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Chapter 4693: Power Of A Myriad Sovereign

“Whoosh!” Debris scattered everywhere due to a figure leaping back up.

Everyone saw Wild Paragon floating in the air again, looking rather sorry with bloody wounds all around.

Nonetheless, the great genius still healed them quickly with chaos true energy.

“The myriad level…” Spectators said about seeing his swift recovery speed.

“Its not easy to kill him.

A weaker cultivator has zero chance in hell, an evenly-matched one cant do it with one technique or so.” A big shot said.

A Myriad Sovereign could stand still and let someone attack repeatedly only to find how futile it was.

Even if there were injuries, the grand dao would be able to heal them rapidly when empowered by chaos true energy.

The cultivation world knew the difficulties in killing powerful beings.

This was the reason why some ancient existences were rumored to have died in battle but they would show up in the future.

The body and even the grand dao could be shattered but as long as the true fate remained or only suffered injuries, survival was still possible.

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Others knew that if they were in his shoes, they would be bedridden for a long period.

Only a Myriad Sovereign and above possessed such tenacity.

“Wild Paragon is frightening but Li Qiye is even scarier.” A big shot commented.

The fast recovery was one thing but Li Qiye nearly crushed the guys body without doing anything.

“Incredible power!” Wild Paragon shouted, having experienced the destruction firsthand.

He realized that he was careless and had underestimated Li Qiyes power.

Of course, he has yet to display his true power as well.

“Its not too late to surrender.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Cut off one of your heads and Ill spare you.”

Spectators became frozen and stared at Wild Paragon.

It was crazy that a Myriad Sovereign would be the underdog in a fight.

Alas, this was clearly the case.

They started thinking about whether they would chop off one head given the circumstances.

“Theres no way.” An ancestor said: “No one would respect him afterward.”

Powerful cultivators cared about their reputation more than anything else.

This applied to Wild Paragon as well.

He had three heads and could survive with one gone.

In fact, it might even grow back later.

However, to ask this of a supreme genius was awfully insulting.

“Hahaha!” Wild Paragon laughed from being too angry.

He has dominated since his debut.

Not even Five-sun King could completely suppress him.

“Its too early to speak.

The victor remains unknown until the last second.” He said.

“Youll die.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “No need to wait until the last second, Im letting you know now.”

The paragons complexion became red.

The guy was treating him like a helpless ant.

Meanwhile, the crowd could see the anger and indignation building within him.

Alas, what could he do against Li Qiye

“Show me that you can kill me then.” He shouted.

“Its time to use your best moves or itll be too late once I start.” Li Qiye smiled and told the truth.

Alas, everyone thought that he was purposely insulting Wild Paragon.

“Till death!” He roared and lost his patience, ready to fight to the very end.

“Wild Paragon will die here.” Shen Juntian saw this and commented.

“Boom!” An explosive force akin to ten thousand lightning bolts striking the same place shook the world.

The peak beneath the paragon crumbled instantly.

The ground cracked and grand dao started floating upward.

A total of ten thousand circled around him.

They looked like dragons swimming in the ocean; each capable of starting a storm.

Some blazing ones were of the fire affinity; others could freeze ten thousand miles.

Another was as tough as a rock; one more purified the air…

As he channeled his power, some spectators were sent flying and vomited blood.

If he had aimed an attack at them, they would have been reduced to ashes.

Some older cultivators realized that this youth has utterly surpassed them.

“Go!” Wild Paragons body grew even larger than before.

Stars were only up to his waist now so he looked like a god from an upper realm.

He took one step forward and crushed a nearby peak.

“Damn!” Others became intimidated by the power of a Myriad Sovereign.

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