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Chapter 726: Kingdom-toppling Beauty

Li Qiye remained unperturbed despite the old woman’s True Dragon-like blood energy.

He said dismissively: “I don’t know whether I am invincible in this world or not, I only know that I will smash this carriage apart if the person inside does not come out! My patience is limited, I do not wish to repeat myself a second time.”

“You!” The old woman was shaking with anger.

Even Supreme Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng whom others called the number one genius of the Stone Medicine World wouldn’t dare to talk to them like this.

But now, Li Qiye dared to utter such arrogant words!

“Grandma, it is fine.

It is about time for me to meet Young Noble Li.” Right when the old woman was about to unleash her fury, a girl’s voice came from the carriage.

This voice was completely charming and pleasant.

Anyone who heard this voice would imagine that this girl had supreme beauty.

After hearing her young miss, the old woman had to swallow her anger.

However, she still angrily glared at Li Qiye since she was especially annoyed at him.

The old woman opened the carriage’s door, letting out a girl.

The moment she appeared, the sun and moon were eclipsed and myriad existences were shamed!

Even the words “supreme beauty” were not enough to describe her.

With a willowy and pretty figure, her perfect features couldn’t be described with the pen.

Calling such a peerless girl the number one beauty in the Stone Medicine World was still not enough.

She wore a light yellow dress that accentuated her kingdom-toppling beauty! She was so stunning that anyone who met her would immediately think that she was a celestial with an air of calmness.

Her pretty eyes with spirited glimmers were even more radiant than the stars.

A celestial with great intelligence and confidence that was prepared to face anything.

She didn’t have an oppressive and arrogant aura either, but humility was not the right way to put it.

Her temperament gave the sensation of perfection, like ink coming together with paper; it was too difficult to describe.

Madam Zi Yan’s beauty could also be described as kingdom-toppling.

Although her beauty was not the reason why she was renowned around the world, many people would agree that she was absolutely gorgeous.

However, before this girl, even the madam’s beauty dimmed; she simply couldn’t compare!

“She is…” Tie Yi was shocked after seeing this girl ahead and immediately drilled into the ground, no longer daring to show his face.

Li Qiye was as calm as ever as he gauged the girl from top to bottom without missing any details.

In the eyes of others, his current appearance was one of a womanizer, causing the old woman to snort in great disapproval.

However, the peerless beauty ahead was very graceful and free.

Despite Li Qiye’s enjoyment, she was neither angry nor embarrassed.

Prior to this, Li Qiye had also met stunning beauties, such as Jian Wushuang.

However, although Jian Wushuang had astonishing features, she didn’t have the same aura as the girl in front of him.

This girl held a noble air with formidable wisdom as if she would be unperturbed by anything! Based on just temperaments alone, Jian Wushuang couldn’t compare to her.

The peerless beauty spoke slowly towards Li Qiye as if she was unstained by this mundane world: “I rarely meet people, but I can understand why Young Noble Li was unhappy.”

Li Qiye looked at her and said: “Today, my mood was quite sour, but it’s much improved after seeing you!”

His words were obviously teasing her.

Other women would not give Li Qiye a good reaction even if they didn’t get angry.

However, this girl didn’t show her attitude and gently nodded to say: “It is a kind of honor to be able to improve Young Noble Li’s mood.”

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I appreciate girls like you! It is indeed difficult for others to not like such a smart girl.

A supreme beauty needs more than just a good bag of skin; one needs a sense of self-awareness and wisdom.”

Li Qiye’s frank teasing would cause any beauty to be offended, but not this peerless girl ahead.

However, the old woman next to her was angry enough for both of them as she maintained her cold glare on Li Qiye.

Even the madam standing by his side couldn’t help but wryly smile.

Only her Young Master would openly flirt with this peerless beauty like this.

“I am honored at Young Noble’s praises.” The girl chuckled, but this chuckle alone was so kingdom-toppling that it could steal the souls from others, causing them to be forever enchanted.

“A pearl in the night!” Li Qiye looked at the peerless beauty and praised: “Little girl, you have tempted me, so follow me.”

“Ah…” The madam next to him was at a loss for words.

This was rather too domineering.

He actually wanted a peerless beauty to follow him on their first meeting!

However, the madam thought about it some more; wasn’t it the same when she met her Young Master for the first time

“Such a big tone, do you know who our Young Miss is” The girl didn’t answer, but the old woman couldn’t help but say: “In this entire world, there are very few men worthy of our Young Miss!”

Li Qiye smirked and said: “In the nine worlds and ten realms, there are very few women worthy of marrying me! Either way, I want her, but not to marry her!”

“You!” The old woman was now shivering with rage.

Anyone in this world would lose their mind when they met her Young Miss.

Even the supreme celestial being, Ye Qingcheng, was no exception.

But now, this Li Qiye pushed it even further.

He wanted her Young Miss to follow him, and he even dared to arrogantly say that he wouldn’t marry her She had truly never seen such an arrogant and egotistical man.

“Does Young Noble Li want me to become your concubine” The peerless girl revealed a wonderful smile and shook her head: “I’m afraid I’m not used to being someone’s concubine.”

Despite the teasing, she remained unruffled and managed to display her amazing temperament.

Such a look would captivate the heart of others.

“The more I look at you, the more I like you.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, little girl, don’t misunderstand.

I only need you to be by my side! In the future, there will be a spot for you among my supreme generals!”

“Supreme general” The old woman interjected and said: “My Young Miss will be the one to bear this generation’s Heaven’s Will!”

“With me here, who else is qualified to shoulder the Heaven’s Will” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “However, I like you.

If you follow me, then in the future when we are at the apex, the master of the order of generals, the controller of the decree to the nine worlds will be none other than you.”

The madam was moved after hearing this.

Her Young Master’s words clearly showed how much he valued the peerless girl before them.

However, this was not surprising at all considering her origin.

The initially angry old woman was stumped and couldn’t say anything.

If she didn’t know Li Qiye’s abilities, she would definitely say that he was ignorant, but she knew the situation so she couldn’t refute him.

The peerless girl looked at Li Qiye, revealing a smile that would cause all the flowers to lose their colors and said: “It is our first meeting, yet Young Noble Li is already entrusting me with such a great task, are you not afraid that I will decline due to the difficulty”

Anyone else would think that Li Qiye was insane, but this girl with an amazing background answered in such a manner.

Li Qiye casually batted his eyes and said: “I am rarely wrong when it comes to judging people.

Moreover, if you weren’t capable, then the old geezer buried beneath the Star Cliff wouldn’t pass his legacy onto you.”

This revelation greatly shocked the old woman.

She immediately stepped forward with an aura as fierce as an unsheathed divine sword, completely different from before.

It was clear that she intended to harm Li Qiye, even to the point of killing him in order to keep this secret!

Meanwhile, the confident girl was still calm.

Her expression shifted a little after hearing him, but she didn’t overreact.

She shook her head gently at the old woman and said: “Grandma, we can’t.”

The old woman gazed at Li Qiye for a long time before snorting and went back behind the peerless girl.

However, her old eyes remained fixated on Li Qiye as if she would attack at any moment.

Li Qiye only smiled leisurely against such hostility and said: “It is wise not to attack me.

A Virtuous Paragon is no big deal for me.”

The old woman felt extremely aggravated after being provoked by a junior like Li Qiye.

if it wasn’t for her Young Miss, she would have already tried to teach Li Qiye a lesson.

The peerless girl gently sighed and said: “Young Noble’s conduct is impossible to predict.

Very few people know this secret.

Where did Young Noble learn of it”

She was secretly shaken after Li Qiye’s revelation because very few people knew about this matter, including even the sect she came from.

And yet, an outsider like Li Qiye actually knew this secret!

“Don’t be surprised.” Li Qiye said: “Others might not know why the old geezer below the Star Cliff passed his legacy down to you, but I can tell you an old tale.

A very long time ago, a rock fell down from the Bi’an Beastworld.

However, the truth that the world didn’t know was that it wasn’t just one rock that fell down that year, but three!” 1, (Hybrid of tiger and dragon) a creature that likes litigation, are placed over prison gates (in order to keep guard).]

“I cannot permit you to live any longer!” The old woman suddenly became horrified and no longer hid her murderous intent.

She instantly wanted to take action.

However, before she could get close to Li Qiye, the Imperial Draco-Bull raised its front hooves and kicked heavily.

With a loud bang, the old woman was forced to take several steps back from the blow.

It didn’t matter that she was an amazing Virtuous Paragon!


The [bi’an 狴犴 


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