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Chapter 4593: Golden Divine Fist

Golden Divine Fist stopped a dao lords legion at the gate.

That alone spoke plenty about his power.

However, God Fist could leave while he couldnt.

The disparity was obvious with a single glance.

“God Fist might be the only exception among the fist slaves.” The daoist said sentimentally.

“One day a slave, an eternity a slave.” Li Qiye commented.

Jian Ming became afraid while staring at Worldbreaker.

Unbeatable characters have entered only to never return.

He didnt want to become a fist slave despite the power boost.

For someone who enjoyed traveling as much as him, being stuck in Worldbreaker was worse than death.

“Lets not stay there for too long.” He said: “Its over if we become fist slaves.

After all, were not untethered like Duality Master.”

“Duality Master” Xiao Xuan seemed interested in all of these cultivators.

“How should I put this…” Jian Ming chose his words carefully since this was a rather difficult character to describe: “Monster, deity, immortal, celestial…”

“Duality Master is the only person in history to not be affected by Worldbreaker, at least according to records.” The daoist interjected: “Completely untouched by the fist intent, something the dao lords couldnt do.

Its rather strange.”

“Right.” Jian Ming continued: “I read that he treated it as a vacation, bathing in the fist intent while pulsing with fist energy.

He visited the dynasty along with the scripture chamber.

He read the scrolls there and then left without a care.

One record states that he was there for an entire year.”

“What a magical person.” Xiao Xuan said, impressed.

“Hes out of this world.” The daoist smiled wryly: “Being in there is torturous, not only by the energy and intent but also from external threats such as the dynasty, always under watch before turning into a fist slave.

This didnt happen to Duality Master.

The dynasty treated him like an esteemed guest.

The officials there welcomed him and discussed the dao with him, its nothing short of a miracle.”

“No regular cultivator is allowed to read the scriptures, the chamber will not allow it.

To try to do so is suicidal.

Dao lords themselves probably couldnt force their way in but Duality Master was given permission to stay in the chamber and read the scrolls.” Jian Ming added.

“Reading those scrolls will absolutely result in learning the fist dao, that should lead to becoming a slave.” The daoist continued: “But Duality Master did all of that and still left easily.”

“So how did he do it Maybe hes from Worldbreaker in the first place” Xiao Xuan became surprised.

“No one knows.” Jian Ming shook his head: “Duality Master is always an abnormality.

People say that there is an exception for all absolutes, Duality Master is this exception.

Common sense and rationality dont apply to him.”

“Duality Master.” Li Qiye said sentimentally and didnt give an evaluation.

He gazed into the distance and saw the other shore of time.

There existed a leisure figure but the whole thing was blurry.

“What is causing the transformation after learning the fist dao What is preventing them from leaving too” Xiao Xuan was curious.

The two couldnt answer her question.

“Well…” Jian Ming pondered for a while.

“There is a legend.” The daoist took his time thinking before revealing.

“Go on.” She became enthusiastic.

“It states that in the deepest region of Worldbreaker, there is an immortal specialized in the fist dao.”

“An immortal.” She said.

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“This is just a legend, impossible to verify.” The daoist said: “Before the Chaotic Era was the great calamity.

Tribulations and disasters descended.

They were considered to be the wrath and punishment of the heaven but either way, it was a terrible day.

Nothing in this world could stop them but before the last moment, an immortal punched the sky vault and broke the high heaven, leaving a void…”


Alas, the supreme will of the high heaven destroyed the mighty immortal, instantly reducing the being into dust.

Nonetheless, the ultimate hand was left behind, so did the immortal dao of the fist.

It withstood the passage of time, melting the fabrics of reality and turning the region into its own.

Those who enter will be converted by this dao and become slaves to the region, or rather, dao runes and symbols.”

“Human dao runes.” Xiao Xuan concluded.

“Yes, thats one way to put it.” The daoist admitted.

“Breaking the high heaven Ridiculous.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head.

“Is this not right, Young Noble There is another theory” The daoists eyes lit up.

“Its all far-fetched nonsense.” Li Qiye stared at him and said: “Or maybe someone tried to flatter themselves through blatant lies.

If one punch can break the high heaven, then the current world wont be like this.

True immortals would have appeared already.

No one can do so, not in the past or in the future.”

“Then what is the truth” Jian Ming asked.

“Its just a severed hand.

“Li Qiye smiled: “It is hard indeed, still not fully rotten after so many years.”

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