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Chapter 4768: A Few Terrifying Characters


“May we know more about your targets” Liu Ruyan asked.

“Those who deserve to die.

It just depends on who will bite the bait.” Li Qiye said.

“Desolate Wild and the forbidden zones might team up.” Jianshi said softly.

“That’s fine.” Li Qiye smirked: “More people, more fun.

However, these places are all shackled and suppressed somehow.

This is especially true for the forbidden zones so they’re not a real threat.

As for the burial grounds, since this is a new epoch, the old ones that haven’t shown up in a long time will most likely be tempted.”

“I recall a gigantic monster.” Wo Longxuan had a serious expression as she said: “Back in Heaven Spirit during my reversion, I was taken to the river of time and caught a glimpse of this massive creature.

Galaxies are only a part of its body.”

“I know what you’re referring to.” Li Qiye smirked: “As I mentioned before, there are shackles in place.

Some even suffered the heavenly tribulation or were killed during their weakened state.

Nonetheless, some fish have escaped the net and are recuperating while hiding in our world.”

“I see.” The three women took a deep breath.

They already had a general idea of this secret before.

Currently, cultivators enjoyed peace in Eight Desolaces.

Though there were wars, it was still an age of prosperity.

They had no idea that there were terrible slumbering creatures that could wake up at any moment and devour everything.

They were nothing more than lumps of flesh meant for consumption.

Of course, there were various forces holding them back through the epochs, forcing them to slumber.

The moment they could move again, it would signal the end of the world.

Li Qiye never told the three this before because it was above their level.

Now, they were finally qualified to speak on this issue, having been exposed to some clues before.

Regular cultivators would assume that this was hearsay and mere speculations since they couldn’t possibly imagine a greater height of power.

“These beings either have shackles or sealed themselves, is your bait enough, Young Noble” Jianshi asked.

“The most fatal flaw in the world is greed.

It can be more devastating than natural disasters.” Li Qiye said.

He paused for a moment before telling them: “The so-called great calamity stemmed from greed.

Some will think that they have full control and shall be victorious, those will be the first to move.”

The girls followed him before so when they saw the smirk on his face, they knew that a bloody fight was inevitable.

Of course, the ones battered and beaten won’t be Li Qiye.

“Is there anything we can do to help, Young Noble” Ruyan and Jianshi bowed to ask.

It was time for them to contribute.

“When it rains, clothes must be brought back inside.” Li Qiye said: “This will be a cataclysmic battle.”

“We understand and shall do our part.

We’ll be off then.” The two bowed and immediately left without wasting time.

“What about me” Wo Longxuan became lost.

“Got any plans” Li Qiye stared at her.

She tilted her head in contemplation and shook her head.

She bit her lip innocently, not knowing what to do because she was just a little girl, all alone in this world due to the reversion process.

The incoming battle didn’t affect her because she didn’t need to protect anyone or do anything for the sake of the world.

It could all go down in flames and she wouldn’t give a damn.

This was her current mood.

“The path of the grand dao is often a solitary one.” She conversed seriously this time: “You have gone farther than anyone, how did you press on through the loneliness”

“Remember the world and still love it like before.” Li Qiye replied.

She quietly pondered his comment and eventually said: “Your dao heart isn’t something we can obtain.”

“There have been countless supreme geniuses and top masters in history.

Unfortunately, the majority of them fell into the darkness and would willingly devour the world.

Why is that”

“Why” She became curious.

“Because their eyes see nothing in the world but themselves.” Li Qiye stared at her while speaking.

This struck the right spot because she shuddered afterward.

This was indeed her current feeling, not giving a damn about anyone else.

So what if billions or trillions were to die during a calamity While standing on the apex and looking down, she became an outsider - a heartless spectator.

Not joining in and devouring meant that her dao heart was already strong, let alone acting as a savior.



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