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No one expected the seventh variation to be rendered ineffective.

Earlier, Ninth just needed to use the sixth variation to kill two legions.

Some richer cultivators wished they could make a different choice regarding purchasing the plain.

The Tang Clan Master came to some of them before and advertised his land for only several million jades.

However, they didnt like the barren area and thought that it was useless.

Now, several hundred million jades would have still been worth it because it would propel their sect to the next level.

As for Ninth, his cold expression finally showed a hint of murderous intent.

This made the spectators feel more discomfort than before.

When his dao power and vitality engulfed the area, the chills moved from the bones all the way to the heart.

People felt as if their heart was being sliced by an icy knife; their lips quivered uncontrollably.

Interestingly enough, as Ninth gathered his vitality, his aura became red as if he was ablaze or being washed by lava.

“Crack! Crack!” Cracks appeared on the ground as if the earth was being pulverized by an unknown power.

Lava oozed out of the crack as a result, hot enough to burn even cultivators.

“Whats going on” A youth asked.

“This is Earthless, the eighth variation.

What youre seeing is a sword domain, not the actual ground.” An ancestor explained.

The youth nodded but still didnt quite get it.

After the lava came sword energies from the gaps and cracks.

This resembled the start of an apocalypse.

The eighth slash was quite frightening because it created a peerless sword domain.

Divine swords eventually appeared from the lava after loud explosions. 

“Earthless Rumor has it that anyone stuck inside this domain will absolutely die.” One expert was amazed.

Ninth had resorted to using his emotionless dao.

The base of swords rising from the ground could take down the mightiest foes.

All living beings in the myriad realms would be reduced to ashes.

People could smell the stench of death already.

“Try this.” Li Qiye chuckled and closed his fingers to make a fist.

He used ample strength and speed in this process.

“Clank!” A sword hymn hurt everyones eardrums.

They felt their body and mind suddenly sinking.

This appeared to be a supreme power exerting pressure on them.

“Whats happening…” Once they calmed down and looked around, their jaw dropped to the ground.

They saw a sword hovering above, large enough to cover the entire plain.

Just one decoration rune on it was as big as a river.

However, the size of the sword wasnt the thing that shocked people.

After all, many ancestors could become gigantic or increase the size of their treasures.

Its weight was the most notable part.

Space couldnt bear this burden and started cracking into pieces.

The plain seemed to be caving down due to spatial instability.

If this continued, nothing would be left of the region.

Moreover, it became harder and harder to breathe.

This sword was damaging their dao foundation - something they had spent their entire life building.

Weaker cultivators were paralyzed on the ground, just waiting to become meat paste.

Ancestors gasped while looking at this incredible sword.

Alas, no one knew what it was, only that nothing could ever support its weight.

“A heavy sword doesnt need to be sharp… absolute force trumps all…” Many swordsmen started pondering this famous concept.

“Whoosh!” The sword whirled for a slash and interrupted their rumination.

It crushed the laws of reality.

The five elements and the yin and yang ceased to exist.

Even the karmic and reincarnation system stopped.

It had nothing to do with the grand dao and its mysteries.

The sheer force of the heavy sword crushed all else.

Its physical attribute made the sword unbeatable.

“Hold on tight!” Cultivators started screaming, feeling themselves becoming trapped fish in a jar.

The sky turned dark since light ceased to exist.

Space and time disappeared along the trajectory of the sword. 

Ninths expression became serious.

His sword domain shifted into a defensive stance and surrounded him.

It exuded endless sword energy in the form of a lava dragon.

The creature rushed towards the sky vault, wanting to stop the incoming slash.


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