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Chapter 740: Cloud Soaring Venerable

Under the madam’s lead, the Cloud Soaring Venerable came in.

Moreover, he was not the only person.

Behind him was the White Cloud Master who hung his head low.

The venerable had a middle-aged appearance along with an elegant air, making people think that he was born a noble.

However, he had a pair of fierce eyes, so it was apparent that he was an unfathomable character.

Don’t be fooled by his outward appearance and gallant temperament, he was actually a centipede demon that had access to extremely ruthless methods.

He came in and immediately cupped his hands towards Li Qiye in a very polite and even respectful manner before saying: “Your great fame resounds like thunder, I have been an admirer for a long time.”

Although he was still relatively young, the venerable was already a very powerful Heaven’s Equal King — the peak of this realm.

Outside of the old undyings that had already been famous before the Difficult Dao Era, very few characters in the same generation as him were stronger.

Because of this, he was strong enough to create his own sect.

He already had a great status in the Stone Medicine World, but his position only became prevalent after joining Ye Qingcheng.

Everyone knew that if Ye Qingcheng became the Immortal Emperor in the future, then the venerable would be a founder and perhaps would be bestowed the title of being the most meritorious contributor!

In the Stone Medicine World, many sects and imperial lineages treated the venerable with great courtesy.

Even if he wasn’t greatly valued by Ye Qingcheng, his power as a Heaven’s Equal King alone was enough to win respect.

However, not to mention a Heaven’s Equal King, even a legendary eternal existence wouldn’t be able to move Li Qiye.

He said lightly: “Have a seat.”

While the venerable took a seat, the White Cloud Master quickly rushed forward and prostrated on the ground without daring to lift his head for the time being.

Li Qiye looked at the prostrating master and asked the Cloud Soaring Venerable: “What is the meaning of this”

The Cloud Soaring Venerable responded humbly: “The White Cloud Master is here to apologize to Young Noble.

He was imperious and used our Young Noble Ye’s name to act as he pleased.

This was ruining our Young Noble’s reputation, so he is especially here to ask for forgiveness.

Young Noble Li can deal with him as you wish.”

Whether this idea was from Ye Qingcheng or the Cloud Soaring Venerable, it was quite a formidable attempt.

The White Cloud Master was the leader of a sect.

Although it was far from an imperial lineage, it was still a first-rate sect, even if it barely met the criteria.

But today, the master willingly prostrated before Li Qiye and acquiesced to his whims.

Prostrating to anyone was a great humiliation to any accomplished cultivator.

There was a creed: one can be killed but not shamed.

However, either Ye Qingcheng or the Cloud Soaring Venerable was able to make white cloud obediently come to confess — this was indeed a very frightening feat.

Li Qiye was too lazy to care, so he replied: “It seems that your play isn’t too bad.

This is indeed a bit impressive, no wonder why your master, Ye Qingcheng, has so much support from others.”

“Young Noble Li, you are misunderstanding us.

We are here to sincerely beg for your forgiveness.” The Cloud Soaring Venerable hurriedly said: “Our master is willing to befriend the heroes in this world and to work—”

“Okay, I don’t have time to listen to this crap, and I also don’t have any interest in taking it out on this cannon fodder.

If you wish to apologize, then let Ye Qingcheng come himself.

As for someone like the White Cloud Master, step to the side and don’t waste my time!” Li Qiye interrupted the venerable and waved his sleeve dismissively.

This type of showing might be able to impress others, but it was only a joke in Li Qiye’s eyes.

A psychological scheme of this level was a common day occurrence when he stood above the nine heavens.

The Cloud Soaring Venerable hesitated for a moment, but he quickly reacted and commanded the White Cloud Master: “Master, Young Noble Li is forgiving and kind, so he forgave your sin.

Show your gratitude.”

The White Cloud Master didn’t dare to demur and bowed his head to Li Qiye three times.

He then quietly retired to the back.

From beginning to end, he didn’t say a single word.

This was enough to show the great ability of either Ye Qingcheng or the venerable!

Li Qiye was not cordial and dryly said: “Okay, the play is over.

I don’t have time to waste with you, so state your business.”

The venerable hurriedly responded: “I heard Young Noble Li is attending this conference.

Because of this, outside of the White Cloud Master’s apology, I’m here for something relating to this matter.”

“And” Li Qiye said idly while looking at the venerable.

The response was very respectful: “Although I haven’t seen Young Noble Li’s pill refining skill with my own eyes, I have heard that it was akin to cooking.

I trust that Young Noble Li’s supreme dao of alchemy will be able to shine at this conference.”

“And then what” At this time, Li Qiye revealed a rare chuckle.

The venerable said: “Geniuses will gather at this conference, so it will be quite an event.

Regardless, I’m afraid no one will be able to enter Young Noble’s eyes outside of the four prodigies.”

Li Qiye raised his brows and dryly said: “Use words, stop beating around the bush.

My patience is limited.”

The venerable did not become angry and said: “Young Noble Li’s greatest opponents will be Cao Guoyao and the White Hair Alchemy God.

Rumor has it that both of them are already Legendary Alchemists with exquisite dao of alchemy…”

“… Our master is also extremely confident in Young Noble Li’s dao of alchemy; however, both of them are fortunate enough to come from the lineages of Alchemy Emperors.

Our master is willing to lend Young Noble a hand so that you will win first place this time.” The venerable spoke slowly.

His words were quite moving and capable of tempting the heart.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh then say: “Oh How does Ye Qingcheng want to help me”

The venerable continued: “Young Noble Li’s dao of alchemy is peerless, so our master cannot help you in this regard.

However, our master has a cauldron left behind by an Alchemy Emperor.

This is a cauldron used by the emperor throughout his entire life; it is very gentle and easy to use.

Since our master is neither an alchemist nor interested in the dao of alchemy, our master would like to hand the cauldron to the virtuous if Young Noble is willing.”

“There is a great saying, a treasure sword for the heroes and rouge for the beauties.

Only Young Noble Li is qualified to have such a great cauldron from an Alchemy Emperor.” The venerable spoke calmly; anyone else would be quite tempted.

Li Qiye grinned and inquired: “What is your master’s condition”

The venerable shook his head and said: “Young Noble Li is mistaken.

To talk about conditions with a hero like Young Noble Li is too crude.

Our master only wants to befriend Young Noble.

If Young Noble is willing to give us face, then come be a guest at the Stony Edge Kingdom.

Our master will be the best host for Young Noble.”

If any alchemist heard such words, they would be ecstatic.

In the Stone Medicine World, countless youths were willing to befriend Ye Qingcheng.

Being acquainted with such a famous man would be a tremendous honor.

And for alchemists, the cauldron of an Alchemy Emperor was a magnificent and priceless symbol, something they would definitely cherish in their hearts.

Countless alchemists’ lives had ended without ever obtaining one.

But now, Ye Qingcheng was willing to hand a cauldron of this level over to Li Qiye and befriend him.

This was more than any alchemist could wish for!

Li Qiye looked at the venerable and smiled before speaking: “I am someone who is also very willing to make friends.

However, making friends is not about letting someone else do the talking.

If he wants to befriend me, then let him come personally.

As for the cauldron, I’m not interested.

As long as I participate, I will naturally be number one at the conference!”

The venerable quickly said: “It is great that Young Noble Li has such confidence…”

Li Qiye lightly shook his sleeve to interrupt him and coldly stated: “Please leave, I am tired.”

The venerable was a sensible man.

He did not become angry and instead smilingly said: “Please have a good rest.

I will come back another day.”

After sending the venerable away, the madam softly asked: “What does Young Noble think the venerable was here for”

“A weasel trying to offer the chicken new year’s greetings.

There were no good intentions here.” Li Qiye responded with a smirk. 1

The madam said: “Ye Qingcheng is purposely trying to recruit you.

He is known for gathering capable people.

His circle is wide and rumored to have many experts from all over the world.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “My Zi Yan, if I were him and had ambitions of reaching Immortal Emperor, then I would also use all of my ability to recruit an unfathomable alchemist.

Think about it, if you wanted to become the Immortal Emperor, just imagine how arduous this path would be.

Nothing could be better than to have many great characters as your dao protectors, especially the old geezers on their deathbeds.

These are the ones who can wipe out the obstacles on his path towards the throne.”

“So Ye Qingcheng needs alchemists.” The madam was not foolish, so she understood right away.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “Yes, an unfathomable alchemist should be able to refine decent longevity medicines.

How many old geezers would be attracted by this and work under him If an unfathomable alchemist without any background or powerful backing joins Ye Qingcheng, then one of these days, he would be sucked dry by him.

Perhaps, his dao of alchemy would one day becomes Ye Qingcheng’s property.”

The madam couldn’t help but murmur: “An upfront investment would truly be worth the price…”


Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. 


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