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Chapter 4301: The Supreme Monarch

“Sect Master, why did this happen What technique was it” Elder Hu decided to ask the man himself.

They participated and knew just how strong their throw was.

It couldnt turn the rocks into meteors and was no threat to anyone.

Only Li Qiye, the mastermind behind this, had an answer.

He clearly knew the outcome from the start.

The elders were nothing but impressed with his ability and insight.

Little Diamond was on the brink of destruction but he still gave the insane command.

Then again, they also realized that they were insane for actually carrying out the order.

Perhaps only their tiny sect had enough solidarity and trust to entertain Li Qiyes perceived madness.

“When theres a divine power, theres always potential.” Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the sky.

“Sect Master, youre the one behind this, right” The first elder replied, thinking that only the mysterious man could turn the rocks into meteors.

“No, it wasnt me but rather, the divine power from above.” Li Qiye answered.

“Are you saying that the high heaven is protecting Little Diamond” The fourth elder blurted out.

“Incorrect.” Li Qiye denied the notion: “The high heaven protects no one.

Only living beings protect living beings.”

The elders became confused since this conversation was being derailed.

Nonetheless, they still stared at the sky with respect in their eyes.

There must be something up there that they couldnt see due to their limited power.

“At least its over.” The fifth elder heaved a sigh of relief after commanding disciples to clean up the battlefield.

“Were done with Eight Demons but I dont know if peace will come.

Du Weiwu died in front of our gate and his uncle fled.

He might go to Deer King next.” The first elder remained worried.

Given the current situation, Eight Demons should be thanking the heaven if Little Diamond were to drop the issue and not assault them.

However, Eight Tiger Demon and Deer King were related; the latter was the real source of danger.

Dragon Sect was on an entirely different level.

An expert from there could easily destroy Eight Demons or Little Diamond.

Thus, all of Little Diamonds members became nervous.

“We have to avoid them.” The fifth elder suggested: “Its best that we dont go to the conference.”

“I agree.

At the conference, Eight Tiger might accuse our sect and Deer King will support him.

Dragon Sect will be on Eight Demons side for sure.” Elder Hu pondered for a moment before answering.

“True.” The second elder continued: “I dont think our problem, regardless of how unjust it is, will earn the attention of Lions Roar.

Itll be decided beforehand.”

Lions Roar most likely didnt have time to preside over every little thing and mediate conflicts between minor sects.

This was only a trivial fight in the grand scheme of things.

Dragon Sect didnt need to report this at the conference at all.

Just one order from them could end Little Diamond.

“We shouldnt go then.” The fifth elder said.

“What conference” Li Qiye stared at them and asked.

“We are referring to the largest conference in Southern Desolace, Myriad Sects.

This is a tradition dating back to the distant era.

It was started by the Supreme Monarch of Lions Roar with the purpose of protecting Eight Desolaces.

The entire world participated until peace finally came and the king disappeared.

The scale of the conference gradually decreased and only became an event in our region.

Right now, Lions Roar and the other behemoths such as Dragon Sect plan it together.”

“The Supreme Monarch” Li Qiye asked.

“The king is the ultimate existence from Lions Roars Divine Ancestral Shrine.

Rumor has it that there was another title for this being – Nightyearn Butterfly Monarch, the savior of Eight Desolaces respected by all.

Lions Roar has enjoyed its prosperity for so long due to the foundation left behind by the monarch.” Elder Hu explained.

“Dont casually talk about this topic.” The first elder became tense: “The Supreme Monarch is revered by all, its best to keep our mouth shut lest we say the wrong thing.

If Lions Roar catches wind of any negative comment, the transgressor would lose everything.”

The other four heeded this warning and closed their mouth.

Not to mention regular cultivators like them, even dao lords were fearful of this supreme existence.

“Nightyearn, I see.” Li Qiye stared at the horizon and ripples formed in his otherwise calm mind.

A layer of dust was wiped from his memories after hearing this title.

It has been too long; he himself has almost forgotten.

Nightyearn Butterfly Monarch, an untouchable being in Eight Desolaces.

Even the top dao lords and hidden masters spoke with a hushed voice regarding this person.

The past resurfaced in Li Qiyes mind – the proud and stubborn girl has reached the apex.

She grasped the truths and was able to control the immortal spear.

There was no need to think or take a look.

He could sense everything in Eight Desolaces since this was his world and epoch.

The elders took note of his melancholic expression and found it strange.

He seemed to be an old soul stuck in a youthful body.

This was a strange and inexplicable feeling for them.

“Very well, were heading to the conference since I need to exercise.

Pick some disciples to tag along.” Li Qiye said.

“What about Dragon Sect What if Eight Demons report us…” The first elder hesitated.

“Completely trivial, you need not worry.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

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