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Chapter 4229: Choice

Another ancient ancestor came forward, making it one each from the two behemoths. 

The one from Sea Emperor wore a strange outfit made of thousands of tiny feather-shaped swords of unknown material connected together. 

It exuded a chilling light and the individual piece seemed prime to shoot out and kill his opponent at a moment’s notice.

The one from Nine-wheel had a silver robe; his weapon of choice was a pair of golden cymbals.

They weren’t overly large but when under his control, others thought that he could contain the entire world between them.

The first ancestor spoke: “I have heard of your heavenly methods before, Fellow Daoist.

Brother Cymbals and I wish to broaden our horizon.”

“Steelfeather Sword God and Skyblotting Cymbals!” A last-gen expert recognized them.

One was a member of the six sword gods while the other was an ancient ancestor of Nine-wheel.

They wished to challenge Li Qiye together, signaling a change in Li Qiye’s status. 

Normally, they looked down on fighting juniors or weaker cultivators, let alone wanting to do a two-on-one.

There wasn’t a single youth worthy of fighting the two of them together until now,

It showed that both Sea Emperor and Nine-wheel were taking Li Qiye extremely seriously.

No one would want to be their target.

“Li Qiye belongs to the top tier from today henceforth.” One big shot said: “This alone shows his power.”

“This ignorant junior wishes to learn from the great ancient ancestors.

Please give me pointers.” Li Qiye didn’t respond since two others accepted the challenge instead.

“Nine-sun and Terra Sword Saint!” Others became startled to see two middle-aged men stepping forward.

The two sword saints wanted to fight the ancient ancestors in Li Qiye’s stead.

They have made their choice regarding their allegiance.

The crowd took a deep breath and shuddered.

Nine-wheel and Sword Sea has formed a virtually unbeatable alliance on the continent.

Moreover, they had their top ancestors here as well.

As for Li Qiye, Poplar Paragon was the first to join.

Now, both saints have joined him as well.

The saints represented Virtuous School and Sword Temple.

These sects have chosen to oppose Nine-wheel and Sea Emperor with Li Qiye.

It became obvious that the political landscape of the continent was changing rapidly.

A while ago, though Nine-wheel and Sea Emperor were the strongest, all the other sects had autonomy as well.

This has been the case for eras and none interfered with each other.

Thus, their alliance became a problem since it was too powerful and could break the existing structure.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was a rising star with several top sects on his side.

Perhaps the continent would be divided into two spheres - the alliance and Li Qiye’s coalition.

Therefore, many ancestors became nervous, wondering about their future path.

Should they join Sea Emperor and Nine-wheel or Li Qiye

In terms of power, the alliance was stronger.

However, would they even accept them

“Haha, it looks like old bones like us have nowhere to go, this isn’t our generation any longer.” Golden Cymbals Ancestor laughed heartily.

“Ancient Ancestor, you have already proven your worth.

It is we who are overstepping our bounds.” Nine-sun Sword Saint said.

“It is an honor to experience Sword Emperor’s dao.

Shall we begin” Golden Cymbals accepted.

“We’ll try our best then.” Nine-sun Sword Saint said respectfully then channeled his energy.

He raised his sword and summoned nine rising suns blinding the audience.

“Take this!” Golden Cymbals didn’t hold back and threw out one cymbal.

It became massive and blotted out the sky.

Its radiance was destructive as it tried to destroy the nine suns.

“Go!” The sword saint turned the suns into fire dragons soaring towards the cymbal.

“This junior requests a duel with you, Sword God.” Terra Sword Saint cupped his fist towards Steelfeather Sword God.

“The Terra Sword Dao has blessed the ages with its wisdom.” Steelfeather praised while gazing at Terra.

“Thank you, but unfortunately, I have only learned the bare minimum.” Terra appeared focused.

Terra was one of the two main sword dao of Sword Temple.

Because the sword saint cultivated this heavenly dao, his title became Terra as well.

“Shall we!” Steelfeather wasn’t a man of many words and began right away.

“Clank!” Thousands of swords manifested into reality and flew towards Terra.

Terra raised his sword in front of his chest.

It became resplendent as he activated the heavenly sword dao.

Flames appeared in the form of an earth vein - the heaviest type of defensive barrier.

“Rumble!” Four battlefields started at the same time.

Frightening sword energies horrified the spectators.

They would be reduced to blood if they were any closer.

“So strong!” The youths were in awe.

The prideful cultivators gasped after seeing this, realizing they were mere ants compared to actual masters.

“Hmm, they’re stopping the ancient ancestors for Li Qiye.

Are they trying to give him room to take on the overlords” A top cultivator speculated after seeing this.


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