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Chapter 4721: Sword Of The Dao

“Rumble!” The spatial fabrics quaked violently under heavy pressure, on the verge of collapsing.

Everyone watched as Li Qiye gained ground with his dao sword.

The dao lords trident and aura couldnt stop him.

He didnt even need to yell to gather energy.

There was a distinct lack of invincible aura and bright divinity as well.

Nonetheless, his action said it all.

He seemed capable of lifting up the entire sky to the spectators astonishment.

Shen Juntians supreme grand dao was special, not to mention his dao lord bloodline that has been mastered on top of a perfectly-suitable dao lord weapon.

That strike could have destroyed numerous kingdoms in one go.

Ancient ancestors might be forced to the ground, unable to defend themselves.

As for Li Qiye, he proved himself capable of lifting and throwing the azure.

“Im telling you, no one but a dao lord can beat him…” One ancient ancestor sighed.

By this point, virtually all available ancient ancestors were quietly gauging Li Qiyes true battle prowess.

“Boom!” Li Qiye finally made it above Shen Juntian and reversed the tides.

Earlier, though he was gaining ground, he was still in a passive position.

Now, the dao lord power was fully stopped.

Now, he was pushing down with his gray sword while Juntian positioned the trident horizontally with both hands.

“Boom!” Though Juntian has gained the power of the realm, spatial cracks appeared beneath his feet.

“Crack!” The breaking continued nonstop despite Juntian mustering all of his strength.

Unfortunately, his effective bursts of energy were all blocked by the gray sword.

Juntian became drenched in sweat; his face as red as can be.

If this continued, he would sink underground.

The reversal left the crowd speechless.

Just withstanding Juntians attack was hard enough, let alone dominating him in this manner.

Moreover, a stark contrast existed between their expression - leisureliness versus going all out.

“Juntian lost.” Someone said what was on everyones mind.

It seemed impossible for Juntian to rise again.

He was lucky to still be alive against a clearly superior foe.

“Li Qiye is far stronger than the conquerors.” One ancestor confirmed his early finding.

“It has to be an old-gen member taking him down or hell be the dao lord for sure.” An ancient ancestor commented.

They could already see the future - the heaven-defying Li Qiye ascending into the highest position.

The only way to stop this was an ambush from a supreme master.

“Fellow Daoist Li, take this!” A serious voice warned Li Qiye.

“Bam!” A newcomer appeared from above and thrust his spear downward, releasing starlights in the process.

The torrent of light surrounded and blessed him with cosmic power.

“Nine Worlds Thrust!” He shouted the name of his technique.

His celestial spear became blindingly bright.

“Speargrasp!” Someone shouted.

Speargrasp worried about his junior brother and since the match was decided, he joined to save him with a brilliant attack.

Li Qiye added more energy to the sword and sent Juntian flying like a meteor.

The latter smashed into the ground with extreme momentum.

With that, he swung his sword upward to meet the incoming spear and displayed his dominance once more.

“Clank!” The swing sent spectators flying and screaming.

The sword and the spear collided like two planets.

Each splashing spark left a large pit on the ground.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, Speargrasp lost the exchange along with his stability, flying through several peaks afterward.

“Speargrasp got involved.” One spectator said.

“Still not enough to stop Li Qiye.” Another whispered.

“I think the five conquerors have to team up now, this might be their only chance.” An ancestor said.

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