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Chapter 4592: God Fist

“His battle records are something else.” The daoist said.

God Fist was unstoppable; even the great Rumination Dao Lord couldnt slow him down.

He came from a prestigious sect - Solar School.

His father was the schoolmaster but unfortunately, he passed away at an early age and left behind a widow and children.

The clan immediately declined.

He was respected while serving as the schoolmaster, earning sufficient fame and reputation.

Alas, with his death, the young God Fists status and benefits were all taken away.

Since he was a weak child with many illnesses, he suffered from cold gazes and bullying from fellow sect members.

The worst day was when his fiancee changed her mind, tearing up the marriage agreement.

This humiliated him but in time, his mother suffered from depression until death.

The schoolmaster position should have been inherited by him but in the end, he lost it all.

Another genius took the spot and he was banished from the school.

At the end of the road, he somehow entered Worldbreaker Fist.

The world no longer heard of him afterward.

No one cared about his disappearance since he was just an insignificant weakling.

They wouldnt shed a single tear if they were to hear about him dying in the wilderness.

In a stark contrast to his tragic fate, the genius who took his spot was also favored by the fourth dao lord of True Immortal - Rumination.

He was recruited to be Ruminations disciple.

His cultivation soared like the wind and he became peerless, being praised as the greatest genius of that generation.

His glory also affected Solar School.

The latter became a great power and no one remembered the contribution of the previous schoolmaster or the sickly child that was unfairly treated.

At the brightest stage of his life, he married a supreme beauty who was once God Fists fiancee.

The wedding was magnificent with guests from all over the world including famous monarchs and lords.

The greatest cultivator of that generation, Rumination Dao Lord, sent his good wishes.

That day was absolutely the peak of the genius life, obtaining both fame and beauty.

Others had nothing but envy for him.

At the same time on this joyous day, a youth suddenly came out of Worldbreaker - God Fist.

He has become a fist slave yet he wasnt restricted by the boundary of Worldbreaker.

His destination was none other than Solar School.

Chaos ensued with his arrival.

The ancestors and monarchs took action to take him down but his punches were destructive and unblockable.

He killed these older cultivators, even going as far as defeating the supreme genius wielding a dao lord weapon.

As he was about to put the finishing blow and eradicate all of Solar, Rumination Dao Lord finally took action.

However, he still couldnt stop the ultimate blow.

The punch came down like a tribulation from the high heaven.

An inferno burned the entire school to a crisp.

The dao lord then tried to capture God Fist but the latter managed to return to Worldbreaker.

All of Eight Desolaces were shocked afterward and became increasingly frightened of Worldbreaker.

They didnt understand how God Fist managed to become so powerful but most importantly, able to leave that region.

The youth gained a new title afterward - God Fist.

Solar School and the supreme genius became forgotten.

A popular phrase also stemmed from this event - no fist but God Fist.

Alas, he chose to live his remaining days in Worldbreaker and never left.

During his tenure, no one dared to challenge Worldbreaker.

The reclusive beings took note of this unique achievement - being able to leave the cursed land.

Only Blessed Dao Lords disciple came close but remember, he left before becoming a fist slave.

Due to this unprecedented feat, no one had a problem with God Fists awe-inspiring title.

“As far as we know, God Fist was the only one to leave Worldbreaker after the transformation.

Simply incredible.” Jian Ming finished the tale, feeling nothing but awe.

“The other mighty fist slaves cant leave” Xiao Xuan asked.

Jian Ming and the daoist exchanged glances.

The latter rubbed his chin and then shook his head: “I dont think so.

The dreadful Golden Divine Fist was quite strong and started a sect in Worldbreaker.

However, he still couldnt leave.”

“Dreadful to what level” Xiao Xuan asked.

“Capable of fighting dao lords.” Jian Ming became spirited whenever he talked about top cultivators: “He was already strong before entering Worldbreaker.

His name was Ye Zuodao, he served as the Golden City Lord…”

He wasnt exaggerating.

The Golden City Lord was a position respected by the entire world.

For some reason, Ye Zuodao decided to enter Worldbreaker.

“He wasnt a simple fist slave.

He founded a sect with the same title as his.

Keep in mind that in history, only a selected few were able to start a sect.

The rest had to join the dynasty there.

His sect managed to be competitive against the dynasty, that alone is enough to show how strong he was…” Jian Ming took a break for a second before continuing: “That year, Five-sun Dao Lord started an expedition against Worldbreaker.

Alas, this didnt work because Ye Zuodao stood at the entrance alone to stop the army.

Five-sun Dao Lord realized how futile this was and never started a second expedition.”

“One man standing at the gate Mighty indeed.” Xiao Xuan praised.

“Right, but see, someone as strong as him still couldnt leave.” The daoist said softly.

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