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The rays invoked others to harmonize and become radiant - a feeling of ascension.

“What an incredible feeling!” Xu Yiyun exclaimed while basking in this comfortable moment.

Li Qiye then pulled his hand back and the rays disappeared.

The root turned back to its original appearance.

“So what is it” Tie Jian became emotional.

After spending so much effort on this root, he occasionally thought that maybe he was wrong.

Perhaps the item was worthless.

Now, Li Qiye has shown them its magical properties and impressed him with his knowledge.

The guy managed to accomplish more in several seconds compared to his thousands and thousands of years.

This required immense wisdom, knowledge, and ability.

“This item has a fateful connection with me.” Li Qiye didnt answer the question and looked straight at the guy: “I want it, name the price.”

“Well…” Tie Jian hesitated and was stuck in a tough situation.

The image he saw when he excavated the item was unforgettable.

Moreover, what happened today showed its worth.

It would be hard to accurately put a number to its monstrous value.

He had no intention of selling it.

After all, money came easier than a wondrous treasure and he certainly had no lack of money.

However, the thing was useless in his possession.

This was proven throughout the years.

He couldnt understand its profundity, not enough to activate it.

Meanwhile, Yiyun didnt get involved, not daring to offer her opinion on someone elses treasure.

Tie Jian had thousands of thoughts circling in his mind at the moment.

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and said: “If its fate, then so be it.

It shall be my gift to you for our first meeting.”

“Oh!” Yiyun didnt expect this result at all.

Her uncle has been keeping this a secret, never taking it out for anyone.

If he were to sell it, it would be for a sky-high price.

Now, he chose to give it to Li Qiye.

She took a deep breath to calm down then stared at the two.

She realized that her uncle was a very decisive person.

Lu Qi felt the same way.

This was quite a generous gift.

Not just anyone could give up their prized possession.

After all, this was their first meeting.

They had no ties with each other.

“If thats the case, Ill happily accept it.” Li Qiye didnt refuse and accepted the gift.

Tie Jian actually felt a weight lifted off his shoulders by giving the item away and felt zero regrets regardless of the result.

“It is fate.” He bowed towards Li Qiye.

“Very well.

It shall be fate again another day when I bestow upon you a great fortune.

Lets go.” Li Qiye smiled and left.

Tie Jian stood there in a daze because Li Qiyes domineering comments didnt sound forceful like empty bravado.

He wouldnt claim supremacy in the present day but was still a top existence in Sword Continent.

Who could actually give him a “great fortune”

Nonetheless, Li Qiye said it as if it wasnt a big deal.

If it came from another youth, he would consider the guy as being ignorant and arrogant.

Remember, Li Qiye had Lu Qi as a maid.

This made Tie Jian more curious about Li Qiyes actual identity.

Once he stopped pondering, the three were already outside of the store.

He watched their departing figure and smiled wryly.

This whole meeting felt like a dream.

He sighed and went back behind the counter.


The three walked down the lively street again, seeing the mortal coil in action.

They stopped at a large store this time, perhaps the largest in Purification Street.

Li Qiye looked up and read the characters on the plaque - Archaic Style.

These were modern characters but were written in an ancient style.

They seemed to be traveling through the river of time from the past to the present.


He was actually amazed to see these characters, perhaps even a bit surprised.

“How unexpected.” He looked inside and commented.

Meanwhile, Xu Yiyun was also staring at an item inside the display window.

She unwillingly looked away.

“Oh You like it” She suddenly heard Li Qiyes voice by her ear.

This was a sword made out of grass.

There was a sign next to it with the characters, “Celestial Grass Sword”.

There was a price as well - 210,000 Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades.

It wouldnt be considered reasonable by anyone since this was just a sword made out of grass.

However, upon closer inspection, one would see tiny flashes within the unknown grass.

They were barely visible.

It seemed as if someone had engraved tiny stars onto the grass.

The sword required numerous blades of grass bundled together to maintain the shape.

Thus, it contained an unimaginable number of stars as well, hence its name.

“I do.

I feel that its related to my clan somehow.” Yiyun was a bit embarrassed.

Her entire clan wouldnt be able to pay this sum, let alone her.

“Grass Sword Attacking Immortal Law.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You know about this legend, Young Noble” Yiyun became startled.

Of course, how could he not know this technique 

“Our clan has never been able to master this immortal technique but our Eight-strike Sword Law is derived from it.” Yiyun smiled.

Their technique was famous in Sword Continent.

Though it wasnt on the same level as say, the dao of Sea Emperor, it was still impressive in its own way.

Rumor has it that in the past, the Xu was only a mortal clan with access to improper dao cultivation manuals.

However, a great matriarch appeared among them.


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