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Chapter 51 : Immortal’s Teaching Is Only As Good As This (1)

At the time when Li Qi Ye was instructing the Dao at the Cleansing Jade Peak, the upper echelon of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect held a secret meeting.

In fact, only the Six Elders were eligible to attend this meeting.

The conference was personally arranged by the first elder.

Sitting in his high seat, looking at the other five elders, he gravely said:

“With all five brothers in the same room, let us talk about the King Physique paste matter.”

The first elder spoke up; the other five elders couldn’t help but glance at each other, and were contemplating.

Within the Six Elders, in terms of qualifications and merits, the first elder was the highest.

Furthermore, the first elder was the direct disciple of the previous sect master.

The status of the first elder, one could say that no one could compare to it at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

However, there was a rumour within the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, that the current sect master, Su Yong Huang, was also a disciple of the previous sect master.

The current sect master was thought to be a direct disciple secretly groomed by the previous head.

But, regarding this matter, the six elders were aware that this was not the case.

Within the Six Elders, with the exception of Cao Xiong, the other four didn’t have the ambition to compete for the sect master’s seat because they knew, with regards to cultivation or contribution or status, they didn’t have the qualifications to compete for the seat.

Truthfully, the four elders believed that regarding the matter of the sect master’s position, besides the first elder, there was no one else.

“We had previously agreed with Li Qi Ye that if he could successfully become in-laws with the Nine Saint Demon Gate, we would grant him a King Physique paste.”

The first elder looked at the five elders, and deepened his voice.

The four elders went silent, only Cao Xiong was especially upset in his heart.

Li Qi Ye having an in-law relationship with the Nine Saint Demon Gate, then in the future, this would have a great impact against his disciple, Leng Shi Zhi, to compete for the head’s seat.

Cao Xiong had his own plans; even if he had no chance to become the sect master in this lifetime, he still hoped that his disciple, Leng Shi Zhi, could become the next sect master.

In reality, Leng Shi Zhi did not disappoint his expectations.

What gave Cao Xiong deadly anguish was that, at the halfway point, an unfathomable Li Qi Ye suddenly appeared.

If Li Qi Ye could actually marry Li Shuang Yan, on top of his position as the prime disciple, then Cao Xiong was afraid that the matter of him becoming the next Sect Master was inevitable and couldn’t be shaken by others, including the current sect master, Su Yong Huang.

WIthin the Six Elders, the fourth elder, Elder Sun, stroked his beard up and down, nodded his head, and he said:

“This matter we had agreed on; Li Qi Ye was successful on his part, granting the King Physique paste, is something we have to do.”

Elder Sun was ranked fourth within the elders, he didn’t realized he had unconsciously supported Li Qi Ye.

The reason why Elder Sun was supporting Li Qi Ye was very simple, it was because his disciple was Protector Mo.

Elder Sun did not only have one disciple; in reality, Protector Mo, within his disciples was not considered excellent.

Protector Mo’s cultivation was not the weakest within the disciples, but Protector Mo and his disciple, Nan Huai Ren, their natures were the complete opposite; Protector Mo was taciturn and lacked social dealings on top of his average cultivation, which was why Elder Sun didn’t think Protector Mo could inherit his legacy.

Elder Sun thought about supporting another disciple in the future to inherit his elder seat! But recently, things have changed.

With one sentence from Li Qi Ye, everything became different all at once! His words turned Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren into the ambassadors between the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

When the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Grand Protector Yu He had any concerns, they were conveyed through Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

One had to know that the status of Yu He in the Old Ox country was a Royal Noble, even the Six Elders wouldn’t necessarily be able to contact him, but right now, any matters would be informed to Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren.

Suddenly, the status of Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren, at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, had greatly improved.

His disciple and grand disciple had gotten great benefits, so naturally, Elder Sun had to support Li Qi Ye.

“As brothers all know, we still have a King Physique paste in our sect.”

The first elder spoke.

This matter only caused the other elders to think, but Cao Xiong’s heart was in physical pain.

This King Physique paste had been kept for a long time in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

It has been kept since the time of the previous sect master; however, this King Physique paste still had not been used.

In fact, the first elder once had a great contribution and this King Physique paste was meant to be awarded for his usage; however, the first elder was reluctant because he thought that he was already old and limited by his talents.

For him to use a King Physique paste would have been a waste.

When even the first elder was hesitant to use it, the other elders definitely would not have any intentions, or a reason, to use this King Physique paste.

From their thoughts back then, in the future, if there was an extremely gifted disciple in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, if this disciple could uphold one direction by himself, then this one King Physique paste would be given to him to mold his body!

Currently, this King Physique paste was promised to Li Qi Ye, and it was a matter that was agreed on by the first elder, the other four elders weren’t in a position to say anything.

Cao Xiong’s heart was in pain, because he had previously thought that this King Physique paste would be given to his disciple, Leng Shi Zhi, in the future for his second body molding.

“However, Li Qi Ye required the leading beast marrow of this King Physique paste to change to a Hell Iron Bull’s beast marrow.”

The first elder said with a deep tone.

These words had just came out, but the expressions of the four elders couldn’t help but become alarmed; Elder Qian startledly reasoned:

“Older brother, Hell Iron Bull, this is an extremely rare Heavenly Beast; everyone knows, the beast marrow of a Hell Iron Bull’s price on the market is as high as the sky! The beast marrow meant for a King Physique paste, this rank of beast marrow, even at its lowest, would have to be one hundred thousand years old.

I’m afraid that this price would frighten people!”

The first elder gently nodded his head, and he said:

“I had contacted the auction house; they actually had a Hell Iron Bull’s beast marrow, still young, a little more than nine thousand years, could be considered ten thousand.

They were willing to swap the bone marrows with us; however, we have to add one thousand pieces of Ancient Sacred Refined Jade.”

“One thousand pieces of Ancient Sacred Refined Jade”

Having heard this, the fifth elder named Zhou, his expression greatly soured, and he said:

“This is the lion opening its mouth; one thousand pieces of Ancient Sacred Refined Jade, we could buy the beast marrow! Two hundred thousand years!”

“Older brother, this Li Qi Ye, this is giving him an inch and he’ll want a mile.”

Cao Xiong grasped this rare opportunity, and seriously said:

“The great matter of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, it is not his place to bargain.

He is only a third generation disciple, and still dares to propose conditions with us.

This whole thing is not showing us any respect! He is being too presumptuous.”

The first elder’s expression changed after hearing these words.

Cao Xiong continued speaking to the four other elders:

“Dear brothers are all aware that the King Physique paste is precious.

This King Physique paste was meant for the third generation disciples, this was already a great blessing from our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

An ungrateful thing, still dared to haggle…”

“Besides, the origin of Li Qi Ye’s identity is still in question, one could say that he might be a spy! We’re giving a priceless King Physique paste to a traitor, is this not beating a dog with meat buns If we add one thousand pieces of Ancient Sacred Refined Jade on top of that, then our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would suffer a heavy loss; who was to say, in the future, that Li Qi Ye won’t defect against us after receiving all of our benefits…”[1]

This is an opportunity that was rare for Cao Xiong, he strongly tried to convince the other four elders, he naturally wouldn’t want Li Qi Ye to obtain this King Physique paste.

Elder Wu, ranked sixth within the elders, couldn’t help but to try and convince the first elder:

“Older brother, we granting him the King Physique paste, is already a great benefaction from our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; Li Qi Ye, as a third generation disciple, he needs to be aware of this! Moreover, older brother is clear on this; in our sect, the remaining Ancient Sacred Refined Jade isn’t much.

If, this time, we spend another one thousand pieces, this is not different from emptying our storage; this isn’t a trivial matter ah, older brother.”

The other elders couldn’t help but to stare at the first elder; even though they didn’t say anything, their perspectives were obvious.

Seeing this scene, Cao Xiong was secretly ecstatic.

He thought that this matter was half completed; in just a moment, he will fan the fire again, maybe Li Qi Ye wouldn’t even get the King Physique paste.

“One thousand pieces of Ancient Sacred Refined Jade, this is not worth it.”

Third Elder also said.

It was undeniable that the four elders were truly respectful towards the first elder.

The first elder, in their minds, had an extremely high status and couldn’t be shaken by other people.

However, in recent years the situation had changed.

Until now, the elders had all hoped that the first elder would take over the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

In their hearts, they rejected the current sect master, Su Yong Huang! Their ideal sect master was the first elder.

However, with regards to the sect master’s seat, the first elder had never revealed his ambition.

As time passed, the other elders couldn’t help but become disappointed.

Especially in recent years, the first elder appeared to be disheartened, and no longer had the courageous aura like the early years; this greatly shook the other elders’ hearts.

On the contrary, Second Elder Cao Xiong had never given up on the sect master’s seat.

Cao Xiong was too close to Guest Adviser Dong Sheng Long; in the elders’ hearts, Cao Xiong was not an ideal Sect Master; however, in the future, if they really had to choose between Cao Xiong and Su Yong Huang, they couldn’t help but hesitate.

Especially in recent times, when Cao Xiong had repeatedly suggested his intention to become Sect Master, making the elders’ hearts more or less jolted inside.

Today, when First Elder brought this up, Cao Xiong pointed out the important intricacies within, making the four elders rethink their thoughts.

Just when Cao Xiong was reaching his opportunity, the first elder suddenly flashed his soaring eyes.

In a split second, the first elder’s aura greatly pressured others; his whole body exerted and consumed rays of brilliance.

At this moment, it was as if the first elder became a different person; his heavenly form flew upward to the sky.

With Dao finger incantations in front of his chest, he was brimming with imposing power! Inside this power was a faint presence of a Royal Noble’s pressure.

The first elder, in the end, was a generation that could be bestowed the Named Hero title.

Within the Six Elders, he had been in the sect the longest, and also had the deepest cultivation.

He suddenly exerted his pressure, causing the other elders to be shocked and felt the suppressing atmosphere.

At this time, the first elder slowly opened his mouth, and said:

“Brothers’ oppositions make sense, but brothers must also know the grand circumstance ahead; the Nine Saint Demon Gate, to our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is extremely vital! Li Qi Ye to our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is just as vital! Without him, there will be no Nine Saint Demon Gate! Which is why, regarding this matter, I summoned brothers here hoping that brothers would approve this matter!”


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