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“Time erased everything, the world doesnt remember and neither do I.” Li Qiye didnt answer the question.

She nodded and restrained her curiosity after hearing his non-answer.

But of course, maybe he was telling the truth.

The Blood Race has existed for a long time.

No one in the present day might have an answer.

Only rumors and legends remained, one of them being the blood suckers belief.

In spite of the Blood Races denial, future generations still brought this up.

This was because of some unfortunate occurrences popping up here or there.

For example, the Vampiric Dyad in this generation.

Everyone knew that they cultivated an evil art of the Blood Race.

Nonetheless, their actions made people think of this races origin - that the forefathers of this race were monsters who hid in the shadows and survived by sucking blood.

Fate played a part later on.

One of their kings copulated with a female human.

The latter gave birth to an entirely new race.

The monsters eventually died out and were replaced by their offspring.

This was the origin of the Blood Race that most people believed in.

“Things have disappeared with time, the truths no longer matter to regular people.

Only a few would benefit from knowing the origin.” He saw that she was ruminating on this topic.

“Which group would that be” She looked up and asked.

The origin of the Blood Race was nothing more than a conversational topic in the present.

However, only a few would find this significant.

“Those who want to surpass.” Li Qiye gazed at the horizon and said: “They want to exceed the limit of their race.

Of course, only peak existences are allowed to search for this.

Then theres another small group…”

“Another small group” She asked since Li Qiye paused.

This only added to her curiosity.

The first group was understandable but what about the second

“Searching for the origin is not a good thing.

It can cause devastating disasters.” He gazed at her and said.

Though she didnt know what he was referring to, it must be a big deal coming from him.

“Well stop here regarding the Blood Race.

Lets talk about your cultivation instead.” He smiled.

She bowed towards him right away and said: “Young Noble, my meager cultivation isnt worth bringing up in your presence.”

“Its fine, no need to hide anything.

What do you think is your current ranking among the Ten Sword Prodigies” He asked.

She pondered for a bit before answering honestly: “We rarely competed and have our own strong and weak points.

I do not dare to carelessly comment.”

“Top three.” He said flatly.

“I will not let you down, Young Noble.” She replied.

“What about first place” He lazily stretched.

She looked at him and earnestly said: “Hmm, this assessment is not easy.

Abyss Scion has one of the nine.

It is the defining technique of Sea Emperor, virtually unstoppable.

But when were just talking about dao comprehension, Goldflow Young Noble of Virtuous School makes everyone feel inferior, the previous generation included.” 

She only mentioned Abyss Scion and Goldflow Young Noble out of the other nine.

“Its not difficult to overcome them.” He smiled.

“Young Noble, I am not being unduly humble but I dont think it will be that simple.” She smiled wryly.

“The Sword Breaker Dao from Wooden Sword Holy Devil is not the only thing you have.” He explained: “Imagine your potential when you also cultivate the sword dao of Jade Bamboo Dao Lord due to your bloodline.”

She thought that he knew everything about her sword dao and secrets after a single glance.

“Those two are excellent in their own way, my bloodline is special as well but its not omnipotent.” She said.

“Thats a good mentality you have, wise beyond your years.” He praised.

“No one should be considered wise in your presence, Young Noble.” She bowed.

“What you lack is neither bloodline nor a sword dao.

It is a lack of realization and focus.” He explained.

“Young Noble, listening to the guidance of a supreme being such as yourself will benefit me for a lifetime.” She bowed again.

“Flattering me again” He chuckled.

She kept her head down, looking obedient and lovable.

“I wont mistreat you for serving me.

This is a type of fate anyway.” He said, agreeing to help her.

She became ecstatic and said: “Thank you, Young Noble.

I will do everything in my power to repay this debt.”

She knew that despite his meager cultivation, a piece of advice from him was worth more than anything. 

“On this long path ahead, I will not be teaching you a supreme sword law or any grand dao.

Youll come to understand them in due time.

But, I have something else immensely suitable for you.

Now, it is yours, take your time learning it.” He said and took out an item.

She accepted it and took a look.

She found it surprising since the gift was an old root.

It didnt look like a peerless treasure but there was something inscrutable about it.

She felt harmonization the moment she touched it, something originating from her source.

“This is…” She assumed that he would give her a mantra for comprehension, not a piece of root.

She was aware that a gift from Li Qiye would be extraordinary.

Its just that she didnt have a clue right now.

“It doesnt belong to this world.” Li Qiye looked up at the sky and said: “But the unexpected will always happen.” 

His expression perplexed her.

He seemed to be lost in remembrance.

Of course, this root was none other than the one given to Li Qiye by Tie Jian back in the antique shop.

After a while, Li Qiye stopped looking and told Ning Zhu: “Jade Bamboo Dao Lord, your ancestor, was a bamboo demon.

This means that he was deeply related to the wood affinity.

This root has the same origin and its mystery is beyond your imagination.

Take your time learning and you wont be disappointed.”

“I will not stop trying in order to live up to your expectations, Young Noble.” Ning Zhu bowed and said.


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