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Chapter 4249: Sacred Tyrannical Fist

“Clank!” The venerable put away Abyss and took out Torrential Rain instead.

Spectators, especially the youths, were astounded.

“Why Abyss didn’t work, can Torrential Rain do anything” One of them questioned his choice of abandoning the heavenly sword.

It didn’t matter how strong he was, his crafted sword couldn’t compare to one of the nine blades.

He wasn’t the only one.

Earthraiser Vajra dispersed his golden radiance and replaced it with a faint aura instead.

It was brimming with life and holiness, making him appear several thousand years younger - no longer an aged ancestor but rather, a vigorous youth.

“He’s not using a heavenly technique too But it made him who he is…” One expert said.

This was reflected in his title sharing the same character as the Vajra Wheel.

The merit law boosted him to the apex but now, he chose to abandon it.

“What is this aura” A youth found himself acting more dignified while being in the presence of this aura.

“It’s the innate aura of a sacred spirit, embedded at birth.

They are blessed with immense vitality.” An ancestor explained.

Earthraiser came from the sacred spirit race but never used his racial advantages because the Vajra Wheel was immensely powerful.

Today, he reverted back to his roots.

The power of his race replaced the power of the heavenly scripture.

“Boom!” He clenched both fists and raised them in the air.

Space trembled in the process from the slight movement.

“Sacred Tyrannical Fist, a technique created by him.” The emperor of a dynasty became startled.

People were surprised since they haven't heard about this technique before.

They only knew of his accomplishments with the Vajra Wheel, not this fist technique.

Of course, it wasn’t their fault since he rarely used it.

“We shall use our own merit laws to test ourselves against you, Fellow Daoist.” The vajra roared.

Others started thinking about their decision.

“Is it because Li Qiye knows how to nullify the Abyss Sword Dao and the Vajra Wheel” One member asked.

“Not entirely.” A big shot from the last generation said seriously: “The other reason is because those dao do not belong to them.

They are merely following the path of those before them.”

“Fellow Daoist, until death!” The venerable’s eyes lit up with determination.

“Come together.” Li Qiye still appeared nonchalant.

“Very well!” The venerable pointed his sword at Li Qiye and thunder could be heard.

“Rain Eruption!” A rain of swords descended while the venerable himself released a barrage of draconic lightning bolts towards Li Qiye.

The venerable seemed relaxed and natural while using his own grand dao.

Whether there were flaws or not, the profundities of his sword dao unraveled smoothly.

“Break! Indomitable Might!” The vajra attacked at the same time.

His small stature suddenly became massive just like a gigantic god.

His fist spewed out sacred light while halos radiated around him.

The same phenomenon occurred - his own creation manifested smoothly and in tune with the myriad dao.

“Nice!” These techniques were clearly inferior in power and momentum to the heavenly merit laws.

However, the spectators found themselves immersed comfortably in the experience.

“Why do they look happy” Many didn’t understand.

“The nine heavenly scriptures do not belong to them so they can’t derive the final mysteries and secrets.” An archaic being understood this feeling and explained: “On the other hand, Torrential Rain and Sacred Tyrannical Fist are their own creation.

They are able to use them to the limit.”

The advantage, in this case, was embedded in their understanding and mastery over their movements and actions.

Despite the flaws and openings from being inferior to the heavenly laws in theory, they were rather effective due to how comfortable the users were.

The delicate and swift shift in stance and variation made it harder for enemies to take advantage of any opening.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye smiled and said approvingly: “Behold the Myriad Era Sword Dao then.”

He then swung his sword horizontally and froze time itself as it crossed through the waves of lightning and sacred radiance.

All the spectators focused on this single moment.

They felt as if in this split second, they were able to touch the mysteries of the myriad dao.

They saw the individual links and profundities within Torrential Rain and Sacred Tyrannical Fist.

The beauty of enlightenment surpassed all else and took their breath away.


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