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Chapter 4544: Bones Monarch

“True Immortal has to be here too.” An expert murmured after seeing the pavilion.

“They’ll be here for sure since they know their monarch is coming to the crossing.” An elder said with a serious expression.

Since many people have received the news about Everlasting Monarch, True Immortal would certainly come, whether it be to see him off or retrieve some items.

“I wonder what items he has on him.” A clan master asked.

The thought of this moved the crowd.

In fact, this was their reason for being here - the appearance of a great historical figure.

He might have items beyond the reach of the current True Immortal.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If they were to somehow obtain anything during the crossing, it would benefit them for generations to come.

The older cultivators knew that when masters chose to bury themselves in the Yang Cemetery, they would often bring along their most precious possessions.

Next came bringing these peerless treasures through the Yin Wheel.

Therefore, certain groups would always come to these openings, hoping for an opportunity to rob the dead.

Of course, the majority got nothing and paid with their lives.

Three Thousand Dao, one of the strongest lineages, has arrived.

Everyone knew that True Immortal would show up soon enough.

“Cloudgrasp Elder is just the guard, who are the people in there” A national teacher stared at the elder by the entrance of the pavilion.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one curious.

Other big shots noticed this as well.

Becoming an elder in Three Thousand Dao was a big deal.

These elders were far superior to their equals from other sects.

Cloudgrasp Elder had more prestige and influence than many high elders and national teachers.

Unfortunately, he seemed to be the gatekeeper today, which made people think about the cultivators inside.

“There are surely ancestors in there.

Which ones” A schoolmaster speculated.

“Can it be Dao Sanqian” A master nearby shuddered.

“Impossible.” No one wanted this to happen, not daring to repeat the name.

“Right, only an earth-shattering matter will necessitate his appearance.

Everlasting Monarch’s event is not enough.” An ancestor from a big sect had a serious expression.

They agreed with this assessment.

Only a few things left in the world could command his attention.

For example, the sudden appearance of the next dao lord.

“It must be Skybreak Monarch.” Jian Ming said: “Cloudgrasp is his underling.

Only the monarch is qualified to make him guard the entrance.”

“Boom!” Suddenly a gigantic entity slammed onto another peak and caused an earthquake.

Debris went flying everywhere.

Once the dust settled, people could see that it was actually a throne made of white jade.

No, it turned out to be bones, not jade.

The entire throne was carved from a single bone belonging to a massive creature.

“That is…” People became startled to see the white thrones with embedded gold.

It looked gloomy and regal at the same time.

“Bones Sect.” A cultivator thought about a lineage from the east and blurted out.

“Three Thousand Dao is here too Just in time.” A cold voice came from the throne.

Everyone looked up and saw a man sitting on the throne.

He had an impressive stature and wore a robe with golden stitchings of a five-clawed dragon.

This was the outfit of the emperors seen in the mortal realm.

Of course, they didn’t have the same divinity.

They then noticed something else - his body was normal but he had a skull instead of a head.

A red glow could be seen through the eye sockets, looking like the flame of his soul.

His teeth were perfect and white.

They shined brightly when he opened his mouth.

Normally, seeing a skull would be rather creepy.

This wasn’t the case since spectators found it to be more like a work of art.

He also wore a crown with an embedded jewel.

It emitted a gentle and holy light.

“Bones Monarch.” A’han took a deep breath and said: “This monster is here too This will be fun.”

“Who the hell is this” One youth was frightened.

“Is there a race like this” Another asked.

Skeletons weren’t rare but a hybrid of flesh and skull was different.

“This isn’t a race, there’s no race like it either.” A senior shook his head: “He is the sect master of Bones, just a human who cultivates a top art from that sect, Golden Cycle of Death.”

“Bones, I see.” Many have heard of this lineage before but didn’t know much about it.

Bones was a sect from Eastern Desolace, one of the oldest in all of Sky Border.

In the past, its name was Undying Gate.

It used to be reclusive so few knew of its existence.

As time passed, it gained an invincible member and became a top power.

This person was none other than Bones Dao Lord.

Rumor has it that this dao lord didn’t come from Undying Gate.

For some unknown reason, he chose to join this weak sect despite already being so strong.

Its name changed to Bones with the addition of the dao lord.

Later on, Bones Dao Lord and Thirteenth fought a shocking battle ending with their death.

However, the dao lord was famous for being able to return to life after being killed.

Alas, these were all legends and couldn’t be verified.


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