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The floating dao lord weapons astounded the spectators, causing their eyes to turn red with jealousy.

“You know, Im from a big sect and I havent gotten to touch a dao lord weapon yet while he has a bunch.” An expert from a first-rate sect complained.

Li Qiye was displaying the weapons as if he had a vegetable stand.

“Please, Ive been an elder for half of my life and still dont have one.” An elder replied.

One ancestor chuckled and said: “Dont be so petty, how many actually get to have dao lord weapons Theyre always used as defining treasures for the sect.”

This was indeed the truth.

Many great powers had one or seven several dao lord weapons.

As for behemoths like Sea Emperor They had many more.

However, few members were qualified to bring one with them.

They didnt belong to a single individual, not even an ancestor or the sect master.

Taking one out required the permission of the upper echelon.

As for Li Qiye, he alone had a dozen or so dao lord weapons and they all belonged to him.

Thus, the crowds jealousy was well-warranted in this case.

“Hmph, is he afraid that people dont know hes rich, how shallow.” Someone said bitterly.

Li Qiyes traveling crew was not inferior to the legendary dao lords in the slightest.

No one else in the world right now could come up with something similar.

“Let him be, hes the richest in the world now.

We would all do the same if we were in his shoes.” Another cultivator in a good mood smiled and said.

“Whats there to brag about, so gaudy and ostentatious.” One jealous soul expressed.

“I wouldnt mind being called gaudy and ostentatious like Li Qiye.

At the very least, it means Im rich.” A young cultivator murmured.

Others chuckled after hearing this young man.

“The brat is too bold, hes going to Cloud Dream with so much fanfare, is he not afraid of the bandits Im seeing a fat sheep marching into his demise.” A last-gen cultivator said.

“I think the bandits should be afraid of him, didnt you see what happened to the legions from Armament and Starshooter He took care of them without batting an eye.” Another said.

“Is he really that capable I thought he relied on the ancient formation.” Some still questioned Li Qiyes ability to this day.

“You can slap someone to death with enough money.

Look at his items and treasures, theyll obliterate anyone who dares to try.” An old cultivator said.

No one could refute this comment.

Li Qiye might not be strong but since he was the richest, he could do whatever he wanted.

“Its clear what he can do by just looking at the entourage.

Those pretty girls didnt come out of thin air.

I heard he spent a lot of money inviting pretty and young cultivators and they all came running.

Even some princesses accepted his invitation.” A high elder elaborated.

“Seven Nights Immortal, utterly incomparable.” They suddenly heard a loud and uniform shout.


“Seven Nights Immortal, utterly incomparable.

Seven Nights Immortal, utterly incomparable.

Seven Nights Immortal, utterly incomparable…” The shouts resembled waves shooting through Cloud Dream.

Cultivators exchanged glances after hearing the majestic chants, speechless.

This was both ridiculous yet somehow intimidating.

They felt that Li Qiye was as arrogant as can be.

He wanted to show the world just how rich he was.

“Young Noble, this is a little…” Xu Yiyun standing behind him didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

Though she was the one who organized the entourage, this chant was added later by Li Qiye.

“What about it” He lazily leaned on his chair while eating a fruit handed to him by another beautiful cultivator.

“This slogan is a bit much…” She smiled wryly.

“Dont concern yourself with what the world thinks, broaden your horizon.

This is just a little game.” Li Qiye said.

The beauties next to him were left without words.

“Young Noble, your traveling arrangement is absolutely the number one right now.

Even the Five Overlords dont have anything similar.” One maid said.

“Yes, an ant cant be as great as a giant.” To which he responded.

The girls were stunned again.

He was calling the best cultivators in Sword Continent “ants” Of course, they kept their mouth shut because he was the one paying them.

Just getting a tip from him was more money than they had ever seen before.

Their sects couldnt compare to him in the slightest.

Therefore, it was imperative to keep him happy. 

As for Xu Yiyun, she was at a loss for Li Qiyes plan.

Taking back some territories wasnt a big deal because Li Qiye had many experts under his payroll.

However, he still wished to come here in person.

She has been perplexed for a while now because from what she had seen, he wasnt that interested in his wealth, never bothering to check twice.

Then what else in the world could interest him

Lu Qi was also present; her face still hidden behind a black veil.

Despite her knowledge, his intention this time was out of her reach.

Meanwhile, the incredible group entered Cloud Dream while still chanting: “Seven Nights Immortal, utterly incomparable!”

They finally saw some islands ahead. 

“Lets see if these bandits will do anything to him.” The neutral spectators followed him inside.

“Rumble!” The sea started splitting and massive waves formed.

In just a short time, gigantic battleships rushed out of the islands.


Qiye is seven nights, using English here works better than Immortal Qiye


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