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Earthless base of swords stacked up to the sky - unyielding and razor-sharp. 

“Boom!” The lava dragon destroyed the sky vault and contested the incoming slash.

The world couldnt endure the weight of Li Qiyes sword.

The stars nearby were reduced to ashes just from the gales.

Unfortunately for Ninth, his sword domain instantly crumbled as well.

“The sky is falling!” Numerous spectators screamed.

“Hold on tight, the ground is breaking too!” Another expert shrieked.

Even those not anywhere close to the plain felt the ground sinking, that they were falling down a bottomless abyss.

“Activate!” One ancestor shouted and performed the strongest merit law from his sect.

Alas, he still couldnt withstand the absolute pressure from the insane sword.

This was the case for everyone else.

Their dao laws and techniques crumbled instantly.

“Were gonna die!” One big shot cried out in fear, realizing how helpless she was.

Not a single soul in the world could stop the slash.

“Bam!” As Ninths sword domain was crumbling, blood and bright flashes appeared everywhere.

One particular sword ray flew through the detonations into the horizon, leaving a long trail before disappearing altogether.

A while later, the darkness subsided and sunlight returned to the region.

People looked up and saw the sun and the stars again.

Everything became normal with the exception of the fear looming in their heart.

The whole thing felt like a dream.

That immense slash could have annihilated everything and left an abyss on the ground.

However, the destructive scene was nowhere to be found.

“Was I dreaming” One cultivator asked.

“No, that was just the remnant pressure from the slash.

It didnt hit us, we were only suppressed mentally.” An ancestor calmed down and shook his head.

The crowd couldnt believe it.

Did they become paralyzed and helpless just from sheer pressure

They then turned their attention towards the actual target of the slash.

They saw blood pools, fleshy bits, and even limbs.

“Is Ninth dead” Someone shuddered and asked.

Many felt the same way after seeing the aftermath.

“No, he got away.” One big shot said: “At the very last second, he used a special technique to run but nonetheless, hell be bedridden for a long, long time.

These injuries are serious.”

“Still alive, I see…” Others heaved a sigh of relief.

Logically, the death of a monster like him should please the crowd.

Alas, they were strangely glad to see him alive.

“I cant believe it, Ninth lost before he got the chance to use the ninth slash.” An expert said.

Ninth didnt even last three moves against Li Qiye despite being so dominant in the previous fight.

Everyone saw Li Qiye still relaxing on his long chair and basking in the sun.

This left them speechless.

Not long ago, two legions and their commanders tried their best against Ninth only to die.

As for Li Qiye, he simply waved his hand a couple of times before crippling Ninth, forcing him to flee.

This stark contrast truly astounded them.

Maybe Ninth was nothing more than an insect in Li Qiyes eyes.

“Yes, this ancient formation is not inferior to any dao lord formation.” Someone spoke with certainty.

“Right, even one billion is a fair price for it.

It can become the defining treasure of any sect.” One sect master said, fantasizing about moving it back to his sect.

“Why did the Tang decline despite having it They had to sell their land in the end.” Another asked.

In the present day, the Tang became completely trivial in the grand scheme of things.

This didnt make sense when this formation existed.

“Maybe the Tang had no idea about it before.

Thats why they sold it at such a cheap price.

What a shame to have unworthy descendants.” One ancestor mused.

Many agreed with him.

They would have asked for an insane price and introduced the formation to others.

In reality, this was a common occurrence.

Powerful sects, even those who had total hegemony once, eventually declined and disappeared on the river of time due to not having capable successors.

Nowadays, there were sects no longer having possession of their ancestral merit laws and invincible treasures.

“Goddamn…” Dong Ling stuck his tongue out, thinking that he was smart for standing close enough to Li Qiye.

Otherwise, the remnant shockwaves could have obliterated him.


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