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Chapter 4228: Earthslope Ancient Ancestor

The two overlords fell under the spotlight again.

However, they remained calm since top existences like them have cultivated a steady temperament.

“You’re quite confident, Fellow Daoist.” Earthraiser Vajra spoke; each word resonated like the sound of a bell in everyone’s mind.

“I don’t have that many virtues, confidence is an exception.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I see, no wonder why you have such great accomplishments, Fellow Daoist.” Vastsea Venerable praised.

The crowd started thinking - judging by their attitude, it didn’t look like they wanted to fight Li Qiye to the death.

There seemed to be room for negotiation and mediation.

They were surprised because the duo might actually yield to Li Qiye.

However, some didn’t think so at all.

The duo was the most powerful in Sword Continent, whether it be their personal cultivation or sect’s power.

Many ancestors also knew that both were normally courteous but once it was time to fight, they would never show mercy.

Thus, it was hard to read their intent.

“Myriad Era lies before all of us.

It pertains to the peace and prosperity of our continent, further deliberation is essential.” Vastsea Venerable said, not showing his stance against Li Qiye.

Nonetheless, he was right about one thing.

The appearance of this sword could cause a bloodbath.

It had happened once before when the five overlords fought each other.

“We have tried before to no avail.

Unfortunately, Brother War God has left this world and the kings have retired.

The sword is back today and I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed if you wish to take it as your own.” Earthraiser Vajra spoke.

The crowd became emotional because this confirmed the rumors about the previous battle.

Few had the privilege of watching it in person.

The rest only knew about the devastating fight between the overlords.

It ended with one death and two masters choosing to live in seclusion.

Two of the three remaining overlords were now on the same side.

It seemed impossible to take Myriad Era away from them.

“What is there to deliberate It’s simple, I’ll take the sword and you all will go back home, everyone will be happy then.” Li Qiye waved dismissively as if he was swatting a fly.

He was the only one who would dare to be this impatient and rude towards the duo.

“That depends on if you’re capable enough.” An old man behind the vajra stepped forward.

His wrinkles seemed to have wrinkles.

He was of average height and slightly hunchbacked.

The part that stuck out resembled a mountain of steel.

“Earthslope Ancient Ancestor!” A top cultivator recognized him.

People, especially the young ones, didn’t recognize him based on his appearance.

Nonetheless, they had heard of this title before.

“The leader of the five ancestors, he’s just as famous as Sword God Jialun.” An expert said.

Earthslope seemed ready to take Li Qiye down a notch.

He might not be as strong as the vajra but was still the second-ranked cultivator in Nine-wheel.

Rumor has it that he was even older than the vajra.

“Haha, Earthslope, if you wish to play, I’ll entertain you.” An old man with gray hair suddenly landed from above, looking quite impressive and mighty.

“Poplar Paragon!” People knew who he was since he had shown himself during the treasure hunt.

He was the strongest ancestor of Wooden Sword and had lived a reclusive life.

However, he showed up again after the death of Pineleaf Sword Lord.

This was rather surprising because Wooden Sword had a good relationship with Sea Emperor recently, going as far as planning a marriage alliance.

Now, it seemed that this plan had failed - Wooden Sword has chosen to stand with Li Qiye.

“Long time no see, Brother Poplar.

So be it, let us fight.

Please give me pointers.” Earthslop didn’t waste time and rushed forward.

He swiftly turned and used the hump on his back for an attack.

It had a force similar to a steel mountain, capable of splitting the ocean.

Though Poplar Paragon was the target, cultivators from a thousand miles away were still sent flying.

The weaker ones were reduced to blood.

“Fuck, get away!” Frightened observers ran for their lives.

This ancestor wasn’t holding back at all so collateral damage could be high.

“Good!” Poplar unsheathed his sword, releasing the image of a towering sword tree.

The branches moved forward and created a curtain of swords to stop the slam.

“Rumble!” The shock waves from their fight ravaged the shore of the island.

“Can’t be lazy anymore now.” Jialun spoke: “Miss Lu Qi, must you stand in my way”

He wanted to challenge Li Qiye but Lu Qi prevented him from doing so.

She answered by unsheathing her sword and gathered power: “Let’s get started.”

“Very well!” Jialun roared and delivered a vertical slash, once again forcing neutral spectators to run away while blinding them with its white radiance.

“So many masters here today, how interesting.” Another ancient ancestor walked closer towards Li Qiye, wanting to fight him.


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