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Chapter 4738: Broken Sky

The two of them placed their palm on Tian Fengs important meridian and channeled their rue chaos energy and grand dao true blood into him.

“Boom!” His vitality erupted and became as vast as a billowing ocean.

Just his power alone was impressive enough, let alone being boosted by two other supreme geniuses.

They werent weaker in him at all.

In fact, they had a more impressive reservoir of energy and grand dao true blood.

It seemed as if there were three of him now.

The eruption of vitality swept the weaker crowd members flying.

“How close is this to the dao lord level” Someone asked after feeling the majestic power.

“Three of them combined, not far from being at the dao lord level.

Who would be able to stop them” A big shot murmured.

This was more than the sum of its parts, potentially doubling their combined power.

“Rumble!” Tian Feng once again was able to stop Li Qiye.

Spectators heaved out a sigh of relief.

One of them whispered: “Looks like if all five conquerors gather their energy and dao blood, they might be able to challenge a true dao lord.”

“I dont know if I would go that far, but it might be enough to remain unbeatable.” An ancient ancestor said with certainty.

Just three of them were monstrous, let alone all five conquerors.

“We shall assist First Brother.” True Immortal Saintess ordered fellow sect members including ancestors.

She leaped into the air and placed her hand on his shoulder, channeling her powers into him.

He absorbed and then sent them to Tian Feng.

“The twelve pillars and seven kings, these are elders and ancestor-level characters.” Spectators became emotional.

The young emperor turned into a true dragon after receiving the influx of power, creating his own ocean of energy just like Tian Feng.

Incredible.” Everyone became emotional after witnessing the resources of True Immortal.

These men werent the top dogs of True Immortal.

Nonetheless, they still wowed the crowd with their cultivation.

“Help His Majesty.” A grand saint from the east also ordered.

Having heard that, a top sovereign also appeared and touched Five-sun Kings shoulder.

“Four paragons and nineteen sovereigns.

This is his full force outside of the Trinity.” A spectator took a deep breath after seeing another group of billowing vitality and energy.

Five-sun King had eight paragons and thirty-six sovereigns.

Unfortunately, seventeen sovereigns have been slain by Li Qiye along with four paragons.

“Boom!” Five suns appeared around the king.

Each contained a grand world with boundless grand dao true blood and chaos true energy.

They turned him into a peerless and unbeatable king with full control over heaven and earth.

One possessed a draconic might while the other was a solar king who would reign for eternity.

“Brother Tian Feng, accept this!” Both shouted in unison.

“Good!” Tian Feng has prepared himself for this and opened his fate palaces to reveal the true fate.

“Boom!” His dao halo spread outward and turned into a great maelstrom to accept the incoming powers.

This influx of energy could eradicate ten kingdoms in seconds.

The crowd became horrified after seeing the full scale of the incoming attack.

Tian Feng continued to absorb the two oceans like a whale with the help of the vortex.

His muscles bulged up to the limit - the giant became even larger.

“Buzz.” The madstone released a blinding ray after enough power was accumulated.

“Only Tian Feng can withstand this.” Spectators became emotional because the influx of power could implode ancient ancestors and reclusive masters.

“The mad frogs have such an unfair physical advantage.” No one could refute this statement by this point.

“Boom!” Tian Feng became shrouded in a bloody glow.

Each ray was too much for the world to bear.

“Raaa!” He roared and let it all out, looking like a diamond god of blood.

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