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Chapter 4354: Jian Qingzhu

“Alright, time to go pay Dragon a visit.” After giving away the treasures, Li Qiye stretched with a smile.

His casual tone was a stark contrast to the gravity of the comment.

Though Dragon welcomed all visitors, this didn’t apply to Li Qiye.

Everyone believed that he was the mastermind behind the death of their young lord and their sect master’s intent.

More than a thousand disciples also fell as well.

Moreover, Peacock Monarch had also stated that either Li Qiye apologizes or faces total destruction.

Thus, this visit was either to apologize or to fight to the bitter end.

The latter was clearly the choice and the battle could shock all of Sky Border.

The one in a tough position right now was Jian Qingzhu.

Li Qiye was clearly an enemy of Dragon.

Should she view him as such

Anyone else from Dragon would be furious and show him a cold expression.

On the other hand, she maintained a calm demeanor and still seemed set on befriending him.

She had clearly drawn a line between personal and sect matters.

“Would you like to visit the City of Demons first I will humbly contribute, Young Noble.” She invited.

“City of Demons” Li Qiye stared at her with a smile.

“It is the second branch of Dragon and is just as famous as the citadel.

They can be considered the foundation of Dragon.” Chi Jinlin explained.

“I am from this branch and I’m absolutely sure we will welcome you, Young Noble.” She said.

“You’re being too humble, Miss Jian.” Jinlin said: “Your clan is a major pillar for Dragon and has plenty of talents and influence.”

“Speak what’s on your mind.” Li Qiye said.

“Young Noble, the conflict between you and Dragon stems from a misunderstanding, not hatred or vengeance.

Our sect master doesn’t know who you are so I offer my service to speak before the sect master, explaining the intricacies and defusing the situation.” She seized the opportunity.

She paused for a bit and continued: “Thus, I respectfully ask you to visit the City of Demons first to see what Dragon is like.”

In her opinion, if he were to visit the capital, a fight would break out right away.

That would make mediation nearly impossible.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t care enough to solve it peacefully.

After all, a single cultivator going against Dragon was rather suicidal, especially an insignificant sect master.

Any other saintess would view Li Qiye as being arrogant and ignorant.

Qingzhu disagreed so she preferred the peaceful way instead, hoping to convince her sect master.

In reality, nothing good could come from this for her, at least on the surface level.

She, the saintess of Dragon, wanted to speak on the behalf of the enemy This was improper and could be construed as traitorous.

Even if she were to convince the sect master successfully, her reputation would take a hit. 

All in all, the risk was not worth it.

Nonetheless, she chose to do it since she believed that this was more beneficial for Dragon.

“You’re smart, a clear rarity in Dragon right now.

Some believe that they’re unbeatable now and can do anything.

What a shame.” Li Qiye said.

“Is that a yes, Young Noble” She could see the change in his tone and became happy: “I will go right now to Dragon Citadel and play the part of a mediator.”

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled and stared at the horizon: “Though some of the descendants from Dragon are foolish, I will give Dragon a chance because of your cleverness so that others won’t say I’m too merciless.” Having said that, he waved his hand.

“Thank you, Young Noble.

I will leave right now.” The excited girl bowed and said goodbye to Jinlin before leaving.

“I have to return to the capital, sir.” Jinlin found it regrettable that he couldn’t bring Li Qiye back to Lion’s Roar: “If you ever need my service in the future, please just let me know.”

The members of Little Diamond found this confusing.

They didn’t know why the heir of Lion’s Roar was so polite toward their sect master.

“Go.” Li Qiye then stared in the direction of Lion’s Roar: “I might need to give Lion’s Roar a visit to see someone.”

“You have friends in Lion’s Roar” He asked.

Judging by Li Qiye’s expression, it seemed to be an old friend that he hasn’t seen in a long time.

“I don’t recall, it’s been too long.

I’ll be there when the time is right.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and said.

“I’ll be eagerly waiting, Sir.

I will prepare a grant reception upon your arrival.” He bowed.

“Go.” Li Qiye waved.

He bowed one more time before leaving.

After he was gone, a disciple from Little Diamond said what was on everyone’s mind: “Se-sect Master, how do you know His Highness”

The word “shock” was not enough to describe their emotion.

The heir of Lion’s Roar was an ultimate existence.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was godlike in their eyes.

Members of the small sects would find it an honor just to see the heir, let alone converse with him.

In fact, just getting his acknowledgment once would be the story of a lifetime.

Now, this unreachable heir treated their sect master with nothing but respect.

He even bowed multiple times before leaving.

Normally, weaker sect masters needed to kneel before him.

That’s why these young ones had a hard time coming to grips with this reality.

“We’ve only met once.” Li Qiye replied.

“Just-just once” This astounded the listeners.

Though it sounded unbelievable, they still believed whatever Li Qiye said.

“Okay, we’re going to this City of Demons so that you all can broaden your horizon.

I’m afraid I won’t have as much time to bring you along later.” Li Qiye said.

Of course, his focus was on training Wang Weiqiao.

Though he hasn’t taught the man any supreme merit law, he wanted Weiqiao to see the world.

This was the primary method of education this time around.


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