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Chapter 4513: Shaking Immortal Grass

The crowd was still in a stupor because Li Qiye gave all ten bottles to Turtle-seeker Ancestor instead of just a few.

Not to mention a stranger or an acquaintance, one would hesitate on giving them to their own disciples or best friends.

No one else here could do the same as Li Qiye.

Only supreme characters such as Dao Sanqian had the ability to do so.

It took a while for Turtle-seeker to accept this dream-like reality.

Remember, they have only spoken briefly.

He could feel the heat coming from the bottles in his hands.

This kindness was virtually impossible to repay, not even if he were to spend the rest of his life in Li Qiyes service.

While the crowd still felt perplexed, the fourth auction was brought up to the stage.

This was an immortal grass placed inside a flower pot.

Upon closer inspection, it didnt grow from the pot but was transplanted from another place.

The pot had an ash-gray color, seemingly a relic of the past.

Its coarse surface gave the impression of it being capable of connecting with worldly energies.

The soil was special, a combination of violet terra mud and abyss flower buds.

It had enough moisture and emitted a flowery fragrance.

Even a fool could tell that this soil was meant for something brilliant.

The grass itself was only four inches tall with only nine leaves.

It seemed rather feeble and the leaves could be blown off by a breeze.

The grass was clear, looking like it was carved from precious jade.

The leaves had a violet glow to them and seemed rather heavy.

If one fell to the lake, it would certainly sink to the bottom.

Most importantly, the veins on the leaves were all different and golden, seemingly depicting unique diagrams.

These golden lines seemed to be alive, always flowing like the grand dao itself and looking like dragons.

Their golden glow illuminated the surroundings and turned into scattering particles.

“Shaking Immortal Grass.” One big shot recognized it.

“Indeed.” Everyone else agreed with this and felt their heart beating faster.

This was an immortal grass desired by all since it contained the grand dao and could communicate with heaven and earth.

In other words, it could help a cultivator reach the next realm without facing a bottleneck, a catalyst for cultivation improvement.

Of course, it wasnt omnipotent.

It simply raised the chance of reaching the next realm by a considerable number.

For cultivators, bottlenecks could exist at any realm.

However, not all of them were unsurpassable.

Time was usually the limiting factor.

This type of grass was too precious and rare.

Only the supreme masters would keep them around and wait for a crucial moment to use it.

The big shots here were at a high realm, meaning that it would be difficult to keep on improving.

Furthermore, if they didnt need it, perhaps an ancient ancestor from their sect could use it.

“This is a mature grass with nine leaves.” A big shot from an immemorial sect praised.

“Indeed, and after our careful grooming, its medicinal potential has zero impurity.” The auctioneer revealed.

“And here I thought that it would be a budding grass.

This is completely different.” Another clan member said.

This meant that the grass could be used right away without a waiting period.

The younger grass would have limited medicinal potential.

The waiting period could be anywhere ranging from tens of thousands of years or more than a hundred thousand years, perhaps even longer.

“Its not easy to find a mature one.” An ancient ancestor said: “Where did your grotto find it”

The problem with finding a mature grass was the procurement process.

This grass would start running and the moment it came out of the soil, it would wither and die.

Capturing one successfully required immense power or a heaven-defying technique to bring the grass back.

Otherwise, an unknowledgeable cultivator coming across one would only end up ruining it.

Now, this mature grass has been successfully transplanted into the pot, meaning that the buyer could wait for the right time to use it.

“Taken here from long ago, we have been growing it for 50,000 years and it sure was not easy.” The auctioneer responded.

This casual statement made listeners imagine how hard it was, from the transplanting to the cultivating process.

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