique explode, even the young noble’s entire sea of memories was annihilated.

His entire mind was blown to smithereens!

It was needless to mention the young noble; his body turned into a bloody mist.

Due to this powerful blast, Li Qiye was blown flying as well.

His body was covered in blood, not just with the young noble’s blood, but also his own.

This was a forbidden seal.

The descendants and great characters of many sects all had this type of powerful seal because they were afraid that if they were to be defeated one day, the victor would forcibly take their sects’ secrets or laws.

If this circumstance occurred, the seal would immediately blow up and destroy all things.

No one would be able to obtain the secrets inside.

Li Qiye was blown away and was quite injured, but he didn’t care about these trivial things.

In his hand was a strand of a law.

The moment the explosion occurred, he was able to force out this physique law from the young noble’s sea of memories.


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