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Chapter 4481: Dark Street

Dark was the largest street in Golden and hosted the largest and busiest market.

Unlike the other main streets that specialized in larger branches and franchises, Dark had many independent merchants and buyers.

Most importantly, it allowed for the selling of goods from dubious origins.

Thus, it became the best place in perhaps all of Sky Border to dispose of stolen goods.

The thieves and bandits would come here while hiding their identities and selling the goods.

Thus, the market had a negative reputation - a place for swindlers and criminals.

Of course, blatant crimes werent allowed but trickeries and swindling were common.

It was a chaotic place not in terms of laws and regulations.

Its just that there was no guarantee for transactions, especially from independent merchants.

Thus, one could buy goods that eventually turned out to be stolen or inauthentic.

In a sense, this actually boosted business for the street.

Rumor has it that with ample money, one can buy anything here.

This might be an exaggeration but it accurately reflected the prosperity of this market.

Millions of goods flowed in and out of Dark Street on a daily basis.

Jian Ming came in order to find members of the Yu.

They normally came to get rid of stolen goods.

When the group entered the street, they were greeted with a bustling atmosphere.

People came from all over the world.

Various races could be seen here - those with three heads and six hands, a demon with a snake head and a human body, ghastly beings, skullwalkers…

Some were notorious villains of their own regions.

Nonetheless, they put on a good act here due to the safety laws.

Therefore, the street was a safe place to observe the unsavory members of society.

Outside of the large and reputable stores, countless merchants displayed their goods along the street.

They either peddled their merchandise or simply placed them on the ground and slept, waiting for customers to come.

Some had a board displaying their items then they would lean on the wall and rest.

Due to the complicated nature of the street, one could meet hidden masters anywhere as well.

An inconspicuous old man could turn out to be an invincible ancestor.

This was another reason why no one wanted to cause trouble here.

“Sir, please come take a look.

This is a myriad tribulation pill that has just left the cauldron from our ancient clan.” A young merchant immediately came over to the group.

“Go away.” Jian Ming blocked his path and said: “Myriad tribulation pill This is just a common anti-lightning pill with a layer of ash on top that youre trying to sell for ten times the price.”

“Oh, one of us, my bad, my bad.” The merchant wasnt embarrassed at all.

“One of us my ass!” Jian Ming said indignantly.

As they walked a bit farther, another came over and whispered: “Gentlemen, this lowly one will let you in on a little secret.

I have an ancient scroll right now that I dug out from an ancient grave on Mount Taia.

That grave had such wonderful visual phenomena…”

“Have you trained with it” Jian Ming stared at him.

“I tried but I couldnt read the ancient text.

It must be some immemorial mantras beyond my reach, but I can see immortal energies floating around you three…”

“Who actually believes your bull**” Jian Ming glared and said: “Even birds dont want to ** on Mount Taia, theres no ancient grave there.

Plus, even if there was, I would have dug it way before a useless asshole like you.”

“Ah, I see, a fellow brother.” The merchant laughed.

“Keep talking and Ill dig up your familys graves.” Jian Ming threatened.

The merchant laughed and didnt mind the comment.

He then ran off to look for another prey.

The same thing happened several times along the way.

They were all chased away by Jian Ming.

It looked like the youth was a frequent visitor of Dark Street and has grown quite used to it.

In fact, he seemed to have many friends here.

Some came over to say hi but Jian Ming chased them away while whispering: “Dont pull this crap in front of my ancestor or hell eradicate your clan.”

He successfully scared them and made them scram.

“Brat, so this is how you spend all your time, just loitering in this place.

Your ancestor will definitely break your legs.” Wise smiled wryly after seeing this.

“Hehe, Ancestor, please forgive me, I merely strolled around here to relax and havent done anything wrong, please dont tell my old geezer.” Jian Ming chuckled.

The Jian considered themselves to be an aristocratic clan.

Jian Ming didnt quite fit this role, not even in the slightest.

The Jian Ancestor naturally wouldnt like this.

As for Li Qiye, he only smiled and didnt comment.

Jian Ming was certainly familiar with Dark Street.

He started asking a merchant for information: “Yo, have you seen the fat guy from the Yu recently”

“How the hell do I know” The merchant responded.

“Stop, I know that he sells stolen goods to your clan.” Jian Ming said.

“I really havent seen him recently…” The merchant coughed.

Jian Ming kept on asking around to no avail while Li Qiye spent his time looking at the waves of people with a smile.

“Great Immortal, Great Immortal.” A middle-aged man with a long mustache suddenly came closer and talked to Li Qiye.

He wore a wrinkly daoist robe with numerous patches.

Shifty-looking would be the right word to describe him.

He had a cloth sign on his back with the character meaning “Calculation”.

His small eyes flashed brightly, resembling the eyes of a mouse.

“Great Immortal, if you need any supreme treasure, just say the word and I will get it for you.” He enthusiastically suggested.

“What do you have” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hah, I dont have anything on me right now but if you have something in mind, I will bring it to you for a negotiable price.” The daoist said.

Jian Ming didnt buy it and sneered: “Theres a limit to bull**ting.

As if you can get any supreme treasure.”

“Of course I can, I stake my clans reputation on it as long as the buyer has enough money.” The merchant patted his chest and proudly declared.

Unfortunately, his shifty appearance didnt instill confidence.

“So I can pick anything” Jian Ming was looking for trouble.

“Yes, you name the item and I name the price.” The daoist agreed.

Jian Ming naturally didnt expect this.

However, the daoist was more interested in Li Qiye: “Great Immortal, would you tell me your desire”

“Only a few things pique my interest.” Li Qiye said: “Very well, the nine heavenly treasures then.”

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