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Chapter 561: The Storm Is Here

The ghost cultivators, in particular, were even more excited.

They rushed out from their camps and flew into the sky to watch this battle between a dragon and tiger with their own eyes.

“It finally begins!” The younger generation from all the races was also very enthusiastic.

To them, this was not only a simple battle between two geniuses.

Di Zuo was a heaven’s proud son while Li Qiye was the contemporary Fierce; they were the two geniuses at the highest peak.

If those of the younger generation could watch the fight with their own eyes, then they would greatly benefit from it.

Their future dao enlightenment and battle experience would increase after this kind of spectacle.

Di Zuo’s aura turned into a storm that swept through the entire Water Realm.

It was as if this aura could tear the realm apart and cause chaos.

It was very difficult to imagine that this aura came from a young man and not an ancestor.

“Li Qiye!” Di Zuo’s spear-like eyes glared at him.

Di Zuo didn’t scream or shout since he was still quite calm.

However, the way he said the words “Li Qiye” was as if he was engraving the name into the book of death, causing others to shiver.

Li Qiye looked at Di Zuo standing there, proudly, and immediately understood what was going on, so he smilingly replied: “Di Zuo.”

“Come out and fight to the death!” Di Zuo went straight to the point.

He had yet to take action, but his relentless, murderous intent was apparent.

Li Qiye looked at him and smiled as he said: “A battle is fine, but you should have received her last words.

The maiden once asked me to tell you to not take revenge for her.”

“Shut the hell up!” Di Zuo suddenly shouted after the Phoenix Maiden was brought up.

He was like a maddened god.

His terrifying aura swept through the world, causing continuous explosions to resound.

He exuded his blood energy that eventually turned into a terrifying murderous energy.

Each wave was like a divine spear that pierced the dome of the sky.

This murderous energy made a net in the air and spread even farther in a terrorizing manner.

He declared with a cold and tyrannical tone: “Li Qiye, you have no choice whether to fight or not! If you fight, then I will release the Thousand Carp River.

If not, then I will kill all of them and then decapitate you.

The world might be vast, but there will not be a place for you!”

Di Zuo aggressively threatened Li Qiye without any mercy.

In order to take revenge for the maiden, he didn’t mind killing to the very end and even massacring the Thousand Carp River.

“Virtuous Nephew doesn’t need to worry about that.” A calm voice suddenly appeared at this time.

A huge carp swam out of the Hundred Saints Imperial Formation.

A jewel hovered above the carp’s head as waves of immortal lights capable of revealing all the secrets in this world descended.

This was the Exquisite Jewel, a treasure left behind by Immortal Emperor Qian Li.

Everyone was surprised to see Daoist Bao Gui’s group sitting on the carp, safely swimming away from the imperial formation.

“Impossible!” A sect master from a great power exclaimed in shock.

“How could this be” Even the elders from the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground were taken aback: “How did they do it”

They understood the formation of the throne of bones very clearly.

There had been no fighting inside, zero commotion at all, yet the carp managed to take everyone out safely.

This was too hard to take in.

“It was indeed a bit tiring going and stopping along the long path.

Luckily, the treasure that the ancestor left behind lit up the correct path.” Daoist Bao Gui slowly spoke while standing on the carp.

They were not shocked at all when they were sucked into the formation because they had the Exquisite Jewel left behind by Immortal Emperor Qian Li.

This supreme treasure led them out of the formation.

Although, it did take a long time.

Di Zuo’s eyes narrowed as his presence continued to fill the sky with its murderous grandeur.

He then coldly proclaimed: “It is useless even if you want to help Li Qiye since I only have to kill a couple more thousand.”

“Virtuous Nephew Di Zuo, do you wish to settle this personal feud or fight with my Thousand Carp River” Daoist Bao Gui calmly inquired.

He was not angry in the slightest.

“Hmph! The Thousand Carp River is nothing.” An ancient voice rang from the ancestral mountain like a roar of the grand dao, causing blaring thunder to resound.

The person inside the ancestral mountain didn’t show their face, but they already exuded a terrifying aura throughout the Water Realm.

Everyone felt that there was an invincible existence inside.

It was as if when this person looked down below his feet, the world would seem incredibly insignificant.

When this person’s words came out, everyone quivered in fear.

Even the expressions of the ancestors from the great powers changed.

This person’s breath even caused them to feel some pressure.

One of the ancestors exclaimed: “This is a legendary master! I wonder which ancestor from the Myriad Bones Throne came”

This powerful aura caused everyone to be nervous.

If this person took action, then no one would be able to stop him.

The old voice from the ancestral mountain was extremely tyrannical and didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

“Li Qiye must die.

If your Thousand Carp River wishes to stop us, then we’ll annihilate all of you!”

The ghost race became extremely excited.

If it wasn’t for Di Zuo’s solemn expression, many of them would have jumped up and cheered.

One of them had a dark smile as he spoke: “The Myriad Bones Ancestor has spoken.

Li Qiye will die for sure.

Not even gods or immortals will be able to save him now!”

A wary ancestor gently sighed and said: “Whoever came amongst the Myriad Bones Ancestors is definitely a legendary master.”

The Myriad Bones Throne was a sect with three emperors.

To the ancestors from the great powers, any of their ancestors would be enough to cause dread.

Behind Di Zuo was the backing of an ancestor, so the ghost race was quite optimistic.

This was also the backing of the entire ghost race since the Myriad Bones Ancestor made his stance on the situation clear.

They assumed that Li Qiye would be dead for sure since he wouldn’t be able to stop a monstrous existence like the throne of bones.

“Kill Li Qiye! Let him atone with blood!” A ghost cultivator couldn’t help but shout: “There will be no good ending for someone who opposes the ghost race!”

“Hahaha, it’s not only Li Qiye, even the Thousand Carp River is scheming against the ghost race, so destroy the river sect as well!” A great ghost added fuel to the fire with a devious grin.

“I feel the same way.

Leaving the Thousand Carp River alive is the same as raising a tiger in one’s house.

How about everyone work together to attack the Thousand Carp River” A royal lord added with a chuckle.

The royal lords and ghost kings didn’t dare to say it directly to the Myriad Bones Ancestor, so they hid in the crowd and fanned the flames.

Not to mention the large amount of treasures that the river sect was carrying right now, the Thousand Carp Lake alone had been lusted after for countless years by the other great powers.

If the Myriad Bones Throne declared war against the river sect, then these great powers would escalate the situation and use this chance to take advantage of the turmoil.

Daoist Bao Gui was not surprised by the ghost race’s comments or the Myriad Bones Throne’s words.

He clasped his hands together towards the Ancestral Mountain and said: “Dear Senior from the Myriad Bones Throne, I am a junior so I cannot decide on this grand matter.

Senior can directly talk to our ancestor.” The Thousand Carp River’s elders then personally raised a divine coffin.

This divine coffin was made from the best materials and was surrounded by Blood Era Stones that were stacked around it.

The quantity of this heap of Blood Era Stones on top of the coffin proved that the person inside had a great status.

They were powerful to the point where they required many stones in order to seal time.

“Hmph! I wonder which ancestor from your Thousand Carp River came How should I address you” The ancestor inside the Ancestral Mountain still didn’t show his face, but he carried an imperious tone nevertheless.

He had the power and qualifications to speak in this manner.

He was already a heaven-defying expert, and the world referred to people of his level as legendary masters.

The divine coffin sealed by many Blood Era Stones did not open its lid, and the ancestor inside did not come into being.

A feeble voice came out from within: “I do not remember my own name.” The voice was not very loud, it sounded like a dying person speaking their last words: “Too much time has passed, and I do not remember mundane matters anymore.

I only remember that in that year, the world wanted to call me a God-Monarch, but I felt that my insignificant self was not worthy of the title.

Each time I remember the imperial presence of my ancestor, I felt so trivial that I didn’t dare to accept the title of God-Monarch for the throne.

If the world asks for my name, then you can call me the Azure God-Monarch.”

This whispering voice uttered shocking words.

Those who knew the inside story were completely dumbfounded.

The young cultivators who didn’t know who the Azure God-Monarch was asked: “Who is this Azure God-Monarch”


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