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Chapter 681: Mantra Arrow

Over the years, countless people praised her beauty with all sorts of compliments.

But today, she was only a grindstone to Li Qiye.

This was even more rage-inducing than him calling her an ugly girl.

At the very least, an ugly girl was still a person; a sharpening stone was hardly anything.

Jian Wushuang couldn’t bear it any longer any angrily shouted: “Li! If I don’t kill you, I vow to cease being human!”

“Cease being human” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh before retorting: “Ugly girl, you weren’t a human from the start.

Your Jian Clan are all golems, yet you think you are human” 1

Jian Wushuang nearly vomited blood as she hatefully responded: “Li! Less wasting words.

Make your move.

Show me what you have, and I’ll handle all of it!”

“If that is the case, then I have no choice but to pluck the flower.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at Jian Wushuang and said: “Ugly girl, listen to my advice.

Although your Jian Clan is renowned for its peerless archery, you won’t be able to handle my next arrow.

Even your ultimate arrow wouldn’t be able to stop it.

I gave you a chance earlier, and now I’m giving you one more chance.

Before I make my move, change your weapon and you might have a small chance of survival.” 2

“Such a big tone!” Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but coldly snort.

It wasn’t just her, if a third person was present, they would also think that his words were too outrageous.

If he said that his merit law was better than Jian Wushuang’s, then other people would have thought that this was plausible.

However, not many people or lineages in the entire Stone Medicine World or even all of the nine worlds would dare to compete with the Jian Clan in terms of the dao of archery.

Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian was called the number one archer for a reason.

His archery was indeed peerless across the eons.

“Li, utilize all of your abilities.

Today, I will use this bow in my hand to battle it out to the very end!” Jian Wushuang coldly spoke: “I want to see if your arrow is invincible, or if my Jian Clan’s archery is invincible!”

Without a doubt, she was ready to protect her clan’s prestige regarding the dao of archery.

If she changed her weapon, then wouldn’t she be backing down before Li Qiye Wouldn’t that imply that the Jian Clan’s dao of archery was not as good as his

“Very courageous.

It is a shame that you have met me.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “I can’t deny that your Jian Clan’s archery is indeed unbeatable.

Unfortunately, the bow in your hand is not the bow of your patriarch.

If it was, then you indeed have a chance to compete with me, but the Starshattering Bow won’t do.”

“Give it a try and find out for yourself.” Jian Wushuang coldly said: “Remember, I will cut off your dog head and slay you!”

“So confident, although a bit arrogant.

It is certainly not a bad thing to be this confident.” Li Qiye touched his chin and said: “At this moment, I do kinda like you, ugly girl.

It is not too late for you to surrender now.

I am missing a follower who likes to bear their fangs like you.

No, to be more exact, I am lacking a courageous general with great spirit and pride.

Swear loyalty to me and perhaps the seat of the number one general shall be yours in the future.”

Jian Wushuang was speechless from anger at this point.

She was arrogant, but this young man ahead was even more arrogant than her, and this was enraging her! He actually wanted to take her in as a follower, but she was the Jian Clan’s golden daughter and not just some random plebeian from the streets!

“Quit your rubbish and unleash your arrow already!” Jian Wushuang coolly shouted.

Li Qiye looked at her and slightly shook his head before speaking: “What a shame.

Since you are courting death, then I’ll lend you a hand.” With that, he slowly pulled the string back on his Nine Words True Bow.

“Pluff!” At this time, he unleashed one arrow created from four different true words: Celestial, Soldier, Fighter, and Descend.

Until now, Li Qiye had always only used one word from this mantra to form an arrow, but at the moment, he used a combination of four words to form one mantra, so the power of this bow was unfathomable. 3

The arrow made out of the four words mantra appeared to be very ordinary and traveled at a very slow speed as if it was shot by a regular archer.

However, Jian Wushuang did not dare to be careless at this time as she was on guard.

If she lost to Li Qiye this time, then it would besmirch the reputation of the Jian Clan’s archery.

“Buzzz!” In the blink of an eye, Jian Wushuang also unleashed her own arrow.

This time, it was also not a domineering attack and traveled at a slow speed as well.

However, the moment the two arrows met, Jian Wushuang’s arrow suddenly became dazzling and turned into a true immortal that swept through the world and was capable of protecting myriad realms and sealing the nine worlds.

Only now would others discover that Jian Wushuang’s arrow was a defensive one, the most terrifying defensive arrow in this world.

Immortal Guarding The Celestial City! This arrow was the strongest defensive archery technique from the Jian Clan and was capable of withstanding an attack from an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure.

Its might acted like an impregnable fortress.

Before this “Immortal Guarding The Celestial City” technique, Li Qiye’s “Celestial, Soldier, Fighter, and Descend” arrow also erupted and turned into a bloody arrow.

This arrow immediately caused the true immortal to shed his divine blood.

“Boom!” The true immortal instantly disappeared along with Li Qiye’s bloody arrow.

“Ahh…” Jian Wushuang opened her mouth, wanting to cry out, but words couldn’t form.

At this time, her dress was slowly stained with blood.

She was shot by Li Qiye’s mantra arrow.

The arrow didn’t only destroy the true immortal, it also killed Jian Wushuang.

At this moment, her life force was slowly dissipating, and she could feel death approaching as her pretty eyes began to slowly close.

“Buzz!” Right at the moment of her death, an immortal light erupted from her body along with an imperial and righteous force as if an Immortal Emperor was coming back to life inside her body.

In the blink of an eye, the immortal light shrouded her body and, with a flash, it instantly carried her away.

Li Qiye didn’t give chase after seeing Jian Wushuang being carried away by this encompassing light.

He only watched as she disappeared into the horizon.

After she was gone, he rubbed his nose and murmured: “The Jian Clan, they’re worthy of their name.

They’re actually able to bring someone back from near death, what a truly extraordinary act! Although it is a bit worse than rebirth, it is already heaven-defying enough.”

Li Qiye was well aware of the power of his arrow; it was capable of killing gods and devils.

Very few existences could withstand such power, no matter how tough their body or true fate might be.

When struck, death was the only outcome.

However, Jian Wushuang was the golden daughter of the Jian Clan after all, so all of their adoration and love was focused on her.

She was their beloved jewel, so the clan used an extremely heaven-defying method to protect her.

Once she received a fatal blow, it would instantly save her as well as bring her back to the Jian Clan.

The Jian Clan was still ultimately an imperial lineage with a great heritage, so it was not strange for them to possess such a magnificent ability.

Li Qiye put away his bow and turned around to leave.

However, before leaving, he narrowed his eyes and gazed towards a direction in the far horizon.

He didn’t say anything and only chuckled before leaving.

Outside of the Celestial Peak Mountain in a very secretive spot rested a very ordinary looking carriage.

This was a carriage that wouldn’t garner attention no matter where it went.

An old woman with an indeterminable age was seated outside in front of the carriage.

She gave off a feeble feeling as if her sun was about to set in the west. 4

At this time, a soft sigh came from inside the carriage.

Although it was very brief, it had a particular rhythm that was very pleasant to the ears.

Others would immediately know that the person inside was a girl.

Although they couldn’t see her appearance, her sigh was already charming enough.

After hearing the sigh, the seemingly sleeping old woman immediately woke up and asked: “Young Miss, how is it going”

“It is over, he has already left.” An answer came from inside.

This was a girl’s voice, a voice with a very melodious touch that couldn’t be described by words.

This voice was capable of bewildering people, and it alone was enough to charm them all even when they didn’t know what she looked like!

“Who won” The old woman couldn’t help but ask: “The girl from the Jian Clan”

“No…” The girl’s voice from inside the carriage appeared again: “Li Qiye won.

If it wasn’t for the Jian Clan protecting Jian Wushuang with an extremely heaven-defying spell, I’m afraid she would have died already.”

“That brat is quite capable then.” The old woman was a bit surprised and said: “Although the girl from the Jian Clan is arrogant and doesn’t put anyone in her eyes, she is indeed talented.

I’m afraid not many from the younger generation would be her match.”

“He’s more than just capable.” The girl from the carriage answered: “I’m afraid this Li Qiye is absolutely terrifying, more terrifying than anyone else.”

“Young Miss, that is too much.

He only defeated the Jian girl, nothing more.” The old woman couldn’t help but say.

Both of them had astonishing origins that were capable of scaring the rest of the world.

“No.” The girl in the carriage deepened her tone and said: “Although I couldn’t see the battle with my own eyes, I more or less felt it.

Li Qiye didn’t actually fight seriously and only used Jian Wushuang to train himself.

If he actually fought for real, then it would be very hard to tell…”


The word for human and person is the same. Pluck the flower is a nice four words idiom that doesn’t translate so well.

It means not showing any mercy for the fairer sex. “(Celestial) soldiers/fighters descend and arrange yourselves in front of me” is the nine words mantra – lín bīng dǒu zhě jiē zhèn liè qián háng.

The four words used here are the first four.

This is a rough translation of the nine words; by arranging these words into an acceptable English form with connectors, we can’t really use it with the same usage as the original version, but this will do. Just a phrase saying that she was very old and weak looking as if she could die any time. 


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