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Chapter 4697: Innate Gift

The punch failed to injure Tian Feng and only made him grow bigger.

Everyone also sensed him becoming stronger.

“What a race, completely unmatched.” The demon big shot said: “Molded into perfection for war and battle, they can withstand an attack several times stronger.” 

No one questioned Li Qiye’s punch since it obliterated Wild Paragon’s head earlier.

Thus, this result caught most by surprise.

This was Tian Feng’s biggest advantage, possessing a formidable and tenacious body.

Being attacked only made him stronger during the course of battle.

This allowed him to attack Evil Dragon Camp during his youth, still coming back multiple times after being crushed.

Each failure only made him stronger and eventually, he destroyed the entire camp.

Cultivation through combat might be another reason why he loved fighting.

“How the hell does anyone kill this monstrous physique” An expert murmured.

“Boom!” Tian Feng’s battle intent didn’t stop rising just like a tsunami building momentum.

It flipped a nearby mountain range over.

“Rumble!” He lunged for Li Qiye again, leaving huge prints behind.

Li Qiye smiled and clenched his fist for another golden punch.

“Boom!” It struck his chin again and everyone heard cracking noises. 

This pain should be unbearable as Tian Feng was sent flying once more, smashing through several peaks.

“What about this time” A spectator murmured.

“Bam!” Tian Feng answered by getting up again.

His body doubled in size again, becoming a high mountain similar to Wild Paragon earlier.

This time, blood was seen streaming down his mouth.

Nonetheless, he still became stronger and the radius of his battle intent increased.

“He’s unkillable.” Another commented.

The demon big shot spoke again: “They’re truly unique, this physical prowess is unmatched.

It’s hard to find a weak point, some believe that in order to deal lasting damage, the opponent needs to be several times stronger.”

“Several times stronger” Listeners exchanged glances of astonishment.

Tian Feng was one of the five conquerors, strong enough to dominate the realm.

Being several times stronger than him required a frightening level of cultivation.

Since Li Qiye was from the same generation, he could be stronger but not by several times.

“Boom!” The same thing happened again, Tian Feng coming and being sent away by another golden punch.

He smashed into the ground and changed the landscape, being awfully bloody this time.

Once he got up, his body grew again and resembled a large grind mill taking up too much space.

It could overfill the entire world in time.

“Shit…” Those standing at what used to be a safe distance were assaulted by the gales of intent.

The unlucky ones got caught and became bloody mists.

Others realized why Tian Feng was so feared.

He merely tried to crush Li Qiye without using any merit law.

Though he had been beaten several times, this only made him become stronger.

“Is his body truly unbreakable” Godwhip Princess saw this and became frightened.

No wonder why he was so fearless.

“Difficult with ordinary methods.” Shen Juntian shook his head: “An immaculate weapon with an ultimate strike should work.

Piercing his body will make him feeble.” 

“Would your dao lord attack be enough, Senior Brother” She asked.

He only smiled and didn’t answer.

“Seems impossible with a fist.” Paramount Scion became worried.

Shen Juntian looked eager to watch and said: “This innate gift of Tian Feng might be enough to force Li Qiye to show his cards.

We can then figure out his background.”

Only through observing Li Qiye’s techniques would he be able to guess Li Qiye’s origin and merit laws.

From that, he would have a good grasp of Li Qiye’s actual power.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to come up with an actual plan.

He was a believer in the popular adage - If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

“Bam!” Tian Feng lay flat on the ground.

He opened his mouth, capable of swallowing the celestials.

“Your fist can’t pierce my defense, you will never beat me this way!” His voice echoed thunderously: “Take out your weapon.” 

He was also eager to experience Li Qiye’s true power and top weapons.

“These two hands are enough.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his hands.

“I’m telling you that it’s impossible.

I’ll lend you a weapon, let’s see if you can pierce my body.” Tian Feng laughed and summoned a weapon, throwing it down in front of Li Qiye.

This was a long spear of the lightning affinity.

Thunder erupted along with a billowing dao lord aura.


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