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Chapter 4672: Too Weak To Block A Single Move

Engulfing Gale and Worldraiser Light, two ultimate moves changed the landscape of the region as they astounded spectators and soared toward Li Qiye.

Sima Hanshans move couldnt compare to Shen Juntians dao lord attack.

Nonetheless, it was enough to frighten everyone.

The two moves fused together; one was a flood of physical power while the other was a destructive light.

The fusion resulted in a major boost of power, rendering it difficult to dodge or block.

As they crossed through the air, all forms of terrain disintegrated.

Even the fabrics of reality including time, space, and the dao were damaged.

“Incredible!” Many screamed because this was enough to slay ancestors using mighty weapons.

“There is no way hell be fine after this.” A high elder took a deep breath, thinking that it was enough to grievously injure or kill him.

Everyone became interested to see how Li Qiye would block this.

Alas, the same scene repeated - him not moving an inch and prompting some spectators to loudly warn him.

“Boom!” The fusion attack was a direct hit.

“Is he crazy…” Someone thought that he was suicidal.

Even a fool would try to dodge if blocking was impossible.

Alas, Li Qiye didnt bother at all.

“He has to lose some flesh this time.” A big shot commented.

Though they were extremely far away and using their heavenly gaze to watch, their body became sore all over from the impact.

Once they calmed down, the result was the opposite of their imagination.

He didnt scream or turned into ashes.

Pieces of his flesh and bones didnt scatter on the ground.

A pulsing runic barrier protected him from all damage, looking like a basket made of diamond.

“Rumble!” The gales and light continued to hit the barrier in ferocious waves, not stopping until his death.

Unfortunately, this seemed to be futile.

“Are you seeing this!” This left spectators in disbelief because Li Qiye used a runic barrier alone, not accompanied by treasures and techniques.

The assault continued, leaving the region devastated.

Nonetheless, the barrier remained standing as Li Qiye started walking toward the duo.

This was akin to a mortal withstanding the current of a waterfall and trying to climb upward.

The two turned pale as a result since the attacks didnt slow down the opponent.

This was inconceivable.

“Is he still human” One spectator felt his knees buckling.

“Die!” Sima Hanshan and Dominator mustered all of their strength and burned their true blood, raising the techniques to the limit.

This still didnt stop Li Qiye.

In the next second, Li Qiye appeared in front of Dominator and swung his hand down like an axe.

Dominator commanded his cauldron to stop it at full power.

This was far from enough since Li Qiye crushed it with haste, prompting the youth to turn and flee.

Alas, he couldnt outrun Li Qiyes swing.

“Crack! Ahhh!” The youth bellowed in pain and fell from the sky.

The attack broke virtually all of his bones.

He smashed into the ground, leaving behind a bloody pit.

He didnt move or make another noise.

Sima Hanshan saw this and wanted to run away from death.

She turned only to see Li Qiyes figure flashing in front of her.

She raised the disk and created a thick wall of energy.

“Boom!” Li Qiye shattered it with one finger.

“Young Noble, please show mercy!” At this crucial moment, someone shouted and rushed over.

Li Qiye put down his finger and stopped the attack.

Nonetheless, the initial force still made Sima Hanshan vomit blood and fall downward.

However, someone caught her before she hit the ground - Paramount Scion.

“Hah, look at that brat, playing a prince.” Jian Ming saw this and laughed.

Paramount Scion immediately carried Sima Hanshan away.

Li Qiye didnt bother pursuing the two of them.

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