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Chapter 4545: Golden Cycle of Death

Bones Dao Lord left behind a supreme art - the Golden Cycle of Death.

Rumor has it that anyone cultivating this art would have their body destroyed.

To be exact, the flesh and blood would be refined, leaving only bones behind to start the cultivation process.

As one gained higher attainment, flesh and blood would start growing again.

The stronger, the more flesh.

In theory, at grand completion, the skeleton would be fully covered in flesh.

At this point, the cultivator would be comparable to a dao lord.

This was tough to verify because even the top geniuses of Bones couldnt reach grand completion.

Because of this, the majority of its disciples had bones showing.

This was another reason for the name change from Undying Gate to Bones Sect.

This art was a nightmare for its enemies.

Since there were only bones left, killing this sects members proved challenging.

Breaking all the bones wasnt enough since they could automatically assemble once more.

The speed of recovery depended on the disciples skill and attainment.

This wasnt a new concept in the cultivation world.

Strong cultivators with a tough true fate could also re-create their body.

However, this process required a lengthy period of time.

A few injuries demanded years of healing.

The Golden Cycle of Death made it fast enough to be effective in battle.

Moreover, at grand completion, the flesh became as strong as the sturdiest metal, something akin to indestructibility.

This played a part in why some believed that Thirteenth didnt actually kill Bones Dao Lord back then.

“Looks like Bones Monarch is very close to reaching grand completion.” An ancestor said with a heavy tone.

“Hes a notorious character, never yielding to anyone.” Someone who was from the same generation as Bones trembled with fear.

“He has been their sect master for five generations now.” A big shot from the east commented.

There were reports of him successfully performing five cycles of the art, allowing him to wield all the power and influence in Bones.

He was afraid of nothing, perhaps due to the indestructible nature of this art.

Therefore, he had no qualm antagonizing any person or sect.

“Did that skeleton really reincarnate five times” Jian Ming stared intensely, wanting to see some clues.

Wise Ancestor shook his head and said: “Not sure, but from what we heard from the ancestors in those generations, he had actually lived fie whole generations, hence the rumors.”

“If its that easy to prolong lifespan, there would be immortals already.” Li Qiye stared at the monarch and said: “However, the Golden Cycle of Death is indeed an apex technique containing the profundity of life, capable of extracting birth from death.”

All eyes were on Bones Monarch now.

The latter glanced at them without hiding his arrogance and pride.

His haughty expression was as clear as possible despite only having a skull.

He stared at the upper part of the pavilion and his eye sockets flashed brightly.

“Old Skybreak, is that you” He roared.

“So its really Skybreak Monarch.” A big shot took a deep breath after hearing this.

Skybreak was one of the six heavenly monarchs of Three Thousand Dao.

Rumor has it that ordinary matters didnt necessitate their involvement.

In recent generations, not to mention Dao Sanqian, even the six monarchs rarely showed up.

Cloudgrasp Elder didnt say anything even though someone was yelling at the monarch.

He was not on the level to speak to Bones Monarch despite being an elder of Three Thousand Dao.

This skeleton was a mighty and arrogant monster.

His unkillable nature made him quite problematic to deal with.

“Bones, this is not the place for you to bark.” An ancient voice came from the pavilion.

“It really is him!” An ancestor gasped after hearing this voice.

“Something big is happening here…” The other big shots started whispering.

Everyone immediately thought that his target was none other than Everlasting Monarch of True Immortal.

Of course, it wouldnt be so easy.

They then wondered what Everlasting Monarch had in his possession that would tempt even Skybreak Monarch.

“Try and stop me then.

Although my target is Enveloping, I dont mind warming up with you first.

Itll be too late when those geezers from True Immortal come.” Bones laughed and said.

“Enveloping Who is that” One youth asked.

“Enveloping is the number one monarch of Three Thousand Dao.” Her senior immediately answered.

“The number one” The young disciples nearby were surprised to hear this.

In fact, there were rumors of him being just as strong as Dao Sanqian.

“Im afraid youll need to train more.

Come challenge him once your art is at grand completion, the current you is not enough.” Skybreak didnt hold back.

“You speak as if he is at grand completion for the golden cycle.” Bones laughed and said: “If thats the case, then he wouldnt need to be subservient to Dao Sanqian.

Hmph, he is still missing something, perhaps another 100,000 years of training.”

“What” One youth became confused: “Isnt Enveloping Monarch from Three Thousand Dao, why does he have the golden cycle too”

“Because Enveloping Monarch came from Bones.” One ancestor explained: “He used to be a supreme genius there.

They even believed that he could become a dao lord.”

“Then why did he become a monarch of Three Thousand Dao” The youth asked again.

“Who knows, he left Bones to join Three Thousand Dao.” A different ancestor said.

It turned out that Enveloping Monarch was from the same generation as Dao Sanqian.

The two became friends through competition.

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