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Chapter 4245: Abyss Heavenly Sword

Li Qiye wasn’t only facing two behemoths but also their sects along with thousands of expert cultivators.

Moreover, Sea Emperor and Nine-wheel had finished preparing their foundations and formations.

Even if he could defeat the overlords, he might not be the last one smiling.

All in all, the odds were against him.

This was the reason why the duo was so confident.

They didn’t go this far back during the previous battle for Myriad Era.

In fact, this was an unprecedented display of military might - perhaps the strongest possible force of Sword Continent.

Therefore, Li Qiye’s allies felt unrest and had a terrible feeling about this.

The sword formation and the halos were meant for them as well, not just Li Qiye.

If Li Qiye were to lose, then all of them would be captured as well.

The entire continent would fall under the control of the two behemoths.

No one would dare to go against them.

“Fellow Daoist, we’ve wasted a lot of time.” Earthraiser Vajra spoke, looking a bit friendlier this time.

This reason was very simple.

He was irate earlier due to Li Qiye’s contemptuous attitude but now, they had prepared enough to have the absolute advantage. 

It seemed that Li Qiye’s defeat was inevitable.

This was their time to obtain Finality on top of eliminating those who dare to oppose them.

Given these circumstances, it was time to exercise elegance and grace in victory.

“Start then.” Li Qiye smiled, completely unaffected by the forces before him.

“What a prodigy, I had neither the same courage nor determination back then.” Earthraiser praised.

The shift in attitude made it sound as if he was appreciating Li Qiye’s talent and wanted to recruit him.

“Enough of your bull**, come so I can finish this.

I have other business to do.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The confident duo simply didn’t get it.

They had shown their card yet this youth remained dismissive and viewed them as insects.

It wasn’t easy maintaining a calm demeanor before him.

“Very well, I would like to see what you can do, Fellow Daoist.

I wonder if you have learned all nine sword dao.” Vastsea Venerable’s eyes turned cold.

His comment made everyone wonder about the possibilities.

Li Qiye was known as the son of miracles and had done insane feats before.

Now, no one found it strange any longer in retrospect.

After all, he possessed a heavenly scripture.

Such an artifact was virtually omnipotent.

Sea Emperor only needed two heavenly dao to reign over the continent.

As for Li Qiye, he had all nine.

This made people imagine his actual attainments in the sword dao.

“Can a single person cultivate all nine dao” One skeptic said because no one in history has ever come close.

In reality, just cultivating two of them signified one as a supreme genius.

“What kind of terrifying talent is required to finish cultivating all nine” A last-gen expert murmured while staring at Li Qiye.

Those who had experienced with a heavenly sword dao knew that it was extremely hard to master even one despite using a lifetime.

“Peace Ocean Sword King learned two heavenly sword dao, right” Everyone thought about a particular supreme genius.

Everyone admitted that he was the number one of the young generation due to the two dao.

Then what about someone with all nine dao

“Looks like Peace Ocean Sword King lost for a reason.” Someone murmured.

A while ago, the crowd didn’t understand why those powerful geniuses lost to Li Qiye.

Now, the answer became rather obvious.

The new question became - how many sword dao had he learned

“You think too highly of yourself, just a single one is enough, no need to use all nine to kill you all.” Li Qiye stretched and said.

“Is that so Let’s see what you can do then!” Vastsea Venerable finally shouted for the first time.

His words erupted thunderously in everyone’s ears and made them see stars.

The wrath of an overlord caused some to faint as well.

“Clank!” A sword hymn and violet energy exploded as the venerable took out a heavenly sword.

The violet energy oozing from it made the sword seem like the source of the world - the abyss that could give birth to all things.

Thus, one slash from him could unleash this abyss again to devour the world.

“Abyss!” Those who recognized it shouted in horror.

A while ago, Peace Ocean used Vastsea and now, the venerable finally revealed the second heavenly sword.


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