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Chapter 4248: Still One Swing

This was a technique originating from the Vajra Wheel, one of its many mighty palm techniques.

It contained pure power, not even gods could survive.

Unfortunately for the spectators, this meant that they were getting another injury added to the list.

Some bones cracked and more blood vomited even though Li Qiye was the sole target.

“It can pierce through the earth.” One expert commented.

The vajra lived up to his fame after displaying his might.

They thought that Li Qiye would have a hard time dealing with this overwhelming attack coming from all angles.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye as space collapsed around him.

He simply swung his sword upward in a carefree manner.

Alas, it joined the laws of the world in perfect harmony, connecting with the truths of the grand dao and seeing the eternal secrets of the world.

It broke through everything and thrust its way towards the center of the vajra’s palm.

“Boom!” It navigated its way through his energy, piercing his palm, and flying onward towards his chest.

The overlord reacted quickly during this vital moment and activated his defense.

A great wall blessed by the sages manifested in front of him.

The long-lasting chants of these sages created an impregnable defense.

Some big shots observed it carefully and didn’t see any flaw.

Nonetheless, Li Qiye’s sword was in tune with the world and became the only beat.

All the other rhythms and momentums became secondary, nothing more than noises. 

Thus, it easily entered a flaw in a wall and caused the entire thing to collapse.

The vajra realized this and retreated with haste but it was too late.

The sword managed to draw blood.

Eyes opened wide in disbelief and the scene fell into a deathly silence.

The vajra’s palm and wall were the culmination of his lifelong efforts from studying the Vajra Wheel. 

Today, Li Qiye defeated both with a single variation.

This was illogical even in a dream.

“I must be dreaming…” One spectator murmured.

However, it was really happening.

The evidence was the bloody wound on the vajra’s chest.

“That wasn’t any of the nine heavenly dao.

What did he just do” A big shot commented.

It was one thing for Li Qiye to defeat the Vastsea Sword Dao from the venerable since he had the original version.

In this case, he didn’t have the Six Wheels of the Myriad Realms.

The explanation was no longer there.

The vajra turned pale, also failing his attempt to gauge Li Qiye’s ability.

His casual swings defeated their supreme techniques and suffocated them. 

This was unprecedented - all of their techniques seemed to be meeting their nemesis.

“Fellow Daoist, we humbly ask for the name of your sword technique.” The vajra refused to accept that he was losing to a random motion.

“As I’ve said, it’s just a slash.” Li Qiye responded.

Everyone couldn’t even smile wryly at this point.

If Li Qiye could nullify supreme merit laws with random swings, then they might as well commit suicide.

Their effort in cultivation was a waste of time.

The merit laws they took pride in were utterly useless.

“How can a slash be so powerful” The venerable didn’t buy it.

“The crux of the issue isn’t me, it’s about your lack of personal awareness.” Li Qiye said.

“Please elaborate.” The vajra asked.

“You should know the answer already given your age and cultivation.

The heavenly scriptures are great but are they suitable Only your own dao is the strongest.” He stared at them and said flatly.

The duo no longer found Li Qiye’s attitude annoying.

They calmed down and clarity came to them.

“Right, right, our own dao.” The vajra repeated loudly.

“I humbly accept the lesson.

Learning the dao in the morning and dying in the evening, no regrets.” The venerable shouted.

“It’s a fine day as any to die in battle, let’s do this!” The vajra became confident after becoming enlightened.


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