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Chapter 4491: Sharp Tongue

Everyone knew that Three Thousand Dao had members all over the world.

Offending them in Sky Border was a foolish endeavor.

Lotus Young Noble was far from being a big shot.

Nonetheless, he still enjoyed special treatments at all the great powers during his travel.

As the saying goes - one might not care for the monk but still be considerate of Buddha.

In this case, no one wanted to offend Lotus Young Noble because of his sect.

As the direct successor of an elder, he was still among the upper ranks of the young generation there.

“You have a death wish, brat” Lotus Young Nobles eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“Know your place, tuck your tail between your legs if you want to live a little longer.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head.

Listeners couldnt believe it.

Disciples of Three Thousand Dao certainly had enemies.

Alas, these enemies usually exercised restraint instead of going to the extreme.

“Did you hear that Our young noble has spoken.” Jian Ming became audacious like a dog barking on its home turf.

He raised his voice: “Tuck your tail between your legs or youll wish for death.

Wait, no, an insignificant shrimp like you isnt worth our young nobles time.

Hell end you with one slap.”

“Scram already!” He then posed aggressively just like an evil servant with a powerful master, seemingly ready to give the youth a good beating.

“Is he insane” Spectators exchanged glances after seeing this development.

They felt second-hand embarrassment for Jian Ming putting up this unbearable sycophantic act, standing up for his master.

Such a dog needed to be slapped and put down.

On the other hand, the daoist thought that Jian Ming was purposely provoking Lotus Young Noble.

Did he want to kill the brat and then drag Three Thousand Dao down as well

As for Wise Ancestor, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Normally, he would be slapping the youth already.

Unfortunately, Jian Ming was standing up for Li Qiye so he wasnt in a position to reprimand him.

“Isnt that brat a member of the four great clans Why is he so uncouth” Some in the audience recognized him.

“Is he not afraid of his clans being destroyed by Three Thousand Dao” Another wondered.

“The brats mouth is always this foul, I just didnt expect him to not hold back against a behemoth.” A member of a great power replied, seemingly eager to watch someone else suffer.

Fury burned in the eyes of Lotus Young Noble.

At the start, he was only slightly angered but now, he truly wanted to kill.

“Ignorant fool, today will be your last!” He gritted his teeth and threatened: “If I dont flay your skin, rip your tendons, and eat your blood…”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jian Ming interrupted him and smirked: “Dont you know that more often than not, dogs who bark the most dont bite I sincerely advise you, and note, this might be the most valuable piece of advice you will ever receive in your entire life, be smart and scram right now.

Our young noble does not go as far as to beat a drowning dog.”

Listeners knew that these sarcastic remarks would infuriate any cultivator, let alone someone from a prestigious background such as Three Thousand Dao.

“This is like burying someone alive, its tough to watch.” The daoist murmured to himself: “This brat is ruthless.”

Jian Ming heard him and whispered back: “Youre no better, you stole from them and now, youre trying to hide behind our young noble and involving him.

Its just that he is kind enough not to punish you.”

“Uh, thats not whats going on here…” The daoist smiled wryly.

Meanwhile, Lotus found the humiliation and disdain more and more unacceptable.

“State your name before I obliterate you! Which sect are you from!” He roared but still refrained from attacking Jian Ming without warning.

“I never hide who I am, my last name is Jian.” Jian Ming strongly responded: “Dont be mistaken that only your sect can be imperious as if everyone else in the world are your grandchildren.

Three Thousand Dao is not number one.

In terms of power, True Immortal and Lions Roar are just as strong.

If you want to prove me wrong, go to the Divine Ancestral Temple and shout a few words there, Ill be utterly convinced then.

Otherwise, stop thinking that youre the best.”

“Hes kinda right.” At first, listeners thought that Jian Ming was courting death but now, they somewhat agreed with the sentiment.

The members of the behemoths always acted haughtily and thought that they were superior to everyone else.

This included just the average disciple from these sects.

Lotus Young Nobles arrogance naturally annoyed everyone.

If he was actually capable, he should go prove himself by acting all that at the Ancestral Divine Temple, being just as prideful in front of a superior entity.

Of course, the youth would never do that.

He would lower his head and bow like a grandchild.

The temple served as the place of enlightenment for the Supreme Monarch.

Not to mention him, even their progenitor, Dao Sanqian, wouldnt dare to be haughty there.

Wise ancestor shook his head but didnt interfere since Li Qiye was giving implicit permission.

“Fool, I wont only cut you to pieces today but my sect will also annihilate your clan! The authority of Three Thousand Dao isnt to be challenged by the likes of you!” Lotus could stand this no longer.

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