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Chapter 598: Threatening The World

However, despite the great disaster, a couple hundreds of thousands of experts still managed to return.

This was good fortune among all the bad events.

The survivors that were swept back to their sects were very tight-lipped about the trip and were unwilling to talk to other people.

For a powerful lineage like the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom, the ancestors who left their seals were aghast after listening to the survivors.

Even the most powerful ones had to softly gasp.

An eternal existence had died to the headless man.

These ancestors knew just how powerful that eternal existence was, but he was helpless against the helpless man.

Thus, this formidable lineage was frightened and ordered their disciples to not cause any trouble: “Pass this order down: from now on, disciples are not to go outside.

From today on, we will close our gates and not see any guests.”

In fact, the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom was not the only lineage that closed its doors in the Sacred Nether World, quite a few others did the same.

No lineages and countries wanted to talk about the headless man.

Their heaven-defying ancestors all changed their expressions and became silent when it came to the headless man.

However, the ghosts were happy to find out that the headless man didn’t step outside of the Prime Ominous Grave.

Otherwise, countless ghost lineages would be scared out of their wits.

If the headless man caused the ghosts’ hearts to stop, then Li Qiye caused them to be very alarmed.

Many ancestors from these lineages were astounded to hear the stories.

“A thirteenth palace!” Even legendary masters and eternal existences were dumbfounded when they heard this.

This news was too shocking since no one had ever heard of such a thing since the start of time, but Li Qiye had done it.

The All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and the Yin Yang Gate were both distressed, including their strongest ancestors.

After the death of Di Zuo, Chan Yang and Tian Lunhui became ghosts with the most promise of becoming the Immortal Emperor.

But now, both sects lost all hope after hearing about Li Qiye’s thirteenth palace.

They knew that as long as Li Qiye lived, both Chan Yang and Tian Lunhui would never have the chance to become the Immortal Emperor.

The ancestors from the Myriad Bones Throne only lamented with sighs after hearing this news.

Di Zuo was brilliant, so they didn’t care for Chan Yang or Tian Lunhui.

They felt that Di Zuo’s chances of becoming an emperor was much better.

Unfortunately, he was born in the wrong era, the one that had Li Qiye.

Their most brilliant disciples became mere bones to pave Li Qiye’s path towards Immortal Emperor.

Many ghost ancestors ordered: “Do not provoke Li Qiye.

Avoid him in the future! Anyone who messes with him in the future will be expelled from the sect!”

They knew no one could stop Li Qiye’s advance towards Immortal Emperor, it was already pre-determined.

Because of this, the ghost race and all the lineages no longer wanted to oppose him despite having many disciples die at his hands.

Those who could look far ahead knew that opposing an Immortal Emperor would not end well.

Although Li Qiye was not one now, he would definitely become one in the future.

If having a thirteenth palace was not enough to become an Immortal Emperor, then no one else in this generation should even dream about becoming an emperor.

The trip to the grave should be a reason for excitement and conversations, but now, the entire Sacred Nether World was silent.

Very few ghost disciples went outside, and now the name “Li Qiye” was like a spell that caused everyone to be breathless.

Everyone thought that these quiet and calm times would last for a long time since no one was going outside anymore.

However, it didn’t last.

On this day… “Boom!”

The divine portal outside of the Ancestral City was opened.

There were clear signs that it was forcefully opened as countless streaks of light exploded out like fireworks, illuminating the world.

A terrifying existence stepped out of the opened portal.

A boundless divine light shone on the heaven and earth and swept through the vast plains.

The Ancestral City performed their most venerated ceremony to welcome the deities from the Ancestral Realm.

“The Grand Gods from the Ancestral Realm are coming down with eighty-one commanders!” In just one day, a shocking piece of news spread across the Sacred Nether World.

The tranquil Sacred Nether World became rowdy with waves again after hearing this news.

Ghosts, humans, and all the other races took deep breaths.

A great character became pale from fear after hearing this news: “Legend states that the Ancestral Realm has nine Grand Gods.

No one is stronger than them, outside of the Heavenly God.

And now, all nine of these Grand Gods have descended, along with eighty-one commanders!”

The Grand Gods that were accompanied with this many commanders had enough might to destroy an emperor’s lineage!

On the same day, a Heavenly God Decree flew out of the Ancestral City and crossed the realms before reaching the Thousand Carp River’s territory.

“Hand over Li Qiye in three days or else the Ancestral Realm will trample any sect who dares to protect that devil!” The decree passed down a supreme order.

The voice of the decree echoed throughout the entire Sacred Nether World.

The Ancestral Realm wanted to set an example to establish an unquestionable prestige so that all the races in this world would know that whoever opposes them would die, no matter how powerful their backing may be.

However, the Thousand Carp River didn’t respond.

Instead, on a quiet road from the Nether Border that led to the Ancestral Realm, an endless blood energy shot up.

A gigantic shadow appeared in the sky.

Li Qiye’s shadow headed for the Ancestral City as his feet trampled on the grand dao: “You want to take my life” At this time, Li Qiye was no longer hiding anything.

His thirteen palaces blared in the sky as myriad dao prostrated before them.

Although Li Qiye had yet to become an emperor, people could see the style of the future emperor from his current aura.

“Watch how I trample your Ancestral City and slaughter your Ancestral Realm!” With the heavens above his head and the thirteen palaces behind him, Li Qiye’s incomparably domineering voice spread across millions of miles.

He used the most aggressive of attitudes to respond to the decree.

All shivered before this sight: “Thirteen palaces!”

His bold declaration caused many sects and lineages to gasp.

Before, anyone would sneer at him due to his declaration, but no one dared to do so now.

When they saw his thirteen palaces, they felt that he was an Immortal Emperor walking on the path towards invincibility.

In the future, the nine heavens were for him to rule alone.

“Activate the imperial mirror!” After hearing the news, many imperial lineages didn’t mind wasting many refined jades to open the mirrors left behind by their emperors.

They wanted to watch how this storm would end from within their sects.

Many great powers also did the same with their heavenly mirrors.

However, these mirrors were not comparable to imperial mirrors.

If the divine portal was opened, then the imperial mirrors could even watch the Ancestral Realm, but the heavenly mirrors couldn’t.

Li Qiye’s challenge to the Ancestral Realm quickly traveled across the world, causing a great wave.

For tens of millions of years, no one had dared to challenge the Ancestral Realm besides Immortal Emperors!

But now, someone as young as Li Qiye was challenging it.

This caused everyone’s hearts to thump.

They all felt that this was quite crazy!

Many became dumbfounded.

They knew Li Qiye was heaven-defying, but it was still quite outrageous to challenge the Ancestral Realm at this moment.

“Is he crazy” A great power’s ancestor’s eyes widened with astonishment as he spoke: “It is understandable to challenge the Ancestral Realm after becoming an Immortal Emperor, but Li Qiye is still very far from being one.

He is being too impatient at this moment.”

Many felt that Li Qiye’s actions were simply suicidal.

An undying that had been sealed for a very long time murmured: “In the past millions of years, there had been emperors who had challenged the Ancestral Realm, but none of them was successful in trampling it completely.

It was said that Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was the most heaven-defying; he nearly caused the realm to collapse, but in the end, he couldn’t annihilate it and could only suppress it for a thousand years.”

Recently, Li Qiye became extremely famous.

He could be said to be the younger generation’s number one.

However, anyone who heard the recent events felt that he was being too impatient and overconfident.

With thirteen palaces, no one doubted his strength or ability to become an emperor, but challenging the realm with his current cultivation had virtually no chance of success.

At this point, countless heavenly mirrors were directed straight at the Ancestral City while the imperial mirrors were spying from the shadows.

Millions of cultivators in the Sacred Nether World waited with bated breaths to watch this battle along with their lineages.

At the Thousand Carp River, all the elders were gathered before their imperial mirrors.

It was the same for the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom.

On the other hand, the great powers who were close to the Ancestral City sent their experts to watch closely.

The battleground itself near the Ancestral City was also full of gazes, waiting for the inevitable to happen.


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