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Chapter 623: The Past Is Gone With The Wind

Li Qiye glanced at her again and nodded his head, saying: “You can put it that way.

Unfortunately, you weren’t born in that era so you couldn’t see it with your own eyes.”

She couldn’t help but play along when the young man answered in such a serious manner: “What kind of era was it”

Li Qiye looked at her and smiled.

He was taking a journey back in time.

After a while, he slowly spoke: “That era was the calm after an endless war; the peace that was earned after bathing the Nine Worlds in blood.

During that era, when I closed my eyes, the world lost its colors; when I opened my eyes, I gave the radiance back to the realms.

In that era, the world was radiant when I was happy, and myriad races trembled beneath my rage.

Even the most unbeatable mythical races and invincible existences that could sweep through the realms retreated before my presence.

No matter who they might be, if they chose to oppose me, then either stand out and let me massacre them or slumber forever with their tails tucked between their legs!” After this prose, Li Qiye opened his eyes as a cold glare flashed across his pupils.

The woman sitting by the table saw a stunning illusion the moment she caught this glare flashing from his eyes.

It was as if she was seeing an overlord sitting above the nine heavens — unbeatable across the ages!

Behind him was a sea of blood filling the sky with endless wailing as millions of enemies were completely massacred by him.

He reigned over that era and suppressed all existences that blocked his path, no matter who they were.

At that moment, he was determined to accomplish his goal even if it meant killing the rest of the world!

After a while, Li Qiye couldn’t help but rest his eyes again and let out a soft sigh.

Recalling that era left him inadvertently fatigued.

The woman felt a distortion in time, prompting her to blurt out: “Why was there such an air of murder and hostility Didn’t all the races live together in peace” She felt as if this young man had truly bathed the world in blood before.

Li Qiye slowly opened his eyes again to look at the woman: “For millions of years, there was one race that would not give up and would always raise its head once more.

Then there were those fools and lineages who thought that a few existences would be able to restructure the order of the Nine Worlds.

There is nothing left to say to these ignorant fools.

Only with a bloodbath would we be able to make them understand that we are the rulers of this world!”

The woman couldn’t help but force a smile after hearing Li Qiye’s answer.

She didn’t know whether this matter was accurate or not, but she was infected by his atmosphere, causing her to join the play as well.

She accepted her role after calming down and looked at the young man ahead before jokingly asking: “If you said that Godkings were here awaiting their orders, then what is me sitting here considered”

Li Qiye gazed at her and smiled: “Do you really want a position right here” At this point, he looked outside with a carefree demeanor.

The woman was not in a rush and waited for Li Qiye to continue.

After a while, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and glanced at her once more: “In the past, I had a divine beast that pulled my chariot.

If you want a position, then you can be my driver.”

The woman was secretly unhappy.

Although she was not supreme by any means, she had a great status, so now when the young man asked her to be a driver, it was the same as humiliating her.

Li Qiye didn’t mind her and continued on: “I like having a female driver.

Women are careful and good at controlling speed so the rides are always very comfortable.

I had many female drivers before, and I felt that they had done a very commendable job.”

With great annoyance, she wanted to dispute him, but she rethought it instead and all her anger suddenly disappeared.

Why the need to argue with him This young man was only too immersed in his dramatic play.

“I can’t handle such a position.” Finally, the woman said with a touch of displeasure.

Others would surely consider Li Qiye insane, but this woman had a great temper and tolerance so she didn’t mind the minor details.

Li Qiye noticed her expression and smilingly asked: “You feel that being a driver is an affront to you” Li Qiye continued on slowly: “Being my driver is an honor; those who can stay by my side are all loyal subjects.

In this world, what are so great about Virtuous Paragons People who are capable of creating their countries or being deified I could send out any of my followers, even a driver, and they would be enough to suppress a God-Monarch!”

“Okay, I know you sit above the nine heavens and govern the Nine Worlds, but I really don’t fit such an amazing position.” The woman snappily replied.

Li Qiye looked at her and only chuckled without saying anything else.

He stood up and couldn’t help but look around the room, sighing with a complicated heart.

However, this trip to this old house had made him feel better.

Eventually, he was getting ready to leave.

The woman couldn’t help but ask: “You are leaving”

Li Qiye didn’t turn around and disappeared into the night.

The woman was stunned for a while.

The young man’s words were too outrageous, so outrageous that others would label him as insane! She herself thought that he was too deep in his own delusions.

However, the expression that he showed as he left didn’t resemble an actor or a deranged maniac.

This young man was a person with a story.

The woman sat there contemplating the events that had just transpired.

During the late night, a young man suddenly appeared and treated this house like his own home, then he continued on to spew out some crazy spiel.

After a long time, she regained her composure and shook her head with a smile to dispel all unnecessary thoughts.

Tonight, she came to this house to sort out her worries.

This had been her habit whenever she faced trouble and needed some time for quiet contemplation.


Li Qiye left the house but didn’t go back to the capital right away.

Instead, he took a stroll through the nearby area instead.

Sometimes he rode waves or climbed a mountain.

Other times, he might be flying over the sky of an ancient city…

Li Qiye’s wound had finally recovered, and he was finally able to be alone after leaving Jadeblood Mountain.

He took his time traveling around the Giant Bamboo Country to the same places that he had been to in the past.

Sad sentiments filled his heart when he arrived at the place where he had met Yan’er.

He had trained her and let her stay by his side.

The beginning of that era was a time of unhappiness for Li Qiye.

At that time, he ordered many wise sages to sweep through the Nine Worlds and commanded his God-Monarchs to massacre many lineages and races.

The war raged on until the remnants of the Ancient Ming Race finally lay dormant in this world.

His victory was a foregone conclusion at that point during the war.

For millions of years, he had participated in many arduous battles and the most tragic of wars.

Especially during the era of the Ancient Ming, countless people by his side fell one by one, but he still carried on strong.

Therefore, this conquest was not considered large in scale compared to the previous ones in his life.

However, too much blood was spilled in this conquest.

Li Qiye ordered the massacre of lineages, even those that belonged to the human, charming spirit, and golem races.

He suddenly felt tired during the aftermath; this came as a surprise to him after millions of years had passed.

Even during the most miserable eras, Li Qiye didn’t feel the same level of dejection.

The main difference was that during the past eras, wise sages from the human race were his comrades, but during this conquest, he had pointed his butcher’s blade towards human tribes.

Many people didn’t want to ever talk about this conquest, but Li Qiye had no choice except to order for the massacre of the Nine Worlds.

At that time, nothing could stop his determination since he swore to never give up until he disposed of all the remnants of the Ancient Ming.

He didn’t care whether they lay dormant in a tribe or hid in some sects since he stomped even the most powerful tribes and lineages in order to kill these Ancient Ming.

He didn’t want to go back to the era of the Ancient Ming since that era was concluded with countless corpses.

Numerous wise sages, both young and old that belonged to all the races, participated in that war in order to end the Ancient Ming Era and herald the start of the prosperous Emperors Era.

Because of this, he didn’t mind killing any existence that dared to protect the remaining Ancient Ming.

After this conquest, Li Qiye grew weary and traveled alone around the Nine Worlds.

At that time, his mood was quite sour.

Just like he had said, during his happy times, the Nine Worlds would shine, but when he became angry, myriad races trembled in fear.

Later on, he came to this world and met a girl who was as gentle as water — optimistic and tolerant, meticulous and considerate.

Upon their first meeting, it started with curiosity, then came her thoughtful accommodation… During that time, she had always been taking care of him; his foulest temper was met with forgiveness.

During this period, not too many people dared to stay near him as he raged, but she was always by his side, willing to suffer his wrath!

This girl was allowed to stay near the Dark Crow as he personally trained her! After a long time, Li Qiye finally escaped his unhappiness while the girl continued to follow him.


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