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Chapter 4480: Land of the Pure Lotus

From one perspective, Pure Lotus was rather normal.

The sceneries and disciples weren’t special.

The only exceptional aspects were its prime location in Golden City and its serenity. 

In history, the world knew that the dao lords were the strongest cultivators.

They dare to campaign against the forbidden zones and more.

Nonetheless, the holiness of this place seemed to be above all of that.

Moreover, the rule was unspoken as well.

Pure Lotus never announced the need for serenity yet everyone still obediently adhered.

More amusing enough, whenever its rare disciples came out to the outside world, they were always protected by others.

If an unknown bully were to pick on them, other experts would immediately jump in to stop.

In fact, it was obvious that Pure Lotus no longer had any talent.

They were few in number, going as low as three to five disciples at worst.

This was only enough to pass down their arts. 

Alas, this tiny sect still occupied such a huge area in one of the most expensive cities in Eight 


If someone were to ask - what if my mortal enemy was hiding in Pure Lotus

This has happened before.

Some arrogant or reckless souls have actually tried to trespass with animosity on their mind.

However, experts nearby would immediately stop them.

In one case, a mighty Heavenly Sovereign tried to do so.

He was too strong for the crowd members to deal with.

However, a massive palm descended and annihilated him like an insect.

No one knew where the palm came from but the powerful sovereign was killed in the blink of an eye.

These stories all contributed to why the serenity here couldn’t be broken.

Land of the imperial attendant, no trespassing or fighting.

This phrase has been carved on a tablet at the entrance to Pure Lotus.

Li Qiye took a look and saw the old tablet.

The characters were carved powerfully.

The calligraphy style nearly pierced through the entire width.

No one knew who created the tablet but even a fool could tell that the carver was an incredible cultivator.

Not even time could affect or change the characters.

Li Qiye patted the tablet and sighed sentimentally after reading the content.

The latter was obvious - the unspoken rule that has been written down at the entrance.

However, the first part was worth pondering.

According to the legend, the saintess from Pure Lotus became the attendant for the one and only Imperial Queen in history.

Some scrolls also addressed her as Prime Queen.

The question was - who was this queen Why did the records speak so highly of her

The confusion stemmed from the level of reverence.

Even the wives of the dao lords didn’t enjoy the same treatment.

Remember, Pure Lotus wasn’t even the queen’s abode.

It was only her attendant’s sect.

Moreover, the two of them had never been seen in recent eras.

Nonetheless, their influence still affected the contemporary and made Pure Lotus unique.

This made many people think about the queen’s actual background.

There weren’t that many clues or answers still left.

Pure Lotus was one of them - a piece of evidence of her actual existence.

“The Prime Queen, a mystery indeed.” Jian Ming murmured.

“Don’t run your mouth here of all places.

It is forbidden.” Wise smacked his head harder this time.

Due to the four clan’s history, he had heard of many legends regarding the queen before.

Thus, he immediately stopped the brat from running his mouth.

Many big shots have tried to find out more about the queen.

Some did it in a blatant manner and eventually, they disappeared from the world, seemingly evaporating into thin air.

The ancestor’s attitude reminded Jian Ming of a few things.

This made him turn pale and curse his big mouth.

He slapped himself several times and kneeled in the direction of Pure Lotus: “I sincerely apologize.”

Wise didn’t scold him any longer.

The wise sages and dao lords stopped before the tablet only to observe quietly.

They were awfully rude just now.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye traced his hand over the characters.

The past became so near again.

After a while, he sighed and said: “Let’s go.”

The duo caught up to him.

Once they were far away enough from Pure Lotus, Jian Ming said: “I’m very familiar with Dark Street.

Do you need anything, Young Noble You can definitely find it there.”

“Let’s take a look first.” Li Qiye said.

“Don’t forget why we are here.

Once we get to Dark Street, I’ll break your legs if you hang around your pack of scoundrels.” Wise warned.

“Ancestor, your comment is unwarranted since I’m always honest and never hang around a pack of scoundrels.

Heaven and earth can be my witnesses.” Jian Ming protested.

“You shouldn’t say something like that so trivially.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“My mistake.” Jian Ming immediately shut his mouth.

A few phrases were considered taboo and carried immense consequences. 


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