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Chapter 4386: My Turn

All eyes were on Bear King; none appreciated the unbecoming conduct.

Nonetheless, he put himself in a predicament – unable to release Li Qiye or just kill him.

“Monkey King, I can accept other requests but I must wring his head today!” He shouted.

The monkey king furrowed his brows, looking dissatisfied.

“Brat, I shall offer your head to my disciple in heaven.” He then glared at Li Qiye.

The audience watched with bated breath, believing that Li Qiye was about to die.

Of course, they didnt sympathize because he asked for it.

Some snorted while thinking that this was the outcome for those who dare to oppose them.

Li Qiyes crimes were worthy of clan extermination.

They needed to make an example out of him or the other sects might become too arrogant.

They disliked Bear Kings method but had no problem with the end result.

“Is that so” Li Qiye still had a smile despite the fact that the demon could break his neck by adding a little strength.

“Yes.” For some reason, the demon had a bad feeling about this and decided to end this quickly: “Die now!”

He closed his fingers and channeled his energy in order to break Li Qiyes neck.

Alas, this didnt work and he felt that the guys neck was tougher than the hardest metal in existence.

“Die-” He roared and mustered all of his strength.

This still didnt work; this neck seemed impervious to damage.

His face turned red from straining to no avail.

“What is going on” Spectators realized that something was a miss.

“Its rather commendable trying so hard to avenge your disciple.

Unfortunately, you picked the wrong enemy.” Li Qiye smiled.

Li Qiye who was suspended in the air suddenly floated upward.

Strangely enough, the demon was being pulled up with him as well.

This frightened him so he immediately let go of Li Qiyes throat.

However, this didnt stop him from floating upward.

He had lost control of his body and struggling was futile.

“Are you seeing this” Confusion struck the crowd.

At the start, they thought that Bear King was pulling Li Qiye up in the air before tossing the guy down.

This wasnt right because Bear King had let go.

The top demons here didnt have an answer either.

“This is bad!” The monkey kings expression soured after assessing the situation.

“What sorcery is this!” Bear King bellowed.

“Tell me, how do you want to die” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

Having said that, waves of fire appeared behind him and turned into a pair of wings.

Dao laws emanated in all directions and exuded unbearable heat.

“Screech!” A phoenix cry made listeners tremble with fear.

They suddenly felt the supreme power of a phoenix coming from Li Qiye.

It was as if the divine beast has taken over Li Qiye and granted him immeasurable strength.

“What is this!” The great demons standing behind the monkey king became startled.

Their very soul was affected by his aura – an instinctive and primal fear.

This was the feeling of subjugation all birds felt towards the phoenix.

It had nothing to do with actual cultivation and power, only bloodline superiority.

“The grand dao of the phoenix” Jian Qingzhu became emotional.

She had the bloodline of a luan.

Rumor has it that her ancestor, Sacred Luan, could reach atavism and evolve into a phoenix.

In all of Dragon, her bloodline was the closest to the ultimate bloodline.

Alas, she still felt the same fear as the others.

Even the prestigious luans would be subservient to a phoenix.

One was a true divine beast while the other only had a bloodline with a touch of divinity.

She then recalled how Li Qiye lit up the roost.

He was the only one to do so after Divine Luan Dao Lord.

“He actually obtained something like this from the roost” The monkey king could sense the noblest power of the demon race from Li Qiye.

As an ancestor of Phoenix Ground, he was aware of Li Qiye being granted permission to enter the roost.

Thus, it became abundantly clear that he had obtained something incredible from there.

“The winner takes all.

Do your worst, Im not afraid.” Bear King couldnt escape this invisible power but still didnt beg for mercy.

“How courageous.” Li Qiye smiled and a wave of fire behind him turned into a fist.

“Bam!” It struck the demons chest and broke numerous bones.

His gigantic body flew downward like a meteor, smashing into the ground and leaving behind a deep crater.

The crowd gasped and couldnt make sense of this.

Just a moment ago, Li Qiye was completely helpless.

Now, it was a perfect reversal.

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