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Chapter 599: Massacring the Ancestral City

This news was sensational to the point where a little sect like the Snow-shadow Tribe in the distant Nether Border had heard it as well.

After hearing the news, Qiurong Wanxue’s heart started to beat faster.

She was feeling down since she didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to Li Qiye.

She stood at the highest location in her ancestral ground to look towards the distant Ancestral City.

Unable to watch the battle, she placed her hands together and used an extremely pious posture to pray for her Young Noble, hoping that he would come back victorious.

Before many eyes, Li Qiye arrived right outside of the Ancestral City.

This city was one of the most prominent locations in the Sacred Nether World.

It never had an emperor, but it was the voice of the Ancestral Realm in the mortal world, allowing it to have great prestige.

For millions of years, many emperors had also come to visit as guests.

It was an extremely big city with tens of thousands of experts; all of them were either the city’s disciples or people who swore an oath of loyalty to the city.

It was more apt to call it a venerated sect instead of a city.

Although it was quite vast, only the strong were allowed to enter; mortals were not allowed.

It considered itself to be the apex existence of the Sacred Nether World, a land with an unquestionable sanctity.

Mortals were not allowed to stain it! It stood majestically while giving off a solemn atmosphere; anyone who stood outside would be affected by its presence.

This was a land of deities, a land that would not forgive any blasphemers.

The inside of the city was full of radiant lights.

A Grand God was presiding in the highest temple with eighty-one commanders around him for protection.

They emitted a bright aura that spanned for countless miles just like deities in the heavens.

These sacred lights instilled the desire of worship from all spectators.

At this moment, the slumbering ancestors in the Ancestral City woke up and took over the important defensive points.

The entire city was on full alert; its walls were the most fortified in this world.

Even if the world collapsed, it wouldn’t affect this city by the tiniest bit.

A divine portal hovered above the city’s sky.

It was the pathway to the Ancestral Realm! This portal was closed at this moment, and even the gods wouldn’t be able to open it right now.

Yes, this was the only path that connected the Ancestral World with the mortal world.

Legend states that this portal would open once every hundred years, but those up above could still open it if they wanted to descend.

However, for those below who wanted to go up to the realm, it was virtually impossible without permission even if they destroyed the Sacred Nether World.

There were legends stating that when Immortal Emperor Fei Yang swept over the Ancestral Realm, he was the only one who had ever destroyed this portal.

At this time, Li Qiye was standing right outside the city while all the experts inside maintained great vigilance.

The Grand God and the eighty-one commanders were protecting the highest temple, instilling fear into any and all experts.

Countless eyes from a plethora of lineages were watching this battle.

Some were praying, some maintained silence, and some were spouting cruel curses…

No matter their intentions, all were holding their breaths at this moment.

It could even be said that the entire Sacred Nether World was drawn to this single event.

The Grand God sitting up high spoke: “Insignificant animal from the human race, will you yield”

As one of the nine Grand Gods of the Ancestral Realm, he was quite frightening.

The divine light that was being emitted from his body filled the world as universal laws shifted around his figure.

There were cries of dragons and phoenixes as his aura was nearly irresistible to worshipers.

His words were made of gold and carried a compelling pressure that forced even Heavenly Kings to prostrate.

Li Qiye calmly stared at the city full of terrifying rays that shot to the nine heavens.

All shivered before this grand sight where the experts and numerous awakened ancestors were ready for battle.

Li Qiye leisurely spoke to the city protected by the gods: “For millions of years, your Ancestral Realm still maintains the same tone.

A bunch of false gods… Do you really think you are True Gods Your realm was only able to exist till this day because of the protection of that ghastly thing underground, you’re nothing special.

Mere mortals shouldn’t think of yourselves as True Gods!”

“Ignorant fool.

Continue down this defiant path and you will not be the only one beyond redemption, you will also cause a calamity to befall your human race.” The Grand God replied with a boundless authoritative tone.

Li Qiye lacked any interest in this exchange of words and said: “I don’t have time to bicker with you.

After today, the Ancestral City and Ancestral Realm will be no more!”

“Come, it is time to fight!” Li Qiye took out an item for summoning.

A blinding brilliance appeared along with a person that stood right next to Li Qiye.

This was Imp from Necropolis — Qin Guangwang.

“Ancestral City!” The moment Qin Guangwang appeared and saw the city, his eyes shot out an endless murderous glint.

He deepened his tone: “A group of servants still dares to call yourselves the progenitors of the ghost race!”

Li Qiye nodded and said: “Begin.

I will destroy the divine portal while you sweep through everything else.”

“Very well!” Qin Guangwang answered decisively and began his march towards the Ancestral City.

“Boom!” He emitted an invincible aura and, with one stomp, a few temples and pavilions of the Ancestral City instantly collapsed.

“Crank Clack!” Terrible cracks appeared inside the city.

The city had a powerful defense, but Qin Guangwang was like an eternal Godking; the city’s perimeter that was once strengthened by Immortal Emperors couldn’t stop his steps.

He entered the city and no one could stop him.

As his pace quickened, the defenses of the city collapsed one by one.

At this time, he was a True God, a real unbeatable deity in this world.

No existence could halt his advance.

Numerous experts rushed forward after his intrusion and emitted their most powerful merit laws.

However, these experts were only ants before Qin Guangwang.

Qin Guangwang pressed down with one hand, causing myriad laws to break as blood painted the earth.

These experts couldn’t stop him and were instantly annihilated.

This shiver-inducing scene caused countless heaven-defying existences and lineages in the Sacred Nether World to gasp.

An eternal existence in the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom looked at the frightening Qin Guangwang and murmured: “Is this an invincible Godking from the legends Or is he an actual True God”

The spectacle reflected by the heavenly mirrors scared everyone.

Some people recognized his identity and said: “Isn’t that Imp from Necropolis Why is Imp going together with Li Qiye”

Inside the city, thousands of experts had died miserably at his hands.

“Don’t think you can do as you please!” An ancestor from the Ancestral City roared.

Several ancestors came together to form quite a formidable squad.

These were the strongest ancestors among all the old undyings since they were at the legendary master level.

When they soared forward, imperial auras appeared as the world shook.

It was certain that these ancestors had emperor’s weapons.

“Clang!” Qin Guangwang threw out three swords that were followed by flashing glints in the sky, causing these ancestors’ heads to roll.

Even ancestors with emperor’s weapons couldn’t escape death.

These were three bloodswords that were extremely beautiful.

It was as if they were bathed in the gore of gods.

Each sword emitted a terrifying bloody ray that caused the souls of the spectators to flee from their bodies.

These were the fiercest weapons in the world; they were capable of killing gods and immortals!

Li Qiye couldn’t help but offer praise after seeing Qin Guangwang’s three bloodswords: “Heaven Annihilating Blood-edge!” He murmured after a short pause: “They’re indeed worthy of being swords bestowed by that invincible existence.”

Countless people were dumbstruck after seeing this scene.

These were ancestor level characters that were decapitated by just one move.

None of them could stop the blood-edges; this made people understand that not only were the swords unstoppable, Qin Guangwang himself was as well.

An eternal existence that had been sealed for many years felt a chill in his heart and said with certainty: “He is definitely an unbeatable Godking, but how come I haven’t heard of such a person before”

“Time to get started.” Li Qiye stepped into the Ancestral City with the Ghost Origin Ancestral Key in his hand.

He twisted it and, sure enough, all the little ghosts flew out.

“Whoosh!” As Li Qiye swung the key, the ninety-nine little ghosts turned into black holes the size of a cup, and they all hovered around Li Qiye.

The Thousand Islands in the southern Distant Cloud was very far from the Ancestral City, but at this moment, all ninety islands emitted a dazzling radiance.

The inhabitants of the islands didn’t know what was going on.

“Rumble!” All ninety-nine islands quaked as the unbelievable happened.

All of them turned into gigantic cannons as black lights condensed around them.

“Die!” As Li Qiye walked into the city, many of the surviving experts rushed towards him, but he didn’t even bat an eye.

As the enemies approached, the black holes next to Li Qiye aimed for them.

“Boom!” With a deafening blast, one cannon from the Thousand Islands fired.

At this instant, the nearest black hole aimed for the group of experts from the Ancestral City and unleashed a black beam.

Many more shots followed immediately afterward.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The incoming experts all exploded as their blood rained down from the sky after being shot by these black cannon beams.

“Rumble!” The black holes kept on shooting continuously.

It was virtually impossible to dodge these black beams.

Even the strongest would be blown into a scene of carnage.


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