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Chapter 4482: Earthseer Daoist

“About that…” The daoists expression changed after hearing Li Qiye.

“Haha, who boasted earlier What now” Jian Ming immediately kicked the horse while it is down and sneered: “You talked as if you had all the treasures in the world.

Now, our young noble has spoken, go get them.”

“Heavenly treasures are only legends.” The daoist rubbed his palms awkwardly and said: “Im afraid no one has seen them before, so we dont even know if they are real.

Even an immortal cant conjure them out of thin air.”

“You dont need an immortal for this, theyre only heavenly treasures.” Li Qiye teased.

The daoist shuddered and started thinking about the possibilities.

He hurriedly regained his wits and smiled: “Young Noble, could you change your mind There are many other wondrous artifacts around…”

“They cant be that special if there are that many of them.” Li Qiye said: “True treasures are unique, one and only.”

“...” The daoist lost his confidence; his shifty eyes darted back and forth while trying to come up with a response.

“What is your name” Li Qiye spared him by changing the topic.

“This little one is known as Earthseer Daoist.” The daoist introduced himself: “I can read the mysteries of the three worlds and the secrets of the future.”

“Thats a bold claim.” Li Qiye smiled: “I dont think your ancestors would even dare to say the same thing if they were here.”

“Just like the rumors.” The daoist took a deep breath and said.

Jian Ming nearby continued: “Earthseer is your title yet you bragged about how you can steal anything earlier, isnt this too much”

“Of course not, this is just my side job to make some money.

Plus, it is not stealing, call it the art of procurement instead.

When the dao is right, the myriad items are up for grab…” The daoist said.

“Im about to vomit.” Jian Ming said with disdain: “A lot of flowery words to hide the action of a thief.

Side job I believe it because your divining art is too inaccurate to make a living.”

“Nonsense!” The daoist finally became angry and turned red.

He raised his voice: “My clans divining art is unmatched in all of Eight Desolaces.

In fact, all divining arts are derived from our clans techniques.

They are inadequate but we can even estimate the will of the heaven!”

He became emotional when bringing up his clans ability, clearly possessing full confidence.

Of course, this was indeed the case.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that they could pry into the heavens mandate and the future.

Numerous big shots and dao lords have asked their clan for divination regarding the future.

Unfortunately, the majority were turned away.

“I dont know what heavens will youre reading, but come, divine my fate, lets see how good you are.” Jian Ming said.

The daoist flipped his palm and wanted to calculate with his fingers.

Alas, he pulled back and uttered coldly: “No need to calculate to see your fate.

Just one glance is enough.”

“Tell me what you saw then.” Jian Ming didnt buy it.

“You are blessed with heavenly gifts but since your heart and mind are disorderly, you are destined for mediocrity.

If this changes, then thats another issue.” The daoist said.

“Bah!” Jian Ming only heard one thing from that sentence: “Mediocrity! Bull**, your entire clan is mediocre!”

“He\'s right.” Li Qiye interjected: “You need to learn self-control and restraint in order to not waste your good fortune.”

“Really” Jian Ming listened carefully.

Though they said the same thing, he believed Li Qiye far more.

Li Qiye chuckled and told the daoist: “Your heavengrasp art is not from your clan.”

The daoist was startled since Li Qiye knew everything.

He said: “Great Immortal, your vision is impeccable.

I came across it by accident and eventually became adept enough to keep wanting to try more.”

“Sounds like youre lucky too.” Jian Ming said.

The daoist seemed confident in his stealing ability as well.

He arched his chest and said: “I can grasp anything in existence.”

“Are you sure” Jian Ming said: “I heard that there is an extraordinary item hidden in True Immortal Sect.

If you can grasp it, then I would have nothing but admiration for you.”

“True Immortal…” The daoist looked around, looking nervous.

“Have you learned nothing” Wise Ancestor glared at Jian Ming.

This wasnt a joke.

Wanting to steal something from True Immortal could have dire consequences if others found out.

Jian Ming was invested in this quarrel and laughed at the daoist: “Scared Thats fine, just stop bragging from now on.”

“Hah! True Immortal Im not scared of anything.” The daoist retorted: “That item has a heaven-defying origin and is kept deep in their sect.

Few of their members have actually seen it.”

“You know about it too” Jian Ming didnt expect this.

“Its not that big of a secret but even if it was, I can still calculate it.” The daoist boasted.

“As I said, stop talking about your swindling divining art.

Just grab the item and Ill prostrate before you.” Jian Ming said.

“I dont care for your respect.

If you can actually muster the payment, I will grasp the item.” The daoist wasnt a gentleman or a moralistic person.

He had enough of being looked down upon.

“I dont have money but our clan has a lot.” Jian Ming retorted.

“I dont think your four clans together can come up with the sum.” The daoist sneered.

“You know about us” Jian Ming became startled.

“Nothing can hide from my calculation.” The daoist boasted again.

“You probably obtained information about us before, its understandable, our four clans are so prestigious and renowned to the rest of the world.

You probably cowered after hearing our names.” Jian Ming said.

“I wouldnt be so proud since worthless descendants like you are not living up to your ancestors prestige.” The daoist barked back.

“As if youre any better.” Jian Ming didnt hold back: “You talked about your prestigious divination clan earlier but all I see before me is a thief.

Youre a worthless descendant bringing shame to your ancestors too!”

“You!” The daoist became livid.

“Am I wrong here” Jian Ming became complacent after seizing the upper hand.

“How foolish! Foolish beyond cure!” The daoist could only scold.

“Okay, our young noble only wants heavenly treasures.

Since you cant get them, scram.” Jian Ming tried to chase the daoist away.

The daoist ignored him this time and smiled at Li Qiye: “Great Immortal, are you interested in True Immortals item”

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