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Chapter 4495: Turtle-seeker Ancestor

The worker led the group onto an island with mystical buildings shrouded in mist and clouds.

This was a place meant for the most esteemed guests and the secret auction.

There was a reason why they were eligible to be taken to the island.

Otherwise, those without an invitation or lacking reputation wouldnt have the same luck.

Winding paths led to the various buildings, painting an elegant and classical scene.

This seemed to be a memento of the past.

Moreover, they also served as a maze with no end in sight.

The guests included either ancestors from great powers or experts from the behemoths.

The true strongest cultivators had no need to come in person due to not wanting to leave their hibernation.

Thus, they sent their disciples here instead.

The guests quietly waited inside their assigned buildings for the incoming auction.

The point of this auction was to be secretive.

They came aiming for a particular item, not to socialize.

They were busy planning the right starting bid and how to defeat other competitors.

They went into it with a very prudent mindset since the competitors were no slouches.

The main hall also had a group of people waiting.

They hid their face and their identity.

The more important characters hid their true body altogether.

This was a way to avoid exposing needless information to the enemies or just another strategy for the auction.

Of course, some didnt care at all.

They brought along numerous disciples to serve and support them.

They looked around in an imperious manner in order to intimidate fellow guests.

Thus, this secret auction had numerous renowned participants.

As time drew near, more and more people came to the hall.

Once Li Qiyes group entered, eyes turned towards them.

This only lasted for a few seconds before others lost interest.

After all, they didnt stand out in the slightest among the crowd, only serving as a few more participants.

Some recognized Wise Ancestor and came to greet him.

Though the four clans werent as illustrious as before, they still had some businesses left.

They were merely acquaintances so after some cordial words, they all went back to their place.

Only a few big shots were curious about Li Qiyes identity but they didnt ask.

They had experienced plenty of strange things before and didnt find anything surprising anymore.

Li Qiye naturally had no friends in this hall.

However, Wise Ancestor actually had someone.

“Brother Wu, long time no see.” An old man standing in the corner saw Wise Ancestor and enthusiastically came over and cupped his fist.

Both his age and impressive aura were high up there.

It seemed that the older he got, the stronger.

He should be just as strong as Wise.

“Brother Bie, its been a millennium since our last meeting.

You came to Golden but didnt even come to our clan.

Did you forget me already” Wise was happy to see an old friend at the auction and playfully complained while embracing the old man.

Cultivators, especially ancestors, could live for a very long time.

For a mortal, a millennium consisted of ten generations.

Alas, it wasnt long for an ancestor.

Of course, one thousand years were still one thousand years outside of hibernation.

They were still glad to see an old friend.

“I came in a hurry and couldnt visit you, Brother Wu.

Please forgive me.” The old man became embarrassed and cupped his fist again to apologize.

“Come, meet the ancestor of the Wu.

Show him the same respect as you would to me.” He then told his juniors.

His juniors appeared exceptional, clearly the top talents of the sect.

They came over and lowered their head to greet Wise.

“All dragons and phoenixes among men.” Wise praised.

It seemed that his clan has fallen too fast compared to his old friends sect.

He then sentimentally said: “Your most brilliant disciple back then was a heavens favorite and should be quite successful now.”

“Xiao Er” The old man sighed and shook his head: “Lets not talk about this matter.

Introduce me to your juniors.”

“Come meet Turtle-seeker Ancestor of Archipelago.” Wise told Jian Ming to come over.

Given the serious circumstances, Jian Ming had to act properly.

He walked with his chest arched out and respectfully bowed.

Though he seemed undependable and even slightly sloppy, he knew how to keep up appearances.

“Not bad, not bad.

This young fellas talent is exceptional.” Turtle-seeker praised.

Archipelago was a powerful sect of Eastern Desolace.

Rumor has it that their progenitor used to be a young ox herder.

One day, an island descended out of nowhere and the youth was fortunate to be there.

He climbed up the island and found a fortune, eventually becoming an unstoppable cultivator.

Turtle-seeker and Wise were close friends despite the distance between their sects.

Their relationship remained excellent throughout the years, its just that they seldomly get to see each other.

“Who might that be” Turtle-seeker saw Li Qiye and didnt think that he was Wises disciple.

“This is our ancient ancestor.

Call him young noble.” Wise whispered.

“Your ancient ancestor” Turtle-seeker didnt expect this and took a closer look.

Li Qiye didnt have the aura nor the cultivation of an ancient ancestor and looked more like a regular disciple.

However, he knew that Wise couldnt be lying to him.

Despite feeling confused, he still bowed deeply toward Li Qiye and invited the group over to their corner.

He then pulled Wise to the side and asked: “Brother Wu, how come I havent heard of this before”

“Its a long story.” Wise whispered: “We invited the ancient ancestor back for the Primordial Union in order to revitalize the clan.”

Turtle-seeker knew a few things about this.

He smiled wryly and shook his head: “I dont think Im going to the union since the benefits will be meager.

Ill run back to the island after this.”

“Is there something going on” Wise became worried.

“Its Xiao Er.” Turtle-seeker said wistfully.

“Whats wrong with him He was lively when I saw him back then, his talent will allow him to inherit your legacy and even surpass you.” Wise said.

“Yes, that brats talent is good and I like him a lot.” Turtle-seeker nodded: “I tried my best to train him but we might have been too hasty.

A hundred years ago, he lost his focus during an important break-through session and suffered qi deviation.

His lower half is paralyzed now.”

“What a shame.” Wise sighed.

A thousand years were long enough for old cultivators to see their juniors pass away.

“There is a pill here that I want for Xiao Ers sake.” Turtle-seeker whispered and revealed his intention.

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