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Chapter 739: White Hair Alchemy God

There was also an expert who saw the cold statues made of steel next to Cao Guoyao and apprehensively said: “These four giants are the Divine Steeldemons that rampaged in the Beast Realm for a generation.

So such brutal creatures were actually tamed by Cao Guoyao.”

“Outsiders might not know that Cao Guoyao is not only skilled at fate pill refinement, his poison taming skill is also quite brilliant.” A sect master from the Beast Realm explained: “Rumor has it that one thousand years ago, the State of Cao used a supreme dao of alchemy manual to trade for the Insect Swarm Valley’s poison insect taming manual.

Although it was not a complete manual, rumor has it that this particular chapter was the essence of the art.”

Someone said in astonishment: “So he cultivates the insect taming art from the valley, no wonder why he can tame even the Divine Steeldemons…”

The Insect Swarm Valley was famous in this world.

It was also an alchemy lineage, but it was different from the others.

They were not versed in pill refinement or medicinal concoctions.

Instead, they were masters of poisons and growing insects and other ferocious creatures.

It was created by Immortal Emperor Bai Zhong.

Although it was one of the strongest lineages, its disciples rarely showed their faces.

While Cao Guoyao had just entered Alchemy City and caused quite a stir, another genius alchemist came.

It was the White Hair Alchemy God; his fame could only be greater than Cao Guoyao and not less.

“The White Hair Alchemy God is here!” Many people didn’t even need to look before knowing who had arrived since a mighty and boundless blood energy swept through the city.

This vitality was as boundless as a sea, but this great aura did not come from the white hair alchemist.

At this time, many experts from the previous generation, including the leaders of sects and countries, appeared outside of the city.

Even some old undyings who didn’t want to show themselves came out at this time to give their greetings.

“Even the Ye Clan’s ancestor came out to greet the White Hair Alchemy God, amazing!” Many people were frightened after seeing so many grand characters from the previous generation coming out to greet the alchemist.

Those who didn’t know about the situation would think that a legendary master or a mythical God-Monarch had arrived.

In actuality, it was only a young alchemist.

How unfathomable was it for such a youth to have such a grand reception

Anyone would retreat when this powerful crowd stood outside of the city.

With his white robe and tall stature, the white hair alchemist was much more handsome than Cao Guoyao.

He appeared to be even more of a swan among a flock of chickens.

His most outstanding feature was neither his good looks nor his excellent temperament, it was his hair that was as smooth and black as jade.

The combination of his waterfall-like hair and shawl garnered a lot of attention.

It made his proud aura even more apparent.

A few people were confused since they didn’t know the reason and had to ask: “The White Hair Alchemy God’s hair is as black as obsidian, so why is it that he is called white hair”

“There are two explanations regarding this.” A big shot from the Stone Realm patiently explained: “The first is that when he was young, he already revealed his peerless talent for the dao of alchemy.

At the age of three, he began to study the alchemy scripture left behind by the Great Refinement Alchemy Emperor.

At eleven, he was well-versed in the dao of alchemy…

“Because he was too focused on his studies and expended too much blood energy and vitality, his hair began to gray out during his childhood.

However, on the day he became accomplished in the dao of alchemy, he refined a medicine for himself.

Within one night, his white hair became as black as jade — a very impressive task!” Having said this, he couldn’t help but glance at the alchemist’s smooth and black hair once more.

In fact, no matter where he went, his black hair would attract many gazes.

It was even prettier than that of the opposite sex.

Perhaps no girls in this world had hair comparable to the white hair alchemist’s!

The person who didn’t know the reason lost himself in the explanation and immediately asked: “What about the other theory”

“The other explanation has to do with the meaning of longevity medicines.” The big shot continued: “Longevity medicines are used to increase one’s lifespan.

This means that after using it, white hair would turn black overnight.

People considered the white hair alchemist to have the best longevity medicine refinement in this world, so many great characters from the previous generation beseeched him for his medicine.

Even those who were near death and had gray hair would immediately have their hair revert to black overnight after using his medicine!”

Either speculation symbolized the peerlessness of the white hair alchemist’s great longevity medicine refinement skill.

Because of this reason, many big shots from the previous generation were willing to befriend him!

Among the four prodigies, Cao Guoyao was versed in fate pills while the white hair alchemist specialized in longevity medicines!

For experts from the previous generations, especially those near their death, what were they most afraid of It was not a powerful enemy nor a stagnated cultivation, but death!

Many grand characters in their old age became especially frightened of the day when their life would wither completely.

Because of this, for millions upon millions of years now, countless ancestors would pay unbelievable sums for longevity medicines and immortal grasses that could prolong their life! Some didn’t mind the suffering of being trapped in a Blood Era Stone underground.

Longevity medicines had always been precious.

The higher the level, the more sought after it would be.

Moreover, alchemists who could create high level longevity medicines were quite rare.

As long as they were capable of refining these medicines, there was no fear of their products being unsold!

One can easily imagine it; since the white hair alchemist’s skill was considered top-ranked in this world, countless ancestors lusted for his products! To him, he could sell his medicines to whichever characters he fancied — this all depended on his mood!

In the Stone Medicine World, even the most wealthy expert might not be able to buy longevity medicines from the white hair alchemist! Because of this, these old characters were willing to give up their pride and make ties with him!

His position in this world was high to the point that at his call, many big shots would come running and support him! Very few people could enjoy such a grand reception like he did today.

“Brother Bailian, it must have been a long journey, but you are finally here.” An old royal lord came out of the city and quickly cupped his hands together to greet him respectfully.

The white hair alchemist came from the Bailian Clan, so many big shots didn’t mind lowering themselves and calling him “brother” to befriend him.

Despite receiving the greetings of so many big shots, the white hair alchemist’s expression was still quite aloof and arrogant.

He had already grown used to such events.

Their group boldly entered Alchemy City as their blood energies raged like torrential storms.

Anyone would retreat in front of such a group.

This was even more prestigious than Cao Guoyao’s showing!

“Every alchemist should try to be like the White Hair Alchemy God!” Many alchemists were envious at such treatment.

He was the star in their minds, a goal to strive towards.

Countless alchemists worked their entire lives in order to become famous and be worshipped by the masses!

With Cao Guoyao and the white hair alchemist creating an uproar in the city, Li Qiye should have been inconspicuous in his desolate dwelling.

However, someone actually came to see him.

“Young Master, the Cloud Soaring Venerable is here to visit you.” Madam Zi Yan informed Li Qiye.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Cloud Soaring Venerable Never heard of him.” This was not surprising at all.

Essentially, he had never heard nor cared about the big shots of the Stone Medicine World.

“The Cloud Soaring Venerable is an adviser under Ye Qingcheng.

People call him Ye Qingcheng’s right hand man.

Many of Ye Qingcheng’s strategies come from the venerable.” Madam Zi Yan explained.

“Someone under Ye Qingcheng” Li Qiye smiled and said: “His adviser is coming to visit… A bit interesting…”

Ever since he arrived at the Stone Medicine World, Ye Qingcheng was the person brought up the most!

The madam knew that her Young Master was unaware of many big characters in this world, so she introduced him: “The venerable was not famous because of Ye Qingcheng.

He was already renowned as a cultivator with great talents.

Unfortunately, he was born during the Difficult Dao Era and stopped at the Heavenly King realm.

Recently, he became an amazing Heaven’s Equal Heavenly King! Moreover, he is quite skilled at strategizing.

His sect had swept over the Stone Realm for a period of time.

“However, after Ye Qingcheng appeared, he brought his disciples and experts to join Ye Qingcheng to work under him.

Ye Qingcheng also holds him in high regard.

While he traveled the world, many alliances with Ye Qingcheng were formed due to the venerable’s meritable contributions.”

The madam reminded him at this point: “Young Master, you have to be wary of this man.

He is adept at schemes, so if we are not careful, we will fall into his trap.”

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head to say: “Oh, Zi Yan.

Nowadays, those who can dig a hole for me to jump in have yet to be born.” For tens of millions of years, he was the master schemer.

It was already nice of him to not trick other people, so when was it the turn for other people to trick him

“Will Young Noble see him” Madam Zi Yan said: “If not, I can go send him away.”

“We’ll see him, of course.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I’d like to see what he is trying to plan! Let him in so that others can’t criticize us for our late reception.” Having said that, his eyes narrowed.


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