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Chapter 4776: Audacity


Many assumed that peace would return to the Primordial Union after the battle since the great powers were gone.

The next development took them by surprise.

They noted an undercurrent happening - hidden lineages traveling to the union.

They moved clandestinely but due to their unreasonable power, others still sensed their arrival.

“Who are they Why are there so many” One ancestor found this strange.

Most importantly, they spotted characters even stronger than the six monarchs from Three Thousand Dao.

These men weren’t from True Immortal or Three Thousand Dao, not any famous lineage.

“Interesting, lineages with an unknown background.” A high ancestor had a good idea of where they came from.

“What do you mean” His juniors asked.

“These lineages shouldn’t exist in this world, they’re not allowed to appear.

They must be from Desolate Wild or other secretive places.

Rumor has it that they have experienced the heavenly tribulation before.” The high ancestor explained.

“What...” Another ancestor said: “I thought these were mere legends.”

“They’re real.

Recall how Cosmic Lord rose to prominence.

The abyss and Doom Godfiend who came from it.” The high ancestor said: ”The abyss is another legend that was proven to be real.”

Everyone recalled the alliance formed by Cosmic Lord to kill Doom Godfiend by the abyss.

This existence massacred the world and its top masters.

His final defeat helped others find the abyss - a place thought to be non-existent.

“I believe they have been hiding in Desolate Wild.” A junior said but this was impossible to verify.

Most didn’t have the power to travel there.

“Yes, they have to hide there because the moment they come out, tribulations will come down right away.” The high ancestor said: “However, I heard that they were active during the worst moments of the great calamity.”

This made the listeners take a deep breath and felt something ominous.

Records of the great calamity were rare due to the sheer destruction experienced.

Nonetheless, an epoch disappeared along with numerous colossal lineages.

These men also took advantage of it.

“Why does the heaven not allow their existence” Another became curious.

It must be a taboo topic above them so no one answered.

“Forget that, why are they coming to the union” Someone else said.

There must be a reason why these hidden monsters decide to show up now.

“For Li Qiye.” A wise ancient ancestor responded.

“Li Qiye” The listeners shuddered after hearing this.

“They must want the immortal gemstone but that’s courting death.

There is no chance of them beating him.” An ancestor whispered.

They had seen Li Qiye’s invincibility before and would never forget how he decimated top cultivators.

“No, I don’t think the immortal gemstone is worth their gathering.

I’m quite sure that he has obtained one of the Nine Heavenly Treasures.” The wise ancient ancestor revealed.

“A heavenly treasure” Some ancestors have never heard of this before since they were relatively young.

In fact, even the older ones weren’t familiar with this topic.

“Who has seen any of them Not even the dao lords.” One ancestor said and doubted their existence.

“They’re real.

That’s a fact.” The wise ancient ancestor said.

To which the high ancestor responded: “Wait, are you referring to the tale during the great calamity One of them showed up, forcing the Supreme Monarch to perform a spatial blow despite being billions of miles away.”

“Her Highness did that” Ancestors exchanged glances.

“Li Qiye has one now too, so heaven-defying.” A visiting king became lost in a daze.

Li Qiye already had the immortal gemstone.

Now, with the addition of the heavenly treasure, he stood at the apex of the apex.

“If the treasures are real, Li Qiye is absolutely the most qualified to obtain them.” One ancestor admitted.


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