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Chapter 4275: Sky Border

Sky Border was one of the eight desolaces.

Some considered it to be the strongest region.

It wasnt the largest but was still home to many powerful cultivators.

Many believed that it had produced the most dao lords and experts.

This seemed to be proven by the records.

Because of this, no other region dared to place itself in front of Sky Border regardless of the criteria.

At best, they would only consider themselves equal to Sky Border.

Thus, it became a popular destination for cultivators from other regions.

In a sense, all dao lords must visit this place.

It included boundless oceans and endless deserts… It was impossible to have an accurate gauge of all the territories.

Many mighty existences could spend a lifetime only to fail in fully mapping the region.

The prime example of this was a field known as Desolate Wild.

Naturally, it had plenty of monstrous lineages.

Some reclusive clans and sects – seemingly weak and small – had existences capable of repelling dao lords.

Though it was one of the Eight Desolaces, it actually had five desolaces of its own.

Their demarcation was predicated on geographic and political divides.

They represented the five strongest powers that were praised even by the dao lords from the other regions.

They were known as North, South, West, East, and Central.

The central region was also known as Wild Central or Desolate Wild.

The latter was the most mysterious area; even dao lords thought twice before entering.

The other four also varied greatly from each other.

The north belonged to True Immortal Sect and was the home of Blessed Dao Lord during its golden age.

The west focused on the three thousand dao.

Whenever this region popped up amidst conversations, people would immediately think of Dao Sanqian – a cultivator that had dominated for eras and was well-respected by the dao lords.

The south had many kingdoms with Lions Roar at the top.

This particular dynasty had brilliant subjects and officials.

Most importantly, it had a particular existence.

Though this person hasnt shown up for years, their notoriety remained.

The east was a land of freedom inhabited by many clans.

From freedom came development and prosperity.

Someone once said that any of these five regions could dominate the other seven desolaces.

This might be an exaggeration but the big shots believed that it wasnt too far off from the truth.

Today, a traveler strolled freely with a relaxed expression, seemingly having no destination in mind.

He was a bit dirty and appeared absentminded.

He was none other than Li Qiye, except not as well-kempt as normal, being only slightly cleaner than a beggar.

His eyes were empty, causing him to look like a moving corpse.

Of course, this wasnt the case.

He simply expelled his own true fate and soul, freeing his body in the process.

Under this particular state, his body could linger in a small corner for several years like a beggar or travel through the domains including Desolate Wild with just one step.

Nothing in the world could hinder his physical prowess.

When he showed up in a legendary land, two figures appeared with speed beyond time itself.

Alas, he was even faster and had already left.

If he didnt want anyone to catch him, even the strongest existence wouldnt be able to catch a glimpse.

The two figures were supreme beauties – one was sexy while the other elegant.

Either would captivate all spectators; both being in the same place had an even greater effect.

“Did you sense that” The lovely woman asked the noble lady.

“Yes, its him.” The latter nodded.

“Indeed, I can sense your emotions fluctuating.” The lovely woman said.

“Ridiculous.” The lady denied.

“Haha, I already know.” The womans smile could herald overwhelming joy.

“Hmm, hes actually still alive.” The lady ignored her and murmured.

“No one in this world can kill him, but why did he return” The woman said.

“There must be a reason.” The lady knew that both the nine worlds and Eight Desolace had nothing to hold this supreme man back.

Thus, his return truly astounded her.

“What else can it be but to see you Its your fault for being so attractive.” The woman teased.

“Be serious now.” The lady gave her the side-eye.

The woman stopped smiling right away; her eyes narrowed as she contemplated.

They flashed with a frightening light containing the celestials and the myriad laws.

This was the sign of a mighty cultivator.

“No woman in this world can hold him back.” The woman said.

She was simply teasing her senior sister earlier.

She knew that his reason for coming back must be something earth-shattering and unfathomable.

Though they were unbeatable, this was merely the case in their own world.

However, his reach extended far above that.

“I can feel the stench of blood incoming.” She commented.

This has always been the case every time this man appeared in the past.

Blind masters and arrogant sects were reduced to ashes.

The commotion this time might be louder than the previous, perhaps capable of flipping Eight Desolaces over.

“I hope people will grow eyes.” The lady said.

“Its the opposite for me, Im hoping those fools provoke him so that there will be a fun show to watch.” The sexy woman was also quite mischievous, wanting more chaos everywhere.

“Just seeing him is enough for me.” The lady glanced at her before shifting her gaze towards the horizon.

“I guess our senior sister cant wait to see the man in her dream.” The woman smiled again.

“And you dont” The lady asked without looking back.

The woman fell into a silence.

Even if it had nothing to do with romance, she still wanted to see him again.

First, there were only a few acquaintances and friends still around but most importantly, she was curious regarding the reason for his appearance.

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