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Chapter 4552: True Immortal Sect Master

Everyone stared at Six-winged Emissary with bated breath.

They were aware of the emissary’s superiority compared to the young generation.

Others tried for a lifetime and could only become a Heavenly Sovereign at best.

On the other hand, he was on the path to becoming a Myriad Sovereign on top of being the disciple of True Immortal Sect Master.

In short, he had everything going on for him.

Unfortunately, his achievements and status couldn’t compare to the priestess of Ancestral Divine Temple.

Among their youths, only the young emperor could match up with her.

The crowd naturally understood the tough situation he was in and the obvious outcome.

They only cared about which moves from the temple would the priestess employ.

The truth was that even imperial lineages were inferior to the temple.

Alas, its members rarely showed up in the outside world and even more seldomly battled.

For example, several generations ago, Paramount Goddess shocked the entire world by attacking Three Thousand Dao.

Of course, Si Jingru was far from being at that level currently.

Nonetheless, she should still know some supreme techniques from the temple.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, rays and lotus flowers manifested into reality again.

They then turned into bright flames and engulfed the area.

The world seemed to be sealed along with time itself.

This made the crowd feel rather helpless, that their lives weren’t under their control.

The source of the flames was a special grand dao looking like a precious treasure trove.

“Please forgive my ignorant disciple, Goddess.” Words echoed in everyone’s ears.

They were gentle yet intimidating, akin to the sounds of morning bells and evening drums reaching the depths of their heart and mind.

They looked up and saw an unadorned chariot made of star-crushed metal.

This made it heavy enough to crush everything in its path. 

It didn’t look expensive but the engraved dao runes on the walls clearly came from a dao lord.

Its power alone was enough, no need for flashy and gaudy appearances.

A chariot made of star-crushed metal and blessed by a dao lord should belong to a top master in the contemporary.

Sure enough, an old man in a blue robe sat on top.

His aura was one of immovability just like a boulder.

A sword rested on his knees, looking ancient and capable of splitting heaven and earth despite still being sheathed.

As he sat there without activating his aura, he resembled a magical boulder that has taken roots in the world itself.

Spectators became frozen.

Even an inexperienced cultivator could tell that he was extremely powerful.

“Master.” Six-winged Emissary bowed after seeing him.

“True Immortal Sect Master!” Everyone figured out who he was right away.

He could be considered the number one sect master right now in Eight Desolaces.

Being able to meet him was truly a privilege, a conversational topic for a lifetime.

“Greetings, Sect Master.” Many bowed deeply, even those not from True Immortal.

Bowing to a character of this level wasn’t shameful at all.

In fact, it was an honor.

Thus, even those who were chased away earlier showed their respect.

Of course, some big shots only nodded their head or bowed slightly.

He nodded back at the crowd and then bowed towards the goddess: “I apologize on my disciple’s behalf.” He seemed rather sincere in both words and action.

“He sure knows how to conduct himself properly.” One crowd member said.

Others also felt the same way after seeing his apology.

Most might not have been so magnanimous.

After all, the sect master of True Immortal didn’t need to apologize to anyone.

“You’re being too polite, Sect Master.” Si Jingru replied.

“I haven’t been able to visit the temple to pay my respects, please give the monarch my regards.” He bowed again.

The crowd didn’t dare to breathe loudly, not wanting to disturb their conversation.

A visit from the sect master to the temple would be a monumental occasion.

“I will deliver the message.” Si Jingru bowed back and accepted the kind wish.

These were two behemoths exchanging pleasantries.

Their stance and attitude toward each other could change the political landscape of the entire world.

“We are here today to pay respect to our ancestor, please forgive us if we have offended anyone.” He then bowed towards the crowd.

Others immediately bowed back to return the gesture.

Those who got kicked out were no longer angry and blamed only Six-winged Emissary for being rude instead.

They thought that this was how the number one sect master should act.

“An impressive act.” Jian Ming and Puresword’s group were impressed as well.

Six-winged Emissary lacked charisma and propriety in comparison.


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