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Chapter 4460: Inner Ruins

Inner Ruins, true to its name, was located in the center of Sky Border.

The character for “Ruins” had many interpretations.

For example, some believed that these ruins have been here since time antiquity.

Another merely focused on its massive size instead, and that it had much more than just the ruins.


Regardless of the answer, no one had a problem with this title.

They also had no idea about the actual size of this place.

Cultivators have explored the world due to their increased mobility.

Of course, this didnt take into account the dangerous areas as the forbidden zones.

Moreover, the long history of the epoch also helped.

Lineages had a perfect map of their own territory.

This wasnt the case for Inner Ruins.

The place remained relatively unknown Top masters explored it and found that it was a separate world, one that was broken.

Thus, sad scenes could be seen here – ravaged lands and rivers, broken space…

One theory stated that this destruction wasnt due to a direct attack.

It most likely originated from what was known as the great calamity.

Evil and disasters took over.

It wasnt until top masters swept through them and re-created the world, resulting in Eight Desolaces.

To expand on this, some believed that their current world used to be unstable, floating continents.

Dao lords and the wise sages had to remake and shape them again, allowing enough stability for life to prosper.

However, they seemed to have forgotten about one area – Inner Ruins.

In a sense, this was a remnant of the great calamity.

Despite its ravaged nature, one would be mistaken to say that it was abandoned.

There were many mysterious lineages with incredible powers.

If one of their disciples were to roam the world, they would shock everyone, dao lords included.

The age of these linages was incredible.

One phrase stated that they were older than the start of the world.

Of course, this was rather exaggerated but it still hit the right chords.

Timeworn, Immortal Lake, God Peak… These were familiar yet strange titles – the names of the immemorial lineages.

Most youths have never heard of them before but their seniors certainly did.

If someone from these sects were to come out, even True Immortal Sect or Lions Roar would be alarmed.

Currently, Three Thousand Dao, True Immortal, and Lions Roar were often named as the top lineages in Eight Desolaces.

Alas, these immemorial lineages might be on par.

There was no way to adequately judge their true power.

Another name was often brought up by the big shots from the previous generation – Void Zone.

This was a location that even dao lords refrained from commenting on it.

It had numerous legends.

One stated that it was a paradise full of wondrous vegetation and metals.

Another said that it was an ancient lineage with numerous members.

All in all, the best way to explain it was to say that even Blessed Dao Lord would tread carefully when dealing with Void Zone.

Its location remained unknown, only theorized that the entrance was hidden in Inner Ruins.

Because of the perils hidden in Inner Ruins, not even dao lords wanted to start a sect here.

However, the outer regions were full of people and sects.

This was because it took up so much land.

The outer region didnt belong to any of the main continents.

Thus, it was fine for cultivators to divide them up and start sects there.

Numerous smaller sects existed in the outskirt.

Of course, some lineages older than any found in Eight Desolaces were here as well.


Smoke and the cries of livestock could be heard in a small village outside of Inner Ruins.

Next to it was a prosperous city.

The outskirt seemed like a different world compared to the broken Inner Ruins.

Nonetheless, some areas shared the same ruinous state – pagoda and great walls have been reduced to bricks and infested with weeds.

Li Qiye came to the outer region afterward instead of visiting another continent.

He focused on the scattered ruins.

The world didnt know of their significance but he stopped every once in a while.

Memories resurfaced because some of these places were personally built by him.

Others served as temporary homes or battlefields…

The fall of the Nine Worlds Epoch left them devastated.

The strongest sects and unbreakable fortresses couldnt survive the calamity.

His goal was to find a peerless item buried deep underground, virtually impossible to find.

Alas, he wasnt in a rush since this was his time to reminisce.

After a long trek early morning, he finally stopped and took his time at a tattered area.


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