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Chapter 4550: Serenity Goddess

Because of Voidburn Godchild and Jadedragon Monarchs involvement, Six-winged Emissary was pushed to the side.

He was not happy about it since he needed to deal with the insults.

He might not be the only disciple of True Immortal Sect Master or the sects successor, but he was certainly his masters trusted assistant.

He has grown used to being respected wherever he went, whether it be his own sect or the outside world.

Alas, these nobodies disrespected his master and ignored him - something truly intolerable.

“You, kneel and apologize right now or I will not show mercy and reduce you to ashes.” He raised his voice.

Of course, someone of his status couldnt just attack.

He needed to give them ample warnings beforehand to prevent external criticisms of his conduct.

Once he said all the necessary lines, then no one else would have a thing to say about his murders.

The blame would be on Li Qiyes group for being suicidal, not True Immortal picking on the weak.

“Youre annoying me.” Li Qiye waved his hand as if he was swatting a fly.

This infuriated Six-winged Emissary.

His bloodthirst became chilling enough to reach the bones.

At this point, he would go all-out against an ancestor for these offenses, let alone Li Qiye.

He was afraid of no one due to his background.

“I see, you prefer hell over heaven.

Dont blame me for being merciless then, True Immortal has shown enough restraint.” He uttered menacingly.

No one thought that this threat was empty.

The guy served as a messenger for True Immortal Sect Master.

His words carried considerable weight.

“This brat is not holding back against True Immortal.” One crowd member said.

Others would have backed off already but Li Qiye maintained his contemptuous attitude.

This truly astounded the crowd.

“Boom!” Six-winged Emissary gathered his energy and became radiant.

Sixteen halos appeared and rotated around him.

Each represented a supreme grand dao and an immense level of vitality.

“A Golden Sovereign with eighteen halos already.

So young.” One cultivator praised.

Having eighteen dao meant that he was on the journey of becoming a Myriad Sovereign.

The difference between the golden and myriad level was night and day.

Thus, he still had a long way to go before becoming a Myriad Sovereign.

Nonetheless, this was quite exceptional.

Not all ancestors from the great powers could reach this level.

Keep in mind that he wasnt the most brilliant youth in True Immortal.

Not to mention their young emperor, there were plenty of other geniuses above him.

Nonetheless, when not taking his own sect into account, he proved himself superior to most.

“Buzz.” He spread his wings and caused spatial ripples.

The rays exuding from his wings looked divine, capable of cutting down the stars.

His aura engulfed the area.

Though he was far from being the strongest one here, he still instilled fear into weaker cultivators.

“Come meet your doom, fools.” His words resonated like bell rings and made legs tremble.

“The merit laws of True Immortal are incredible.” A spectator murmured.

“Seems like you wish to fight, Emissary.

I will entertain you then.” A soft voice answered since Li Qiye couldnt be bothered to answer.

A girl arrived by riding the wind, looking regal and giving people a feeling of security.

She wore a fur coat and didnt need extravagant decorations to appear noble.

Her pupils were golden and seemingly contained worlds.

Her forehead also shined brightly as if there were divine totems hidden inside.

She didnt resemble an invincible cultivator but rather, a golden daughter from a higher realm.

Six-winged Emissarys expression darkened after seeing her.

He took one step backward.

Others noticed this and immediately inquired about her origin since most didnt recognize her.

If someone from Little Diamond were here to see her, they would immediately recognize her.

She had shown up at the auntys wonton restaurant.

Moreover, she was the one who dug Li Qiye out of the glacier and gained Li Qiyes guidance.

“Serenity Goddess…” The emissarys aura weakened.

“Serenity Whos that” A youth asked.

“Goddess.” Cultivators from the south bowed toward her, even the ancestors.

Those not in the know understood her status right away.

Even ancestors were bowing to her despite her young age This meant that her background must be frightening.

“She is the priestess of Ancestral Divine Temple.” A senior told his juniors.

Listeners gasped with haste.

Fear and respect were instinctive responses after hearing the name of this temple.

Though it was rarely mentioned compared to True Immortal or Three Thousand Dao, it had an eternal prestige.

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