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Chapter 50 : The Most Vicious Dao Instruction (2)

Having diligently read these merit laws, in this world, there was no one who understood and mastered these techniques and methods more than him!

Li Qi Ye struck Xu Pei around twenty times.

Then, she couldn’t hold on any longer, fell to the ground and found it impossible to stand up.

Li Qi Ye then let her off.


Li Qi Ye pointed at another disciple, and cheerfully said.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

At this moment, all the other disciples also suffered the calamity; one after another, they were beaten by Li Qi Ye and lied motionlessly on the ground.

After Xu Pei’s words enlightened them, at the moment when Li Qi Ye was beating them, the other disciples were watching each strike from Li Qi Ye.

Even though they were getting hit, each disciple still remembered Li Qi Ye’s every strike.

Now, everyone wanted to know the flaws in each of their moves and actions.

Some wanted to cover their flaws, so that they wouldn’t be beaten so badly by Li Qi Ye; some wanted to use this opportunity to see their own weaknesses, to raise their own cultivation…

Although Xu Pei’s words had woken everyone up, not every disciple could see the flaws in their techniques and actions.

Even if they could see the flaws within and know, personally, that their moves had flaws, they still wouldn’t be able to fix the underlying problems.

The other disciples weren’t as lucky as Xu Pei; Li Qi Ye was only beating them, he didn’t give them pointers.

In the end, the disciples who were beaten by Li Qi Ye lied on the ground, wailing moans filled the air.

Li Qi Ye indifferently looked at them, then smiled:

“Today will end here.

Giving you guys three days to rest, carefully think for a little bit, lest you make the same mistakes again.”

Finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Three days rest was as quick as a blink.

Li Qi Ye, once again, appeared in the martial practice hall of the Cleansing Jade Peak.

Li Qi Ye looked at the surrounding three hundred disciples, and slowly said:

“The content of today’s lesson is still the same, still a beating.”

Li Qi Ye’s words made many students change their expressions; many students were afraid of Li Qi Ye and the taste of the Serpent Punishing stick, it was definitely not easy to endure – this type of pain, absolutely torturous.

Li Qi Ye stared at the three hundred disciples ahead, and beamingly smiled:

“Are you all coming out personally, or do I have to kill all the way to the door”

“I go first to fight against older brother.”

Li Qi Ye had just finished his sentence, the first to step up was Luo Feng Hua.

This was not Luo Feng Hua’s first time to be the vanguard, but this Luo Feng Hua coming out first was completely different from the past.

Luo Feng Hua’s talents were not bad; within the three hundred disciples, his aptitude could be considered first or second.

His cultivation was not shallow and could be said to be someone that was proud and arrogant.

When Li Qi Ye first arrived, he essentially didn’t obey.

In reality, even after Li Qi Ye had beaten him with the Serpent Punishing stick, he was still not convinced in both his words and his mind, all the way until he was blown away by Li Qi Ye’s one kick, breaking the bones of his body – this was when he suddenly woke up.

Even though Luo Feng Hua was arrogant and proud, he wasn’t ignorant.

Li Qi Ye’s one kick immediately trampled and shattered his bones; the power of this kick made Luo Feng Hua realize the terribleness of Li Qi Ye!

At that moment, Luo Feng Hua realized that Li Qi Ye was not a bag of straws like the rumors.

Especially after Xu Pei’s words that woke the disciples, afterwards, each disciple was carefully studying each blow from Li Qi Ye.

One sentence woke the people up from their dreams.

Being beaten by Li Qi Ye, even though the majority of the disciples suffered from agonizing pain, but these last three days, many meticulous disciples theorized Li Qi Ye’s strikes, and they had fruitful harvests regarding the flaws within their techniques.

Especially when these flaws were found out by pain, making the disciples remember them very well.

Luo Feng Hua’s talents weren’t bad, originally.

On top of Xu Pei’s words, the last three days he had been contemplating and it gave him not small benefits; he immediately understood Li Qi Ye’s good intentions and inadvertently, his attitude towards Li Qi Ye had changed significantly.

Li Qi Ye beamingly smiled at Luo Feng Hua, and slowly said:

“Even though you are one part arrogant and prideful, but, not ignorant to the point of stupidity.”

Arrogant Luo Feng Hua; this time, on the other hand, his cheeks were red, he bowed his head and said:

“Please guide me from my mistakes, older brother!”

This time Luo Feng Hua was sincere and serious.

“Make your move.”

Li Qi Ye also didn’t say many nonsensical words.

He took out the Serpent Punishing stick, and casually spoke.

“Excuse me…”

Luo Feng Hua quickly yelled.

After the words came out, all out effort prepared, he let out a long roar; a brilliance – like a tsunami – rushed forward.

Body like an eagle, stance like an aquatic dragon, commotions in the middle, accompanied by a dragon tiger.


Luo Feng Hua’s technique had only began, but the Serpent Punishing stick had already directly struck.

At the impact point, where his eyes were filled with yellow stars, tears were coming out.

Li Qi Ye, making a move, showed no mercy.

One stick struck Luo Feng Hua to the point where he couldn’t tell North South West and East from each other.

One stick came down, Li Qi Ye indifferently said:

“Combat on the battlefield is to avoid the lightning and fire; if you survive, this is akin to the enemy’s death.

Between each technique, the best is the one that kills in one blow.

Combat on the battlefield, it is truly not a viewing contest – beautiful techniques are nothing more than the silver decorations at the tip of a spear!”

“The move ‘Dragon Seizing the Hawk’ in the ‘Flying Dragon Fist’, is simply to kill, it does not have excessive and unnecessary variations; a form to murder and kill, without needless additions.”

Li Qi Ye, once again, struck the body of Luo Feng Hua, and he said:

“You considered yourself to be smart, and derived this move into a variation, and then another variation; seemingly profound, but it is simply drawing legs on a snake, impairing this killing move!”

Luo Feng Hua’s perception was great; after Li Qi Ye finished speaking, he immediately changed his technique.

The move was filled with a heroic aura and was direct, seemingly rough, like a hatchet chopping wood!

“This move’s variation isn’t bad; too hard is easily broken, has to be just right between hard and soft.”

Li Qi Ye was talking, but his hand never stopped moving.

Showing no mercy, one stick repeatedly struck the face of Luo Feng Hua until his face and nose were swollen.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Suddenly, Luo Feng Hua had been struck a dozen times by Li Qi Ye.

Without much effort, Luo Feng Hua was knocked down to the ground, the Serpent Punishing stick rendered him unable to stand up.

Being violently struck by the Serpent Punishing stick, Luo Feng Hua was groaning from pain; however, his heart was ecstatic.

This beating was not wasted, it gave him a fruitful harvest.

“Next person.”

Li Qi Ye mercilessly brought Luo Feng Hua down to the ground, and said to the other disciples.


Finally, an older disciple next to Luo Feng Hua went forward, but, after one move, he was struck by Li Qi Ye’s stick on his legs, and immediately fell to his knees.

“Move is too slow…”

Li Qi Ye didn’t bat an eye; another club flew out, the frightened disciple rolled to this side, and then the other side, and successfully escaped the stick.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

After a while, this disciple was struck by Li Qi Ye and ended up with a swollen face.

He, under the Serpent Punishing stick, had only lasted ten moves; however, these ten moves were not wasted since Li Qi Ye pointed out his incomplete moves one by one.

Half a day later, Li Qi Ye had finished beating all three hundred disciples.

This time, it took longer compared to the past; each time a disciple was beaten, he was pointing out the incomplete variations in the disciples’ techniques.

Towards any disciple, Li Qi Ye did not show mercy.

All three hundred disciples were beaten until they couldn’t stand up; at the moment, they kept on groaning with unbearable pain.

However, despite the tough pain, for many of the disciples, their harvests were great and their being beaten were not in vain!

In the next few days, each day Li Qi Ye was always beating the three hundred disciples once.

However, all the disciples didn’t have any complaints; there were even some disciples that were happy to be beaten.

Even when Li Qi Ye was not showing mercy with his Serpent Punishing stick, but because of the big results, even worse pain would still have been worth it.

The Dao instruction of Li Qi Ye had left a deep impression for the three hundred disciples.

Being beaten by Li Qi Ye so ruthlessly, even if they didn’t want to remember their flaws, it would be difficult.

Using pain to trade for learning, it left a lasting impression.

Even though the method of Li Qi Ye’s Dao instruction was brutal, each disciple received great benefits.

For the disciples, especially in the area of technique variations, these short few days were enough for them to learn truly profound technique variations.

When their cultivations had flaws previously, in the severe beatings, were re-molded.

Within the short few days, many disciples showed clear progress.

Especially the disciples with good talents, such as Luo Feng Hua; his progress was even more obvious.

Under the molding of Li Qi Ye, Luo Feng Hua grasped the true meaning of his methods so, within a few short days, each of his techniques and each of his variations were as meticulous as an antelope and as high as the peak.

Even though Li Qi Ye was brutal, his teachings were true knowledge; all of the disciples greatly benefited.

Seeing Li Qi Ye taking great responsibility with his Dao instruction, the disciples, towards Li Qi Ye, were without grievances.

Even though Sectional Leader Zhou rarely beat the disciples during his Dao instruction, Sectional Leader Zhou’s Dao instruction was everyone gathered in one place.

The sessions that he instructed were very short; they were akin to force feeding.

He presented the cultivation methods and their variations once; whether the disciples could understand, that was up to the individual disciples.

The three hundred disciples, each one had different talents, different perceptions.

Even if they were to cultivate the same methods and the same techniques; their results would be different.

This was why, during the moment of cultivation, there were natural biases.

The stranger thing was that some disciples’ cultivations were completely wrong.

Now, with Li Qi Ye’s one-on-one instruction and molding the flaws of individual disciples; this gave each disciple a clear direction for cultivation.

Regarding the profound variations of techniques, their understand became deeper.

So, in just a few days, with regards to the variations of techniques, many disciples had seen the road; some had even taken steps on the road! This delighted many disciples’ hearts; a few short days of Li Qi Ye’s instruction were more fruitful than what they were studying for a year, even two or three years!


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